Erik on Deception

I just found this old transcripts, courtesy of volunteer transcriptionist, Natasha J, in a folder and want to share it along with the actual YouTube, but first, please know that ticket sales for the event in October is gaining momentum, so if you want a spot, try to register soon! The site has been updated to include an inexpensive hotel nearby and my son, Lukas, will arrange a way for you all to communicate with each other to arrange carpooling and room-sharing. I believe he’s going to create a Facebook page for that. Click HERE to register. 

Here’s the transcript for the deception video. Thanks again, Natasha!

Veronica: Hola!

Elisa: Hola! Ok, Erik, hello again. Do you want to talk about Puerto Rico, or deception? We can’t do both.

Veronica: He say’s “aren’t they one in the same?” haha!

Elisa: There could be some truth to that, for sure.

Veronica: Um, let’s go with deception, he says.

Elisa: Ok, all right, these are pretty much from other blog members. So, first let’s talk about deception in regards to the setting of a relationship. Is deception immoral?

Erik: When you look at deception and you use the Ten Commandments as your guide “thou shalt not lie.”

Veronica: I don’t know, is that a ten commandment Erik? Thou shalt not lie?

Elisa: I don’t know

Veronica: I don’t know either, but he’s using it, and now comes the eleventh one, if there ain’t one. But he’s saying from a moral perspective, of course, it’s a lie. So, it is a moral thing.

Erik: Again, the caveat here is, what are we gonna say? Soul contract. *laughs*

Elisa: That’s true, I mean, well, why do people lie? Why do people deceive each other in relationships? What are some of the common reasons?

Erik: Well, number one…

Elisa: Why do people do that from a spiritual contract basis?

Erik: Well, because they are immature souls, and they don’t understand that, you know, the consequences for soul when it doesn’t face up to what needs to face up to. There are different levels of souls. Souls come in as infants, as immature, as middle aged, just like we do people. And so the evolution of the soul really has a lot to do with how we play out how we’re here. So, if I’m chronologically 55 right now, but I incarnated into an immature soul, I’m going to handle things much differently than an aged soul. Like, when we heard the term “Old Soul”, it’s a thing, “Immature Soul” is another thing. So, there are different levels of coming in for souls.

Elisa: Well, couldn’t you agree with another soul before incarnating, like, ‘Hey look I’m going to deceive you, because you want to learn about trust’, or the other person says ‘Hey, I want to learn about trust/trusting, so can you come down with me in this life (come down, whatever, it’s not really that) and deceive me?’

Erik: What a better way to learn about trust than from a liar?

Elisa: That’s what I mean! Like, a soul could say ‘I want to learn about forgiveness – will you be my partner and incarnate with me and betray me?’

Veronica: And wait, I want to learn about forgiveness, so we’re going to incarnate, and you’re going to murder my son, and I’m gonna learn about forgiveness. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely you can learn about deception and it is about the contract thing, and it is about lies being immoral.

Erik: Here’s the thing (where he is) there is no right or wrong or good or bad. There just IS. And everything we do here on this earth puts us on a path. You could be going this way one minute, you make another decision and you’re going this way. But there’s no right or wrong. That’s called judgment. That’s called people judging where we should be. You should yourself. You’re should-ing all over yourself. Why should you? What’s the basis of should?

Veronica: Now he’s going back to morals.

Erik: Take a lie for example. A lie is a very low vibrating energy.

Elisa: Yeah

Erik: Do we want to feel low because we go “Ugh, it feels yucky; it doesn’t feel good” talk about those cancer cells in us, activating all that icky yucky stuff in us when we vibrate low. Why would I want to lie? Right? For us to lie – so morally – it’s a moral choice to tell a lie. And we have free will. And this is big because we can use free will – I could lie to you if I wanted, and I could call it free choice, but free choice has to be anchored in morality.

Elisa: That’s right. But I don’t believe there’s good or bad, or right or wrong – everything is an experience. We’re here to experience. Everything is a lesson. But is there ever a time where it’s ok to lie to someone?

Erik: It’s really not cool to lie, ever.

Elisa: But what if someone says ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’

Erik: Why would you need to lie if you can frame it in love?

Elisa: Ok, well how would you answer that question?

Veronica: You look fluffy, and you look beautiful.

Elisa: Fluffy is such a wonderful euphemism.

Veronica: It’s what I am, I’m fluffy. I love it.

Elisa: Awww, that’s awesome. Ok, so really there is no instance where it’s…

Erik: It can’t be justified.

Elisa: Ok there is no excuse for lying then, and we’re talking about there is no right or wrong, it’s so hard…

Erik: the human being, the human mind, will want to find a way to justify a lie because we look for evidence to support what we’re believing up here. And some people are such good liars, they believe it, and then all of a sudden, guess what – they’re shopping for support on the lie. And they’re looking for it. Go ahead and lie if you want, but, BUT, there is a time and place to pay the piper.

Elisa: Oh yeah, but what do you mean?

Erik: Karma.

Elisa: But you said there is no karma, are you talking about they can get cancer and other conditions?

Veronica/Erik: Exactly. Exactly – life lesson is better. It’s better than karma, it’s an exchange of energy. If I give you heavy negative lying energy, it’s what I’m gonna get back.

Elisa: Is it ok if you feel you’re protecting the person?

Erik: Number one, you are – it’s like you think you are taking a bullet for someone by jumping in front of them and protecting them, but guess what you’re really doing?

Veronica: I’m going to say it –

Erik: You’re fucking up their contract.

Elisa: oh. So what if someone tears down your door and says ‘where’s your son’ and he’s hiding in the closet but you say he went outside to play, or he’s at his friend’s house. That’s a lie that would save his life.

Erik: We as human beings go “oh, it’s saving a life” but, BUT, it’s a lie. You can’t get away from the fact that it’s a lie. It’s like this – there is no little lie, and there is no big lie. Every energy that is a lie is the same energy.

Veronica: So he’s saying, he understands where we’re coming from. Cause I get it, if thugs were after my son and he’s in the plaza I’m damn sure not going to send them there.

Elisa: Yeah, there is nothing wrong with that.

Veronica: But that’s protection. As a mother, that’s protection and I’m willing to stand up and cross the moral line and lie for that. It’s a matter of free will and free choice. I can cross the line, but what will I pay for that? Not pay for it, that seems too harsh, but what’s the exchange? What’s the exchange for that? Why is junior hiding in the closet from the thug?

Elisa: Because he heard him beating down, and his mom says go hide?

Veronica: So why is the thug beating down on the door – Erik is saying, he’s drilling into it. Because each circumstance is different. If Junior is standing on the corner selling crack, and he bought into the thug’s territory…

Elisa: Yeah, that could be complicated.

Veronica: If Junior told the thug to shoot someone in cold blood….he’s (Erik) saying there are different levels to the lie, but it’s all a lie. So you can’t get around the fact that it’s a lie.

Elisa: What about having the mindset that you are going to lie only if it benefits the greater good – but that’s an opinion! If it’s for the greater good, so that muddies the water a little bit.

Erik: It’s subjective.

Elisa: Well, god dang it, I already told my kid there’s such thing as Santa Clause. And they believed it through part of middle-school, it was really sad. Aww, I was really good at lying. I’d have a hot line, I’d be in my room, I knew they were overhearing, believing I was talking to Santa. It was amazing.

Veronica: But that’s a beautiful light energy. It was a loving energy. But Erik’s going ‘it was a lie’

Elisa: I know. There is such a thing as Santa Claus, right?

Veronica: I hope so.

Elisa: Ok, if you know someone is being deceived, should you tell them?

Veronica/Erik: He’s turning it around to you: ‘Hey mom, is not telling them, telling a lie?’

Elisa: Yeah, it would be a lie of omission.

Veronica: Right, there are no levels – remember, there are no levels. If I saw your husband out with somebody and he was cozying up somewhere, and I knew it, and you had me over for dinner, and I’m sitting there looking at your husband, you bet that energy is going to eat at me. So guess what, we’re going to have a little one-on-one me and you.

Elisa: I believe it. I totally agree with it too. Well, would you talk to that person first, the deceiver?

Erik: Well that’s a personal choice

Veronica: And I’m going hell yeah *laughs*

Elisa: Yeah, I think I would too

Veronica: I’d probably walk up to him in the restaurant, and go “um, Hellooo”…I’d be one of those with the head thing going on.

Elisa: I’d do that too!


Elisa: Is it wrong not to tell them if the deceiver is a friend? No – even if the deceiver is a friend then yeah, it doesn’t make a difference.

Elisa: How do you cope with keeping that knowledge a secret? Yeah, I would think that would be very difficult, and that lower vibrational energy would create all sorts of conditions and diseases.

Veronica: You get cancer – it eats away at you. literally

Elisa: Emotional honesty, man!

Erik: You want the ultimate freedom – start living the truth. And personal truth is different than universal truth. A personal truth for me might not be a personal truth for you, but it’s my personal truth and I get to live it. A universal truth is the tide goes out and the tide comes in. There are universal truths that we cannot change. Personal truths we can.

Elisa: And they’re different from everybody’s.

Veronica: Yeah, everybody’s are different.

Elisa: All right, here’s one from a government standpoint. Government deception. Is it ok for the government to deceive people? And if so, when is it ok?

Erik: No. No, absolutely not. They don’t have a different standard than we do.

Elisa: Well, is there a lot of deception going on in the government?

Erik: Hell yeah.

Elisa: I bet. Is it for nefarious reasons, or is it because they think they are protecting us?

Erik: It’s because they’re pompous narcissistic assholes, and (number one), and number two, you want to talk deception – ugh three letters – J.F.K. I mean, let’s be real here. Another three letters: C.I.A. F.B.I.

Elisa: IRS. So many three letter words. Four letter words are better than three letter words.

Erik: I could go out in the yard mom, put a bunch of dog shit in a box, put a lid on it, wrap it up really pretty with a bow and give it to you for Christmas, there’s still dog shit in the box. It’s not – the government is wrapping the dog shit up pretty?

Elisa: Why?

Erik: To save face. They said it in the name of protection. But whose protection? Who is ultimately being protected?

Veronica: I don’t feel safe. Is it you or me walking around? I don’t know. Who’s protected?

Elisa: The government.

Veronica: This gets him (Erik) and I – we have these conversations and it just riles us up.

Elisa: I get that.

Veronica: It’s frustrating.

Elisa: For example, there is so much more about the existence of aliens that they aren’t telling us, and why could that be?

Veronica/Erik: Well, again here’s the thing, it’s like…how can we say this? It’s too far-fetched for the human mind to wrap around and they don’t…

Veronica: Oh, Erik’s saying there’s no benefit from that being a thing.

Elisa: Are they thinking there would there be panic?

Veronica/Erik: He said they won’t tell us because there is no benefit.

Elisa: So that’s for them.

Veronica: Yeah. Yeah, I’m diabetic and I want to know why in the hell they aren’t finding a cure for diabetes? Do you know why they won’t find a cure for diabetes? Do you ever wonder why every other commercial is for diabetic medicine?

Elisa: Yeah, that’s probably true for everything. But Big Pharma is in their pocket.

Erik: Yeah, there is a cure for everything. everything. Because everything has an opposite.

Elisa: Yeah, and apparently they have a device for infinite energy but they are holding it back because…

Veronica: No money in it.

Elisa: That’s right.

Erik: It all boils down…the biggest lie of all is money. Which is bullshit.

Elisa: Yeah. Can you name a major event where there is deception going on now?

Veronica: A major event where there is deception going on now? Erik is telling me –

Erik: There is still deception going on from 9/11.

Elisa: Yeah, we’ve talked about that.

Veronica: Yeah, still deception from 9/11. Oh, and right now, North Korea. He’s saying there is a lot of deception around North Korea.

Erik: Think about it – the worst thing people can do is turn on the news. But yet he doesn’t want to create an ignorant society. But the lens we see through the news is so fucking dirty.

Veronica: Excuse me – that was me, not Erik.

Erik: It’s so grimy dirty filthy. The lens is horrific.

Veronica: One of the things he’s here to do is to clean the lens off. To shine the lens so people can see through.

Veronica/Erik: And the truth isn’t about panic and fear. When you understand that the worst possible thing that could happen to you, and we would all agree it would be death, that it’s really not the worst possible thing, you’re all gonna chill the hell out.

Elisa: Really.

Veronica: I used to laugh, because I public speak, and people would say to me ‘oh, most people are terrified of public speaking more than they are of death – why would I…I’m scared of death.’ And then I learned what death is. So, what are you going to do – blow me up? Ok. But people need to get there. Cause we are trained…we are teethed on fear. We are teeth. We cut our teeth on fear, right? OMG, don’t put that in your mouth. OMG, don’t’ or you’ll fall down. Don’t touch the stove. Right? It’s what we do.

Elisa: Only do it once. Ok, run into traffic….

Erik/Veronica: There has to be rules for safety reasons. And up until a child is about 7 they have no filter. They have no veil. They’re all “ahhh, look at the…” and our job as the adult is to protect and keep that soul safe. It’s our job.

Elisa: *sound goes out, can’t make the words out* Government has a hidden agenda and will feed us…

Veronica: Ok, he’s being very graphic

Erik: Whoever’s penis is bigger gets to be on the news. They probably have some charismatic charm, and they get to be the puppet. And whoever pays the highest amount of money gets to speak the loudest, and have the biggest channel, and has the biggest mouth. That’s it.

Elisa: Why do the media lie? Ratings?

Erik/Veronica: Sensationalism sells. Don Henley had a song “Dirty Laundry”. If you ever listen to the lyrics of Don Henley “Dirty Money”. People love other people’s dirty laundry. I’m bored…I can…

Veronica: …I’ll be honest with you – remember back in the day those cheesy magazines at the checkout? I would look at, I would get those. Because I though “oh look!” I mean, I’m 20 at the time. But I want to look at this and see what so-and-so is wearing. And you know, it sells, and those cheesy-ass magazines wouldn’t be there, and those asshole news reporters wouldn’t be there if we didn’t pay to have them there.

Elisa: That’s true. So what are good sources for people to find the truth?

Erik: You know the source he’s saying is built in. It’s internal. It’s in your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t watch it. And the higher you keep your vibration, the more you will eliminate the stuff that isn’t true.

Veronica: So I have opted many, many years ago, I don’t watch the news. I don’t like the news. Now, if there is something I need to know, my husband or my son will give me an alert. But I don’t routinely watch the news. And when I do watch the news, I watch it with a discerning eye. I saw “what feels truthful”. So Erik has said to me: by the time 20, 25 years rolls around, what we do, what we’re doing here right now – what I do professionally is going to be mainstream. People will be plugged into themselves on a deeper level so that people will be more discerning about what they let into their homes, their minds, their lives. And it’s going to begin to turn, to shift. You gotta get away from this toxicity and this dirty nasty lying stuff.

Elisa: Exactly. Ok, last question. Will the truth come out anyway? Will the universe overpower the deception, or will it only face the vibration of the people by the law of attraction?

Veronica: So will the truth come out anyway?

Erik: Number one rule: the truth always comes out. Always. If you want proof of that, look back to when you stole that 29 cent bottle of nail polish and you thought no one was ever gonna know. The truth always comes out. And the thing is, the universe is all-powerful, all knowing, and the universe trumps so the universe – no pun intended – the universe trumps all. At the end of the day all there is is the universal energy. We collectively make up pieces of that. But the vibration of the people, the law of attraction, it’s a personal individual thing, and collectively we vibrate at a certain level.

Veronica; Right now we’re vibrating at a very low level. He’s almost going to use a line deception level. So will the universe overpower deception? Yes. The short answer is yes. So when people start to understand how powerful their thoughts are, that’s when we can begin to change.

Elisa here: Usually we close so I’m not sure if the rest of the transcription is missing and if so, how!

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