Dear Brother Erik’,
I just finished reading your book and loved it. It came into my life when I was feeling a little stuck and it hit a spiritual sweet spot. Thank you. My son just turned 24 and has been dealing with mental illness for over a year now. First he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, then schizo-affective disorder, bi-polar type, and now his psychiatrist is just calling it schizo-affective disorder. He is also facing criminal charges because of some fucked-up shit that happened when he had the psychotic break that revealed his illness last year.. He’s charged with 3 felonies and faces jail time.. The court’s psychiatrist has already issued an opinion that he was legally insane when the felonies happened. We’re waiting for the trial and hoping for a “Not guilty” due to his mental illness. My son is being treated professionally and has come a long way since the felonies occurred. I would like to ask for your assistance and guidance for my son, me, and all of the people in our lives dealing with the mental illness. It kind of sucks right now, which is one reason I felt like my connection to your book was really awesome. Feeling better after reading your book. Everything’s a lesson, right? Sometimes I lose track of that. And thank you Elisa and Jamie for your awesome service. I hope we can meet some day..
With love and gratitude,
“Gus M. ” (I’m using my confirmation name because…well, I’m sure you understand!)

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