Rolling with Erik: Grief

Enjoy this very poignant trance channeling from Erik courtesy of medium, Emanuelle McIntosh about grief. 

I also want you guys to know that Veronica isn’t accepting any more questions until sometime in the first part of October. She’s been overwhelmed with questions via email! 

In the next several days, I plan to interview Howard Hughes, so if you have questions that will help us understand him and his spiritual journey, please email them to me at Also, I plan on having a session on the general topic about dreams and lucid dreaming so if you have questions about that, please email me. No personal dream questions, though. Last, I’m going to have a session on the chemicals that are put in our food and personal care products. A blog member sent me some questions long ago, but I’m open to more if you wish!

We have an update from Shruti Kamble about her Channeling Erik event in Munbai, India. Here’s her message:

Hello peeps, Erik and me are hosting a day of Channeling Erik in Mumbai, India. It will be held at 4 bungalows, Andheri on the 29th of December, 10am to 5pm.
During the event I will Channel Erik and you will get to ask him questions. We will also learn to develop  psychic abilities, and most importantly to ground, protect and set an intension cause Erik says “its so fucking important”. We will talk about a few tools and techniques to assist your intuition.
There are 30 places available to book .To book yours, please follow this link
Thank you so much to everyone who took the poll and want to join us for the event.
Last but not least, last night’s radio show was awesome, so I want to share it with you here:

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