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Good news! It looks like we will have a CE event September 23-24 in Oahu, HI! Kim thinks she can find an inexpensive but nice venue. Here’s her email to me. Sign up while there is still space!

Hello there!
A few people have reached out to me from Hawaii, blog members, looking for connections with Erik.  I am currently looking for venue space to book with a few leads and will announce that soon!

Here is the link to the ticket sales & itineraries! The Oahu event is packed with great things! Check it out!

One last reminder: I won’t be hosting the radio show tonight because I won’t have any Internet, Not only that, Kim is off next Thursday so the next radio show will be the week after that. I’ll keep you posted. 

Don’t forget the live streaming channeling event Kim is hosting. I posted the wrong Facebook page yesterday. It’s her private page. To get to this free event, click HERE. Friend and follow her, and you’ll get a notification for the live streaming.

Here’s a Best of Erik. Sorry it’s so short, but I hope you get something out of it!

Me: When a religious person asks for help reconciling their religious beliefs with spirituality, what do we tell them? How do we help?

Jamie: He’s already answering, but it’s so inappropriate.

Me: I bet.

Jamie: He’s horsing around. He says, “You look at ‘em and you tell ‘em, “Baptists are full of bullshit!”

Me: Erik!

Jamie: He’s laughing.

Me: Oh, Whitney Houston is not going to like that because she was a devout Baptist. By the way, Robert channels Whitney al the time and she keeps referring to herself as Nippy. That’s kind of funny.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Anyway, sorry that I digressed. Go ahead.

Erik: So, everybody, humanwise, feels comfortable if there are similarities, and within every religion, there is a mystic vein. And within that mystic vein is where there is all the spirituality, where all the morals, where everything is that “spiritual people” live by, and so you encourage them to find that vein within their own religion. Once they can identify that within their own religion, it’ll make them comfortable with the ideas, and they might start seeing how their original religion is starting to confine them.

Me: Ah.

Erik: Confining them in ways they’re not comfortable with.

Me: Yeah. Interesting.

Jamie: He’s talking about the Jewish religion would be the Kabbalah—

Erik: It’s straight in the Bible. There’s everything. How about The Book of the Dead?

Me: From the Tibetans.

Erik: You know there are documents older than this that even talk about how spirituality doesn’t need to be confined by religion to be valued.

Me: Yeah, exactly.

Erik: Really, that’s what people are looking for. But if they’re already seated in a religion, I would encourage them to go through that religion to find the underbelly of spirituality. You can’t knock somebody out of a religion and encourage them to embrace only spirituality. That’s so fucking lame. That’s the biggest bullshit you’ll ever hear. You can’t encourage someone to be spiritual They’re doing it on their own. You can’t say, “Come to our team!” There’s no fucking team. Religions do that shit, not spirituality. There’s the difference.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

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