Free Energy, Part Two

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Also, I have a message from our wonderful medium, Kim Babcock:

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Enjoy the last part of our Free Energy series:
Me: Let me also tell you the perspective of Nassim Haramein, a brilliant theoretical physicist. He says that matter is, of course, composed of atoms. You look at this cup (I hold up my coffee mug) and it’s made of atoms, but if you were to go into those atoms, over 99% is not the neutrons, protons and electrons. It’s “empty” space, but that “empty” space is actually full of energy. It’s pure energy. So in other words, there’s abundant pure energy everywhere, even in solid matter.

So imagine the infinite universe. That means infinite energy.

Me: I’m wondering if we can ever tap into that and harness it and use it. If we could use it, then we wouldn’t need gasoline cars and all that stuff. Will we ever be able to tap into that pure consciousness, which I guess is pure energy, so I guess we’re talking about the same thing, but will we every be able to tap into that? And maybe you can enlighten me about what the difference is, if there even is one, between pure consciousness and that space between all particles that is not empty, that is just full of pure energy.

Kim: He’s being silly.

Erik: That’s where I exist!

Kim: He just threw up his hand and went, “That’s where I exist!”

Me: You’re in the mug, in between the atoms of my mug!

Erik: Yeah, and when you look at solid objects—

Kim: Like my computer, which is sitting on a singing bowl.

Erik: When you look at that, it is mostly empty space.

Kim: He said empty space at the same time that you did.

Erik: And that pure energy in that “empty” space is immortal. People are already tapping into it. That’s where the essence of life force comes from. He waves his hands above his head and says,) and then we fuck it up with our negative connotations. We get all mixed up in our own minds, in our own thoughts so that we’re not at a place where we can absorb that pure energy. We either become our thoughts or we become consumed by them. That’s a place of nonconsciousness, of being asleep, not awake.

Kim: I’m seeing a theme now.

Erik: When you understand sacred geometry, how everything is connected and you take responsibility and can quiet the mind, connect to even a rock—I don’t give a shit. Go ick up a rock! It has matter. It exists and there’s energy there, too. When you connect to that pure energy [between the particles of that rock,] it’s everything. It’s IN everything.

Kim: He’s kind of laughing because we think we’re at the top level as far as hierarchy like animals are below us, then plants and stuff.

Erik: But it’s quite the opposite as far as consciousness goes. Plants, for example, have much more of a capability to exist in that free energy space, that pure consciousness.

Note to self: Maybe I shouldn’t use terms like, “He’s dumber than a sack of hammers.”

Erik: And again, because of sacred geometry, that’s why we see our environment affected. It’s because it’s connected to us and our vibration, our energy.

Kim: He kind of wants to give some tips on how to connect to that energy.

Me: Okay!

Erik: First of all, when you do this, I don’t want you to give away your personal power by thinking that some other object has something that you don’t because when you can really neutralize from everything, from fears, worries, hopes, aspirations and dreams, when you can really neutralize and quiet the mind completely, you already exist there. Take some energy workers. They think they have to draw on or pull energy from somewhere else to help someone. Instead, they should see themselves as a conduit where they open up, connect and the energy is naturally there. It naturally flows and happens. But Mom, a lot of people also give away their energy. They think they’re supposed to so they feel drained or like shit when they’re done or whatever. Even if it’s a regular person who’s not doing energy healing, don’t look at it as if you’re taking something from something else like from your environment. Don’t think, “I’m going to tap into the free energy of this tree or this plant or whatever.” It’s EVERYWHERE, so you basically allow yourself to exist in it. You don’t pull from something else. You just allow yourself to exist—

Me: Within it. You sort of tap into it without sucking it.

Erik: Yeah.

Kim: He’s showing an image of the top of the head coming off like that’s where the mind really opens up. That’s where consciousness really is.

In that “empty” space.

Erik: You could—

Kim: I don’t know if we can even get into that!

Me: We might need another session about free energy!

Kim: Yeah, he knelt down and—I can even feel it like it’s so vivid!

Erik: Well, if you were really good, you could smell it, too!

Kim laughs.

Kim: Basically, we’re on a beach, and he’s kneeling down, and he has one little granule of sand in his hand.

Erik: You can become this grain of sand if you would allow yourself to. Pure consciousness understands that when you go into that neutral point, that Zero Point, you can shift your consciousness into a grain of sand. You can become it. You can become a mountain, whatever it might be. It’s about allowing yourself. But Mom, that’s the hard part. People go, “Well, but what about this?” or “How do I do this?” When you can stop asking the questions and just BE, that’s pure consciousness. That’s where all of this started. That’s what all of this is.

Me: All right. Well, the last question because we’re out of time, and you can just say yes or no, I guess. Will mankind eventually be able to tap into this infinite abundance of energy and harness it for our energy needs?


Me: They might be already working on it. I don’t know.

Erik: Yes, and science and efforts are already working along those lines. They know that everything is energy, so now they’re figuring out how to cultivate or harness it to be productive with it. It’s going to be some time yet.

Me: And you can also use this infinite supply of free energy to, with your thoughts, to mold that energy into reality. I bet you anything that people who manifest easily probably can tap into that Point Zero energy field and manipulate that energy to create their reality. Is that true?

Erik: Yeah, that’s how people manifest whatever they want with intentions. You know, a lot of people manifest things that they didn’t realize they manifested.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But with intentions, they allow themselves to go there mentally and emotionally and exist there. They allow their consciousness to exist there. They accept it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, it’s kind of like taking the veils off of yourself and think, “Why not? Why not be there?”

Me: Okay. You just have to allow it to happen. That’s awesome. Thank you. We’re a little bit over time. Bye Benny!

Kim: I’ll see you soon!

Me: See you soon!

We close in our usual way.

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