Raylene on How to Sense Spirits

Man, I have been feeling so crappy lately for a few reasons. First, I’m old. Second, I’ve been doing very heavy physical work in real feel temperatures above 100 for 8 days straight and third, I have a little bug. I’m taking a few days off before getting back to it, and I’m going to have to start earlier when the temperatures are more manageable. 

The house is definitely quieter now because Michelle, her husband, Nick and the kids, Arleen and Easton, have moved into Nick’s mom’s house in Pasadena. The reason? They love chickens. Yes, that’s it. They brought 4 hens and two turkey chicks into our backyard, and it’s illegal here. Once they moved, they bought more, including two roosters and now have 16 fowl! Yes, you read it right. 16! Rune is so happy not to be hosing chicken shit off the back deck, but I do miss Gloria, Lady, April and Sasha, the original four, not to mention all those fresh eggs. I also miss the grandbabies horribly, but FaceTime is a blessing. 

As always, we had a great radio show last night. Our guest, Lisa West, discussed the many benefits of CBD oil. As you know, Erik has long lauded its benefits. Listen to the show below and check out Lisa’s CBD elixirs, both topical and sublingual, as well as her massage oils at www.angelicelixirs.com

I also want to announce a special offer from Veronica:

Every single soul has a reason for being and it has a pre defined course of action it has come to earth to experience. In order to get the fullest experience your soul needs certain challenges, yes, challenges, and characteristics to help it along.  Some times you are able to identify these areas on your own, but if you are like most people you it can be a struggle.
I’ve studied the ancient science of NUMEROLOGY and can tell you first hand how accurate it is when it comes to revealing your souls blueprint!
You can see your challenges in THIS life
You are able to identify karma
A clearly detailed LIFE PATH
Learn what your birthdate (number) says about you
Discover your personality as it was meant to be
Simply stated, Numerology is the study of NUMBERS that make up your life. Using each letter of your name and your date of birth your story is told! 
In full honesty and transparency I use a sophisticated software system that generates printed reports. Once the report is generated I review in detail each area and using the guides, angels and my natural ability I add or remove what I am told by the sources.
I have personally found this tool to be VERY useful and have had many clients communicate to me the incredible accuracy with which their life is laid out.
If you are someone who wants to go deeper into why you’re here and what you must do to fulfill  that – you MUST know your numbers.
For a limited time I am offering a REPORT ONLY for a very special price of only $99. 
If you are ready to dive in to your life, use this link to order your report:
Please note due to the volume of requests it may take a week to 10 days to receive your report!
Now for today’s video! Be sure to share!

Featured image courtesy of ClareMcNaul.com

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