Sharts and Gumby. Hmm.

Erik and Jamie’s appearance on The Sheila Show was wonderful. In fact, Sheila Gale wants to have them on on a regular basis. I’ll post the recording when Sheila gives it to me.

On another note, Jamie has been suffering from a great deal of illness over the past several months: frequent viral infections. She gets over one, then gets another. In fact, she has fever this morning and can’t even get out of bed. I’m worried about her. Please send any healing to her that you can as well as love and prayers.


Me: What do you have to do to communicate with us? How do you see us compared to your fellow spirits? This is a blog member asking this. Do you see your fellow spirits differently than you do us? So, that’s a two-part question.

Erik (laughing): You look like animals! No, I have to lower my energy quite a bit to do the pranks and to get in the way—

Me: How do you do that?

Jamie burst out in a loud laugh for a long time.

Me: Oh god. What now.

Jamie (barely able to get the words out): He said, “It’s like having constipation, and you push really hard.”

Me: Oh, Jesus, Erik!

Erik: There’s a lot of grunting involved, Mom.

Me: I hope we don’t get a bonus shart with that.

Erik: Thank god you don’t have to do my laundry anymore.

Me: I remember those racing stripes.

Jamie: You got him! He’s laughing so hard!

We all laugh.

Jamie (still giggling): The image is horrible! He’s pretending to be on the potty. It’s just so…

Erik: Yep, so it comes with a bit of a grunt, but you have to focus a lot inward to get that intense grounding. It’s like how you have to focus to sing the real low notes cuz your voice doesn’t do it naturally, but if you exercise and kind of train for it, you can kind of drop down low like that. But it’s really not like down off a ladder, you know? It’s not like a location. It’s more of a state of mind, a state of being.

Me: Okay. So, what do we look like to you compared to the way you see your fellow spirits?

Erik: Uh, fellow spirits are all light beings. People on Earth look more like, um. (pause) mushy.

Jamie (giggling): What do you mean, mushy?

Erik (laughing): Like Claymation!

Me: Oh! Like Gumby and Pokey?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: No. Seriously? So, we don’t look like what you used to see me as when you were alive, for example?

Erik: Ah, no, no. You still look like that, but it’s wild. You kind of get unused to that three-dimensional light-absorbing kind of a (struggling for words) status?

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, cuz we bounce light over here. We don’t absorb it.

Me (surprised): Oh!

Erik: You know, whereas humans absorb it in. They suck it up.

He makes a sucking sound, like he’s sucking from a straw.

Jamie: Yes, the sound came with it. That was not my creation.

Erik: So, when you come back to Heaven or Home, and you’re seeing the people, the light, it’s just different. It looks mushy and dull, because you’re so used to everything being bright light. Now if you kind of adjust yourself—


Jamie (to Erik): No!

Jamie (to me, giggling): He adjusts his package.

Me: Of course.

Erik: —Then you can see the light that it all emits. But it’s a much more controlled, duller light than what pure light energy is just because it’s manipulated by being in the lower vibrational dimension.

Me: Very interesting.


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