Smoke and Mirrors

Today is it! The first of Erik’s national radio show’s that accepts live callers! I can’t wait.

When: Today at 3 PM PST/4 PM MST/5 PM CST/6 PM EST

Who: Jamie channels Erik on the Sean and Jen Show


How: Click on the “Listen Now” button on the righthand side of the homepage. Call 1-800-930-2819 to be one of the live callers.


Me: Okay, let’s talk about—you know that guy, David Blaine, Jamie?

Jamie: The magician?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: Okay, yeah.

Me: Now that’s another cutie, you gotta admit!

Jamie: Yes, totally!

Me: So, what is he? I mean, is that for real what he does? There are just things that he does that I cannot explain! Have you seen any of his stuff on the streets?

Jamie: Is he the one who goes through glass?

Me: I don’t know. He can move objects through glass. He does so many things, like he—not on stage type stuff so there’s no smoke and mirrors. He’ll just do things that you can’t explain! He took this one lady’s teeth—he grabbed a hold of this young woman’s eyeteeth, ya know and just yanked them out. There was even blood coming out of her mouth. She looked like she didn’t feel pain, but she looked horrified of course. And then he went (blowing sound) and blew into her mouth and the teeth came back. You should watch some of his stuff. It’s amazing. And he’ll levitate right on the sidewalk where there are no strings, and then he’ll feel a little sick and throw up. Is he real or is he just—I feel like he’s some sort of alien or something. Some of his magic, at least, is real. You should watch his stuff, and you’ll know there’s no way all his stuff could be fake.

(Okay. A couple of things here. If I use the word “stuff” one more time I’m going to kick my own ass. Another thing. I need to shut the hell up and let Erik talk. Sigh.)

Erik: He’s definitely of alien descent—

Oh god, here I go again…

Me: Can’t you see by his large, almond-shaped eyes that he’s alien?

Erik—he’s not human. He knows energy. He can understand the space between it. You know how millions of people can bend spoons and do little things like that?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Well, he can just manipulate the empty space within matter—to move it aside. Once you got it, you got it, but his is based on magic. It is based on trickery of the eye or the fault of how the brain perceives what it sees.

Me: But some of it’s not trickery like tricking people, right? It’s not like smoke and mirror illusion, is it? Some of it’s real?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Okay, got it. But it seems like he’s psychic too, because he’ll ask people to think of a, you know, a number between blah, blah, blah, then he’ll look into their eyes, and he’ll guess the number 100% of the time. And he’ll ask someone to pick a card, any card, and the person will think of it, then all of a sudden that person’s cell phone will go off and there’s a text message with that card on it! Freaky stuff like that.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Now, how do you do that? So, he’s from another dimension or… Wait, so is he from another dimension of or does he just have alien DNA?

Erik: He has alien DNA, but he can alter dimensions.

Me: Hmm.

Erik: Just see it—


Jamie (to Erik): How?

Erik: Jamie’s talent is to hear really well whereas David Blaine’s psychic ability is more physical—his interaction physically with other dimensions.

Me: Oh. And with energy.

Erik: Yeah. And it’s very easy for him just like it is for Jamie to listen.

Jamie giggles.

Me: And when he was in this park, he was showing these kids, um, he took this worm from this wrought iron gate, and he stuck it in his mouth and started mouthing it or chewing it or whatever. Then he opens his mouth and a butterfly comes out and flies away!

Jamie: What?

Me: I know! You need to watch some of his stuff! (There I go again.) It’s just amazing. It really is.

Here’s just a taste of his gift: Parts one, two and three of an eleven part series. Wanna be amazed? Watch all eleven parts!

This is the part where he performs several levitations:


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