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I’ve got a bit of a dilemma here. Many of you want the kind of variety in posts that I outlined and polled about a couple of days ago, but that means having more frequent sessions (two hours a week with Emma, one hour every other week with Kim and an hour a week with other mediums I adore) so that means a lot more transcriptions. Each hour takes me around 4 hours, so I just don’t have the time to do it. However, hiring a transcriptionist will cost me at least $720 a month, probably more, and I already spend so much on the blog. But I’ve had so many people tell me they would rather read a transcript than watch a video (and some prefer the latter.) Many sweet people have volunteered to help, but it makes me feel guilty to impose. I know that’s my problem, but I can’t seem to get over it.  I’m not sure what to do! I want to accommodate everyone possible. Any suggestions?


Story #1

Hi Elisa!

I remember stumbling upon the Channeling Erik youtube channel years ago but I never really dwelved deeper into the blog and actual story behind this all. However, I got reintroduced to the youtube channel a few weeks ago from where I found my way to the blog, and used quite a few days intensively reading through the archives and watching your Youtube videos. Then one morning I woke up to weirdly loud noise and saw that the door (which I remember having locked) of my little room where I was living at the time was open and so people in the corridor could see into my room. I have no idea how the door opened by itself like that, and came to the conclusion it must’ve been Erik. I have since been trying to talk to him sometimes, but I don’t know if all of my communications are just the product of my imagination. Could you please check with him if I am actually right in assuming that it was him who opened the door and if he has in fact been communicating with me? Thank you so much, I am so happy I found this blog and it has helped me heal from a very hard period of what I would call depression. You are doing an amazing work and I hope even more people will get to hear about this amazing Channeling Erik family.

Story #2

Hello Elisa and Erik family ~ I wanted to share my favorite story from my weekend at the CE tour in Chicago. I asked Kim a question and the first thing she described to me was Erik holding my hands saying “kumbaya.” She proceeded to answer my question (much to my delight, Erik and I had a brief but powerful friendship in a past life) and after the weekend was over I thought how cool it would be to hear or see the word kumbaya sometime in the next few days. Kind of like a confirmation of what Kim was telling me – it’s not like you hear that word too often! Well wouldn’t you know it, a few days later, about 5 seconds after I tuned into a radio show (the ERIK and Cathy show of all things) one of the hosts said the word kumbaya. So cool. Love ya buddy. Thanks for that. xxoo

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