Interview with God, Part Two

Ready for another jaw-dropping interview with the Man/Woman His/Her-self? GOD? But wait, I have some things to share first. I’m so excited that Lauren Laundis is coming to stay at my house. She was one of the attendees at the October Channeling Erik event, and she and our family connected strongly. Of course there were others we connected with very strongly, but she actually made the decision to move to Houston while she was at the event. She flies from California today. In fact she’s just now boarding. And she leaves Monday. But she’ll be back with all 4 kids soon. We plan to seal the deal for her to move with Tex-Mex, margaritas, BBQ and the generous, sweet and genuine nature of native Texans. 

By the way, we had a great show last night! Ryan Adragna from read the energy of callers, and Michelle Gray, from, channeled Erik on the subject of love–broken or otherwise–during the holidays.

Check it out here:

Oh, and I finished all the Christmas decorations, inside and out. Finally! So, I’ve celebrated listening to Christmas carols. My favorites are O’ Holy Night (Mariah Carey), Wish Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland), My Grownup Christmas List (Kelly Clarkson) and Hard Candy Christmas (Dolly Parton.) What are your favorites?

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Okay, okay. Enough of my chit-chat. Now it’s time for the main event. Veronica did a great job! Please check out the many services she has to offer HERE. The transcript, as always, follows.

Elisa:  Hey Veronica! How are you doing?

Veronica: Hey, I’m great! How are you Mama M?

Elisa: Hey, your hair looks awesome by the way.

Veronica: Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you.

Elisa:  And hi Erik! Erik’s gone to get God back in for a repeat.

Erik:  Hi Mama!

Elisa:  I love you.

Veronica: He’s doing this (blowing kisses).

Elisa: Awe. Should we get God to come in for a curtain call?

Veronica: Yes, we should and I should tell you I have contractors finishing up at my house so if you hear some weird noise it could be God messing around or it could be them.

Elisa: Well okay, either one.

Veronica: All right so.

Elisa: God might smite the contractors if they make too much noise.

Veronica:  Okay, so Erik was with me all afternoon actually, with clients so. Okay, all right there’s a big beautiful feel of energy here.

Elisa: Oh nice. I wish I could feel that. All right here’s one question, why was mediumship and reincarnation removed from the bible?

God: The people that wrote the bible didn’t have an understanding of it. There was fear around it and so it was simple omission because there was fear.

Elisa: Oh, well there is mediumship, right? And there is reincarnation?

Veronica: Erik’s laughing.

Erik:  Of course, there is you’re talking to me and you’re talking to God.

Elisa: Yeah, so okay. So (inaudible) believe that we’re talking to the devil, you’ve heard it from God himself that we are not and that we do come back.

God:  Yes. Absolutely, and furthermore if you want to dig into the bible, not in a literal way you could find hidden nuggets of information that will tell you that there is reincarnation and that there is mediumship.

Elisa:  Right, so I thought it was taken out of the council of Naseem or?

Veronica: The Nicene council?

Elisa: Yeah because they wanted to oppress man, oppress the masses.

God:  Well no, and there was fear, where ever that comes from, however it played out, it was fear and it was a man omission.

Elisa: Okay well why would fear be wrapped around reincarnation first of all?

God: Because it has to do with negative satanic energy, people didn’t understand they still don’t understand. Everything is simple, but man complicates it. Everything is simple. If you look at what we are, we’re energy by design by definition.

Erik:  You can’t kill us, you can’t kill us.

Elisa: Yeah, that’s true. All right so is there only one of you, as God? Or does each universe have their own God?

God: There’s only one.


Elisa: And there’s infinite Universes?

God: But I take on many different shapes and forms so to you the human it may appear that there is more than one but there’s only one governing energy and it’s me.

Elisa: Okay, but do you really govern?

God: I oversee of course, I oversee. I watch.

Elisa:  Okay. Yeah, what is your role? That’s a good on what do you do?  I know that you sent us, like created us little souls like tendrils to try to experience all the facets of love because you could only conceive of a conceptual idea of love, right? All the facets of love.

God:  I created you to be my feelings, I created you allow me to feel and so as each on of you feels, I too feel it.

Elisa: Okay, is that your one and only purpose?

God: It is the main purpose and it doesn’t come from a selfishness of course, I didn’t want to just see more. I wanted everybody to experience me and every individual is different and so what one individual might relate to another individual might not, so if you think about me, you meet me everyday that you go out into the world and the way that you meet me, the way that I show up to rather, is at your level of understanding, you level consciousness.

Elisa:  That’s good.

God: That’s why I take on many shapes, many forms.

Elisa:  Well you’re everything anyway, you’re this desk I’m sitting behind.

God: I am, I am. No pun intended, I am.

Elisa:  I am, that’s right. Will there ever be a time that humans coexist peacefully along side animals and other beings on Earth?

God: Peace is a perception and it’s literally a state of mind. So, what state your mind is in, so that’s not what you asked me, you asked me if they ever will. The words that I will give you there are free will. I do want to tell you that animals are more connected to me than human beings and animals understand how to peacefully cohabitate. Animals kill because they need to survive, animals.

Elisa:  Chimpanzees kill for sport, too right?

Veronica: What’s that?

Elisa:  Chimpanzees kill for sport too?

God:  Yes, well yes.

Elisa:  Oh my God, I corrected, God. Oh, I’m sorry I said oh my God. What do you feel about the initials OMG, God? That’s what I want to know.

God:   Oh, my me! Oh, my me. OMM.

Veronica:  He’s saying that animals are more connected than humans, if I’m understanding him correctly and animals have, there’s no filter on an animal, there’s no stuff.

(bad audio)

Elisa:  So, it’s the analysis, the logical left-brain analysis that prevents us from being as connected to you as animals are?

God:  Correct. Yes.

Elisa:  So, I think animals perhaps understand that we are all one and they live in the sense of being one with all right?

God:  Absolutely! Animals could teach humans a thing or two. Although I made humans the top of the food chain, you know the top.

Veronica:  Top of the heap, I’m saying top of the heap, I’m paraphrasing God here, I don’t know if that’s a good thing but.

Elisa: It’s fine, at least we can understand it. All right who is your favorite human? Me! I’m kidding, or your favorite creation that has ever existed. I can’t imagine that you have favorites but.

God:  Try to pick your favorite kid. Don’t have a favorite child but you have certain favorite qualities or certain favorite behaviours, so it’s not about a favourite, it’s about pieces of something that I’m most proud of, and every single creation I have, gives me something that’s unique to it. Think about the 7 billion humans there are, each one of them have creations but then go into the countries and the seas and the mountains and the everything, we could be here all day.

Elisa:  Is there some part of nature that you’re most proud of as your creation?

Veronica:  He’s showing me, and this is funny because Erik is over here.

Erik: You parted the red sea.

Veronica:  And he’s laughing at that.

God: The sea. The ocean because of all of the life inside of it.

Elisa:  Let’s keep it that way. I really wanted to ask you your whole job description though, list like 2 or 3 other jobs you have in your job description.

Veronica:  2 or 3 other jobs you have?

Elisa:  Your role, I guess. I know it’s to feel through us, one.

God:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s totally, number one is experience, it’s the experiential. I learn things but not in the way that you do and so as the human has an experience, I get to multiply a part of me and so I grow bigger, I get bigger as each human has their own unique experience of me.

Veronica:  Yeah, I’m not sure that I understand that.

Elisa:  Why is that important to you?

God: Because as my energy, that’s what I am, as my energy takes over, we begin to heal, and we begin to feel and we begin to demonstrate love and the ultimate here is love.

Elisa:  Okay. Will you ever die? I mean energy can transform, from one form to another, will you, somehow disperse like thermal energy and just dissipate or?

Veronica: I’m making a face because Erik’s over here going, what is wrong with her?


Elisa:  I don’t know, I don’t have enough time to list all the things that are wrong with me.

Veronica: We don’t die and God don’t die.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica: God don’t die, because we’re energy.

(dogs barking, background noise)

Elisa: Stop the dogs.

Veronica:  Who let the dogs out?

Elisa:  Do you have a message for all religions that we are one and Christianity is not the only way? Anyway, a message for all religions. Or advice for all religions.

God:  I started all religions, if you want to use the word religion. Let’s just go with belief.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  I started with the Hindu, with Krishna, I started with Buddha, I started with, I’m behind all of it and yet the human brain will take it and say mine is better than yours and I simply sit back and laugh because it’s the same thing. It’s the one and only same thing, the part that gets bastardized is because the human intervenes. The human interpretation.

Elisa: Right. Is Allah you? Or is Allah, God?

God: Allah is a persona, yes.

Elisa:  Okay, well what do you think about that religion, the Muslim religion, most of it is peaceful but what do you think about the sect that are inclusive Jihadi’s that.

Veronica: He’s using the word extremist.

Elisa:  Okay. Is extremist in every religion?

God:  There’s extremist in every thing, extreme behaviour, addictions are extreme behaviour, there’s extremist in everything. Anything to the degree as extreme as it is with this Jihad and all of that, it’s not good for you, nothing.

Elisa:  Right, and extreme right Christians that are homophobic and negative etc. It seems to me with the extremes you can even learn more.

God:  There has to be opposite, we have to know the opposite to appreciate both sides.

Elisa:  Exactly. I think that, like I say, there’s more value as far as a teachable moment in the extremes. So, any advice to the religions?

God: It wouldn’t be to the religions, it would be to the human beings.

Veronica: And the word he is using is comparison.

God:  Stop comparing.

Erik:  Stop saying mines bigger than yours because they’re all the same size, if you will.

Elisa:  No dick measuring contest.

Veronica:  No dick measuring.

God:  Comparison, let go of the comparison. If you look at the Tao Te Ching, you know which Laozi, everybody’s saying the Tao is better than this and the Bible is better than this and the Quran is better than this but neither one of them are better than the other.

Veronica: And I’m sorry, I’m getting a little distracted because there’s a very heavy, loud presence here with him, so I don’t know what it is. I feel like I’m listening out of both, I feel like I’m hearing in stereo.

Elisa: Oh, well what is that Erik, or God?

Veronica:  All I hear is that it’s an echo, but I’m not sure why I’m hearing an echo. It’s almost as if you were standing in a cavernous area and you were talking and its reverberating, that’s how I’m hearing, I don’t know what it is.

Elisa:  I don’t hear that, but Erik what is that, why the echo?

Veronica:  Just give me a minute here.

Erik:  To really be able to decipher it, it’s being put out in a different frequency than Veronica is used to.

Veronica:  This is different than even Part 1 if you will, this is a heavier part, this is a heavier feeling. I don’t mean heavier in a bad way.

Erik:  It has to do with deciphering it differently, maybe.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  It’s weird though, I’ve never experienced like the echo, I mean technically I have. I’m actually hearing in stereo.

Elisa:  That must be awful. Oh well, hopefully you can do this. All right so Jesus apparently did not die on the cross, you know, well it’s in the Jesus interview if you guys want.

Veronica:  Yeah.

Elisa:  You know that’s the basis of Christianity. That he died for our sins.

God:  It’s not literal.

Elisa: So, what do you say to the Christians that feel like Jesus saves and died for our sins. What does that even mean?

God:  I say to them, whatever brings them comfort as long as its loving and peaceful.

Elisa:  Okay.

God: Because for 2000 years people have found a comfort in believing this. To all of a sudden pull the carpet out from people who believe this, it doesn’t make any sense. We don’t need to do that. It’s not about whether Jesus died on the cross or not, it’s about acceptance and tolerance and love and compassion.

Elisa: All that Jesus taught.

God: Yes.

Elisa: Okay.

God: The minute that you argue the point that Jesus died on the cross, we miss the point.

Elisa:  Yeah, that makes sense. Why do Christians think that we are all born as sinners? Well, first of all are we? Are we born, these little innocent appearing babies, as sinners? I guess Erik is, because he peed on the doctor right when he came out, so you’re a sinner Erik!

God: You can use the word sinner if you want. We’re all born with stuff, we’re born with opposites, so in other words, if I put your soul here and you chose, or together we chose the body that you’re here in. You have to know the opposite of everything that you’re going to put forward on the earth and so do you come in a sinner? I guess you could say that if you want, it seems harsh, I’m not a harsh God. You come in understanding that there’s opposites.

Elisa:  All right but sin, means that we’ve done something wrong, but I thought there is no right or wrong that it was just an experience and every experience has value.

Veronica: So, he’s saying, sorry, I’m talking to myself and him.

God:  Sin is self-centeredness.

Elisa: Okay.

God: So, if you think about it, the original sin, if you want to talk about that is self-centeredness. They wanted to eat the apple.

Veronica:  Listen, he’s telling me, there wasn’t a literal apple.

Elisa:  There wasn’t an Adam and Eve?

God:  Well there was they were human but there wasn’t an apple.

Elisa:  Wait a minute, there was actually an Adam and Eve?

God:  Yes, well.

Elisa: As the very first humans?

God:  Yes.

Elisa: Wow.

God:  Yes.

Elisa: Guess how you tell, if you’ve found two bodies in a cave, how could tell if they were Adam and Eve?

God:  Is that a question or a joke?

Elisa:  That’s a question.

Erik: Like a man walks into a bar?

Elisa: Yeah kind of like that. They don’t have a belly button.


Veronica:  Ah, no umbilical cord. Okay.

Elisa:  Okay, can you confirm or deny that there is no hell? Is there a hell?

God:  There is no hell.

Elisa: Okay.

God: Hell is a state of mind.

Elisa:  Oh, just like peace is a state of mind. I think I’ll take peace over hell. Although I’ve been in hell many a time.

God:  People get lost and wrapped up in their personal definition of hell, their thought and they can’t get out of it.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  And then they get so stuck in that they look some where outside of them because I live inside of them, they go to a church, they go an organization and then before you know it because they’re weak and they’re fearful, now they’re all of a sudden emmeshed in all of this other stuff that feeds this fear of hell.

Elisa:  Okay. Is there a purgatory? As it’s written in the bible?

God:  No. There’s a holding cell or a waiting room.

Elisa:  Florida, God’s waiting room.


Veronica: Florida.

God:  Heaven is the waiting room.

Elisa: Okay.

God:  It’s the waiting room because you don’t reside there. You go there to process, you go there to do the review, you go there to work through stuff. It’s the next stop over.

Elisa:  I thought heaven is the after life?

God: It’s semantics, it’s a word.

Elisa:  Okay. What are your views on suicide? Is it a mortal sin, as it says in the bible? Or is a death is a death is a death.

Veronica: I have to laugh because the arms are going on Erik.

Erik:  Yeah what do you think?


God:  A death is a death is a death, and if someone commits suicide and it’s not what they chose to do in their contract, they just go in this line versus this line over here. It’s all about reprocessing and relearning and just, you know, you’re not going to go any where that you shouldn’t go EVER.

Elisa:  Well that’s nice. So, to cap it off, there is no right or wrong, just like I said, right? There’s just experiences, and experiences all have value, right?

God: Correct. And there is no good or bad there just is. That’s a hard concept for the human mind to wrap around.

Elisa: Well it is. Do you hear our prayers?

Veronica:  You know what, there was a glow. I smile because there was the beautiful white glow of energy.

God:  Yes.

Elisa:  Leave an EVP, God. Try to leave your voice.

Veronica:  Oh, wouldn’t that be cool.

God:  I get a bad wrap, because people think I don’t answer their prayers.

Elisa:  Because you can’t because they have to live out their contracts, right?

God:  Right.

Elisa:  They have free will and you know.

God: It’s not like I just say oh I’m not going to bother with you. I’m not going to answer your prayers, you know, prayer is a conversation with me. It’s just like if you go visit your parents, every week and you have your hand out and you expect something that’s not a pure energy, that’s not a loving energy. When you come to me Papa.

Veronica: He’s calling himself Papa.

God:  When you come to Papa and you constantly have your hand out, how are you becoming love?

Elisa:  Yeah and how can you evolve that way.

God: Right.

Elisa:  All right so, but do you, like the Archangels have powers to intervene, sometimes like healing, saving somebody from a car wreak, I mean anything like that?

God:  I put the angels out to intervene, the Archangels, and there is consultation with me. Ultimately everything begins and ends with me, but it’s hard to explain because I don’t sit here and say okay, I’m going over here on 3rd Avenue because that’s not supposed to happen, oop now I’ve got to go to Chicago because that’s not supposed to happen. That’s how the human mind would work but that’s not how it works. You have free will.

Veronica:  He’s telling us we have free will.

God: And you have free choice. In the context of what you agreed upon, so anything that intervenes and gets in front of the free will and free choice, it’s kind of like a do over.

Veronica:  I think if I’m understanding and I terming it correctly, he does not intervene.

Elisa:  Okay. Let’s see, is God jealous? Are we supposed to be frightened of God like the wrath of God? We already, I mean you’re not jealous of the Pagan or false gods, I know the answer to that, we already did that in Part 1, so no. Do you have a name?

God:  My name is all, I am anything, I’m nameless, I’m formless, yet I’m everything.

Elisa:  Okay. We can name you whatever we want.

Veronica:  He keeps referring to me, he keeps referring me to the Tao Te Ching, so there’s something there with the Tao, so for the people watching a listening you know research the Tao Te Ching, it is also because I got triggered on when he said the form list. The Tao tells us, in my personal opinion, the Tao Te Ching is probably the purest interpretation of the word, and he agreed.

Elisa: Would you agree with that God?

God: Yes.

Elisa: Okay, I can name you anything, so I think I’ll name you Bubba. I’m just kidding.

Oh my B. Oh my Bubba. You don’t have a God’s God, there are not different Gods for different universes. I’m just looking at all these notes, oh yeah, Neil Donald Walsh, his conversations with God series was he channeling you?

God:  Yes.

Elisa:  I felt like he was.

God:  I don’t want to pick favorites but he’s one of mine.

Elisa:  Awe, that’s awesome. Let’s see, here’s some, the 10 Commandments were they actually passed down by you as stated?

God:  Well they all focus on love and so how they were interpreted, yeah it seems to be okay, it seems to work. You really shouldn’t kill, so they seem to work.

Elisa:  All right but did you pass them down to Moses?

God:  Yes, well I put them out there and I put Moses in a place to find them, yes, however the words that were written were interpreted by a human being.

Elisa: Okay.

God: I put forward, an energy, a feeling

Elisa:  Oh, and so he channelled that energy and turned them into the words.

God: Yes.

Elisa: All right, are there rules for being allowed into heaven?

God:  No.

Elisa: Okay, do you have to be baptized in order to go into heaven?

God:  No.

Veronica: He’s very quick to answer these, very quick. These are falsities that religions will have you believe.

Elisa:  Yeah. It’s amazing that in the name of religion there have been so many millions killed or hurt in some way, what do you say to that? The Crusades, the Jihadi’s, the Spanish Inquisition.

God:  The whole middle east. The part that you call the middle east is all about religion, it’s always been, since man walked foot on it. Really, it’s just been whose is better again.

Veronica:  Again, he is going back to the beginning of this conversation, saying whose is better when in reality it’s all the same. It is a man-made situation.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  It is ego. It is fear.

Elisa:  Okay. What does love really mean? And this person wants to know why churches control, like Jehovah Witnesses they even control or select who people should talk to or not. Well we’ll just over the first one first, of course?

Veronica:  What is love?

God: Love is almost indescribable, that’s been the question for centuries, for eons and eons. What is love? You know love is the most combustible, amenable, energy that there is. You know it can be this incredible feeling, it is what the human being uses it for. So, love in its purest state is acceptance, compassion, tolerance. In its manipulated state its control, its division, its stipulation, its conditional in its manipulated state.

Elisa: That’s the worst. Conditional love, might as well be on the same level as hate.

God:  Yeah, well you’ve always heard the phrase there’s a fine line between love and hate, it’s very true.

Elisa:  That’s true. I mean I think that it’s hard to hate someone, unless there’s a potential to love them or something I don’t know what I’m saying.

God:  The emotion is fiery, it’s just a matter…it’s energy, so the energy that we emit as hate or the energy that we emit as love is just energy, its what the human mind does with it and how it applies that makes it one way or the other.

Elisa: I got you. What about the Jehovah’s Witnesses what do you have to say, I mean I know that you can’t get blood products or probably not organ donations etc., I mean what do you think about that?

God:  I think it’s absurd, I think its manipulation, I think that it’s false, I think that it’s a form of control, it’s just like a cult. It’s no different than cult energy.

Elisa: What about the Amish?

God: As is Scientology.

Elisa: Yeah.

God: The Mormons.

Elisa:  What about Christian Scientists?

God:  More liberal, but still, anything with a label can get a little bit iffy.

Elisa:  I can imagine. Which religion in your mind seems to be the purest and more in line with the truth.

Veronica: He’s not saying religion, again.

Elisa:  Or belief system.

Veronica:  He’s referring to the Tao Te Ching.

Elisa: Okay. All right, what is that? Is that Buddhist?

God: It’s Laotsu.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. LAOTSU.

God:  Yup, Laotsu.

Elisa:  We should interview that dude too.

Veronica:  Let’s channel him!! I would be up for that!

Elisa:  Yeah, oh man. When we talk to Erik, this is a blog member, are we actually talking to God through the energy of Erik or are we talking to Erik? Erik you can pick up this one.

Erik:  It would be egotistical to say that I’m God but hey we’re all one.

Elisa: We’re all God.

Veronica:  Erik’s doing the head thing.

Erik: We are all God, so yes.

Elisa:  How many truly channel books from you, are in existence, I mean what are some of them, of course you say the Neil Donald Walsh, and the Tao Te Ching.

God:  Seth material.

Elisa:  Seth material yeah.

God:  Abraham Hicks.

Elisa:  Okay.

God: The bible is definitely not.

Elisa: Channelling Erik, of course.

God:  The Quran is definitely not.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  I don’t know if he’s getting anything else, I can’t make out anything else.

God: Miracles.

Elisa:  Miracles, yeah, that’s awesome. Okay. How can we love ourselves as God loves us? Why are here trying to overcome negative stuff?

God:  Well it’s contract work, you signed up for it, and loving yourself like I love you begins with understanding that there is no separation, there is no end, there is no beginning, we are all part of the whole.

Veronica:  He wants people to go in a circle just to understand that we’re all part of the whole.

God:  Everything that I am, so are you.

Elisa:  So, we’re not really separate from God. We are God.

God: Never, never ever.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  Never, ever, ever, separation is a feeling. Separation is fear based, anything that is heavy or scary is fear based, and then you ultimately separate yourself by that fear.

Elisa:  Wow. Okay. It’s an illusion, yeah. Let’s se, if we are divine aspects of God, why do we feel so far from being an aspect of God?  So, that’s the whole thing about the illusion, that’s a place in our head, right? That’s just a feeling that we adopt.

God: Yes.

Elisa: Or a state of mind, that’s what I meant.

God:  A state of mind. It’s the mind, the mind is the most brilliant thing that I did for the human being. But it’s also the most devious thing that I did for the human being.

Elisa:  Explain.

God: The mind.

(barking dogs)

Veronica: You can click pause on this.

Elisa:  Okay, let me pause, real quick.


Elisa: All right sorry people.

Veronica:  I forget where we were.

Elisa: Had to sign for a package. That’s typically what happens, it’s called life. Don’t put any hateful comments please, I don’t read them anyway. Okay, when will we be relieved of dying without choice to die easily when it’s time?

Veronica:  I don’t understand that one.

Elisa:  I don’t either. Okay, when will we be fully evolved? Without the need for a body?

God: Well when you’ve met all the criteria, (laughs) and the criteria is fulfilling the contract.

Veronica: So, I’m going to boil it down, simply like this because there’s a lot going on in here and I know you can’t hear it. It happens when you get to the ultimate feeling and it’s consistent throughout and its love.

Elisa:  Love.

God:  Like you can look at every situation through the lens of love.

Elisa:  And oneness, I will add that.

God: Correct.

Elisa:  I just thought I would help you out here God.

Veronica: Yes, because listen, we come in here with all these lessons to learn and listen it would be so simple, it would be so simple, if we just said oh you know what they didn’t mean to do that to me, I love them, I forgive them and then our heart was pure, but we’re not meant to do that. We are meant to live life after life after life, that’s just what it’s meant to be so that we can accumulate experiences.

Elisa:  Right. Right. In other words, it’s going to take awhile, I’m saying one how many will it take of us to help raise the earth to the five-dimension place permanently.

God:  There is no way to answer that question. It’s when the majority of the collective. There is a movement, it’s definitely more over that way, you know to moving to raise the consciousness than it ever has been.

Elisa:  Good.

God:  We (right now in this time and place), are living the most enlightened lives there’s ever been and it has nothing to do with the technology, or the atmosphere, it is the human being is waking up.

Elisa:  Okay, what do you have to say to Atheists?

God:  Welcome to my world.

Elisa:  What? What is that supposed to mean?

God: Welcome to my world, they’re all part of my world.

Elisa: Okay. So, what did you say to my father when he crossed over? He was a militant Atheist.

God:  He was just somebody learning his lessons, finding his way and I welcomed him with compassion and love.

Elisa:  Of course, when we first channeled him, he said well I was right, he wasn’t a man sitting on a throne, Elisa, but I never said that anyways. Why is it that we’re here to learn when we come from Source that already knows everything? Well, okay, that’s because God, you need the experiential component, behind all facets of love, not just the conceptual one, but is there anything else you want to add to that? Or is that it?

God: It’s basically that’s it. Anything else that I say could take people down a rabbit hole and leave them open to perception.

Elisa:  Okay.

God: I don’t want it to be any more open, it doesn’t need to be.

Elisa:  Okay. Tell me about the illuminati.

God: They’re just another source of energy.

Elisa: What’s they’re purpose?

God:  They are leaders on a different level, they are teachers on a different level. That when you open up, when you ascend, when you bring your energy, the energy of love gets higher, you get access to them.

Elisa:  So, it’s not a negative entity?

Veronica: He’s doing this, it’s a matter of how you see things, it’s a matter of perception. God: You might look at a human being, you might see negative, I might see positive, it’s a matter or what you take away from them. No, they can not be categorized as just negative or just positive. Nothing can.

Elisa:  What is their role?

Veronica:  I hear master teachers.

Elisa:  Oh, okay. Are they human beings? Part of the illuminati.

God: No, they’re not human like you know human. They’re not made up of human stuff but they’re energy and so yes, I guess you could call them human.

Elisa:  Can we see them, I mean are they walking on the earth right now?

God: They will take human form, by my angels can take human form.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Mom this can be a very deep conversation that can just have us chasing our tails.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Because people want finite answers.

Elisa:  I know, well we might have to have a separate discussion on this but do I know anybody in my circle of friends, family, etc. that is part of the Illuminati? Or somebody famous like Beyoncé, I don’t know.

God:  It would serve no purpose for you to know that because it’s like this, if you know that you’re going to meet someone that has the potential to offer you a different experience, elevate you, teach you, you might not show up in your pureness.

Elisa: Okay.

God: So why would it be revealed to you. The human is the one that needs to know.

Elisa: Okay. Veronica, get a little bit closer to your microphone, then you picture shows up instead of my ugly mug, while you’re talking, please.

Veronica: There how’s that?

Elisa:  That’s fine. How many dimensions are there and how many universes are there?

God:  I like to say that there’s one universe and it’s like one big continuous universe but there’s little mini cities, little mini travel destinations if you will.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  And what was the other part of that?

Elisa: That was the universes right, dimensions, how many dimensions are there. I always thought they were infinite, you know.

God:  How do you count them? How do you know, because dimensions is really ascensions, elevations and you work your way up? There’s really no way to know that.

Elisa:  Okay. Is there truth behind the string theory?

God:  Yes, everything is ultimately connected.

Elisa:  Okay. Can you share a secret of the universe? Then it won’t be a secret anymore but just throw us out one for fun.

Veronica:  I’m not hearing anything in reference to a secret.

God:  The code to unlock eternal peace.

Veronica:  It’s coming in pieces.

God: The code to unlock eternal peace, it’s like a scavenger hunt. I will put pieces over here and you will come in with a life that will put you over here and so the object is for you to find your way over to here. It’s like a scavenger hunt, life is a scavenger hunt.

Elisa:  Okay. Awesome.

Veronica:  Wow! I have chills all over my body from that.

Elisa: That is awesome, me too. You know Einstein tried to make an equation for love, can it be described in the form of a mathematical equation?

Veronica:  Erik’s laughing.

Erik:  Good luck!

Elisa:  Well it’s energy, it seems like almost any energy can.

Veronica:  Yeah, yeah, physics, mathematics.

God:  It’s way too complicated, even the most brilliant minds who will want to make an equation for it are missing the point.

Elisa:  And that is?

God:  The point is that it is the pureness, it is what is in you.

Veronica:  I have this amazing hot feeling that just came over my heart chakra here.

God: It isn’t something out there, it’s something in here.

Elisa: Cool, wow! Okay, but so you can’t eventually, there is a mathematical equation out there, that maybe we just don’t have all the mathematical terms invented yet, or what?

God:  It’s like what do you want x to collide with y, and it becomes this? That is convoluted, love is simple.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  No matter who watches this, there is going to be challenges on either side. When in doubt go the simplest route.

Elisa:  Exactly, and like you said humans try to complicate things.

God:  And furthermore, going back to Einstein’s theory, it came about, the very idea that he would try to put it theory, it came about because there are only people who will relate to that mindset of love.

Elisa: Okay. I think I already asked this question but well what do you think about my boy Erik? I think I asked that in part one but just incise, or maybe now you know him better, I don’t know. Hang out at the bar and shoot pool, maybe I don’t know.

God: Erik is one of the chosen ones, as hard as it was for the Earth to lose Erik, Erik would never have been able to do what he’s doing if he kept his earthly body.

Veronica:  Erik’s laughing.

Erik:  I’m God’s puppet.

Elisa:  Awe.

Veronica:  Yeah, it’s kind of like, when I get this glimpse when I have this feeling and Erik shows me these things, one of the things I’m adamant about is that there is no ending of life. None, we lose this (the physical body) but we don’t lose our life, and I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure of that until Erik found me. I really wasn’t.

Elisa:  Oh my God, well me neither, it took me a long time to really not.

Veronica:  And this whole channelling thing, you know it’s over a year now, a year and half that Erik found me, and I was not sure. I’m being honest, I was not sure that this was real, and Erik every day showed up in my life and everyday pushed me and now to be here and to be able to hear God like this, it’s like whoa. But I can do it, anybody can do it, and I don’t say that, we all have that ability.

Elisa:  Yeah but some better than others, and I’ve referred a lot of people who want to develop their mediumship skills to your school of spiritual arts.

Veronica:  Oh, thank you!

Elisa:  Do you have any advice for Channelling Erik? I asked you in the first deal but anything else we can do? Or maybe your thoughts, what’s your opinion of Channelling Erik and our whole thing.

God:  This is a movement, that’s based on pure love. If you want to take, the word religion, this is what religion should look like. It’s inclusive, its accepting, its unconditional, you call it a following me, but what channelling Erik is what religion should be. It’s a safe space for you to express yourself and find love.

Elisa:  Oh, so true! What do we say to skeptics? You’re talking to the devil Elisa and all that. First of all, I’m not going to give them any solicited whatever.

God:  You can’t penetrate a steel trap. When it gets.

Veronica:  This is brilliant.

God: When it gets hot enough, when the flame gets hot enough the steel will melt.

Elisa:  I like.

God:  And the mind will open.

Elisa: Yeah, I like that. I would like to also, hopefully to spread it even more we’ll have an online spiritual school for children, also a reality T.V show to bring about spiritual awareness and a movie base on Erik’s book, what do you think about the possibility there.

Veronica:  He’s doing this, like pushing everything at you.

God:  It’s going to feel like everything’s coming at you at warp speed, because it’s going to happen very quickly.

Elisa:  Good, but it will happen?

God:  It will happen, it will unfold.

Veronica:  And I have to tell you I don’t really want to say this, but I’m being told to say it.

Erik: Say it, say it.

Veronica:  There is the energy of a prophet around me, listen I say that with all humility, honestly, truthfully, do I think, I’m a prophet, no, but God is saying there is something more for me.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s awesome!

Veronica:  That sounded egotistical but.

Elisa:  No, no, no, it’s okay to love yourself and you should you are so loveable and you’re so beautiful today, you always are. But anyways guys check her out, if you want to develop your mediumship skills of course she’s got that online very reasonable spiritual arts class and also you can book session and so on, right, anything else you want to add?

Veronica:  I have a brand-new look, veronicadrake has been rebranded, it’s a brand new look so go to my website and check it out, it’s absolutely stunning!

Elisa: Awesome! Hey we might need to use that same web designer for the online school when that’s.

Veronica: She’s amazing, she’s amazing.

Elisa:  Awesome, I’m trying to create, I’ve got two inventions God to try to raise money so I can do this spiritual online school, are any of them going to work and be super successful?

God:  The second one.

Elisa:  Ah, I figured, good. Is it going to be wildly successful?

God:  It’s going to give everything you need and it’s going to push you out of your comfort zone.

Erik: But Mom, you’re already used to that.

Elisa:  Yeah, I’m used to that. Been there done that. All right, good. Thank you so much, I love you Erik, I love you God and I love you Veronica. All you guys who are watching, thanks for being part of the family and bye.

Veronica: Bye. 


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