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Kent Lehman is a Spirit Communicator who works with his wife Cindy Musil to facilitate his communication with Spirit. Learn more about the couple and sign up for their monthly e-newsletter on their website.

Cindy: Erik can you explain how people who have passed can be in multiple locations simultaneously? For example, if everyone in the Channeling Erik family wanted to talk with you at exactly the same time, could you interact with all of them or would you have to pick and choose who you could communicate with at that moment in time?

Kent (laughing): Erik is showing me a picture of Sheldon from the “Big Bang Theory” splitting into multiple versions of himself…

Erik: It’s kind of hard to explain in your terms. Consciousness is all interconnected like a big internet. Spirits are able to split their energy.

Cindy: Does it dilute their energy? If you’re talking with one person vs. 100 people do you have more energy for the one person than you do when you’re splitting your energy among 100 people?

Erik: It doesn’t dilute it. It’s all the same source. It just makes multiple parts of the same energy. If you have a glass of water and you dump it out and the water flowed in all directions, that’s kinda how it is. Since our consciousness doesn’t just occur in one moment of time. The actual essence of the water is the same and is connected. It’s not like the glass was the entity. The energy is the water. So it’s the same—whether it’s in the glass or on the table or on the floor. We’re able to spread out our energy and have a conversation with multiple people. It does take energy to do it, because of the timeframe and it not being linear, but we’re able to take it all in. Like multi-tasking.

Kent: To us, it seems like the same time, but to him, he’s having several individual conversations. It’s simultaneous—multiple conversations at the same time but individual.

Erik: This is what they’re starting to understand with metaphysics and what Einstein was saying with the Theory of Relativity.

Kent: It’s hard for us to get around the “black and white” of energy and molecular structure.

Erik: Here’s an easy example: Light—When people talk about the particle theory and the wave theory of light and they ask, “Which theory is right?” Actually, the more they study it, and the more they get into it, they discover it’s both. And that doesn’t make logical sense, but it does when you start getting into the universe and the energy and that type of thing. How can it be both? It should only be one or the other, but it’s both. In certain situations it acts like a particle and in certain situations it acts like a wave. So it’s just relative.

Kent: He’s saying it’s hard to understand because we do things in linear terms. And so on the physical plane, you can only reside in one spot at a time. So for us to have a conversation with one person here and another over there, we would have to move and wouldn’t be able to continue the conversation with the first person if we move to have a conversation with the second person.

Erik: But in the Spirit plane, since there isn’t time as you know it, we’re just able to divide our energy.

Kent: He could be talking to a hundred people, who to us might seem simultaneous, but to him he’s having individual conversations, because there’s no relevance to time. So the conversations are going on individually and simultaneously all at the same time. He said kind of like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It’s both. Time is relative.

Erik: 5 or 10 minutes in a Dentist’s chair can seem like a whole day but 5 or 10 minutes with a beautiful woman is like a flash. So which one’s right? They’re both right. It’s relative to your perception and what you’re paying attention to. It’s both. It’s simultaneous and it’s separate.

Kent: He’s having a conversation with us right now, but he’s also having conversations with others right now. It’s not like he’s talking with us, then jumping over to talk with the next person, then the next person, then jumping back to talk with us. It can all happen at the same time. But he’s having individual conversations.

Cindy: Are you open to communicating with anyone who contacts you?

Erik: Yeah.

Cindy: Are there any limitations?

Erik: No.

Kent: He makes an effort to remind people by doing pranks.

Cindy: Do you like helping people?

Erik: Shit Yeah! It really juices me to see people have a breakthrough. That’s the great thing about the Channeling Erik blog, because it’s a huge reference. People can go back through and read it.

Kent: And just by reading about him it makes it easier to connect with him. He likes helping people to connect with their spirit guides and the spirit realm, but most importantly to learn about themselves. And discover who they are. What their lessons are and to be more aware of their life.

Erik: One thing that needs to change as we shift in this consciousness is that so many people are on auto-pilot. They’re not paying attention to things that are going on. Simple things. And they are missing so much because they’re distracting themselves instead of taking the time to go within. People distract themselves either by using drugs, or by TV, or whatever, just escaping all the time instead of asking, “What are these emotions telling me.” And taking charge of that.

Kent: He’s excited because the people who are involved with the (CE) blog are breaking out of that. They’re searching. They’re either willing to do the work or at least open-minded enough to look at it.

Cindy: So if they’re willing to do the work, how can you help them?

Erik: I help them by giving them validation through the pranks. Of course the pranks are a lot of fun, but they also have a reason. It helps demonstrate everything that we’re saying on the blog. Life continues on and your loved ones are all still around you. There’s another dimension of existence right next to the physical. So that’s part of how I help. The other part is through sending messages as people slow down and listen. Either by meditating or by just paying attention. It’s a way for me to get my messages through. Whether it’s encouragement or something silly that they read on the blog.

Cindy: So if a member of the CE family did want to communicate with you, what’s the best way to solicit your help or advice?

Erik: The best way is to talk to me like I’m there. And to be open…Open your awareness and pay attention because it may, depending on where you’re at, be the easiest way to get the message to you.

Kent: He was reminding us that spiritual energy is subtle a lot of times.

Erik: Chances are you’re not going to hear a booming voice in your head. That’s harder to do. Pay attention to what’s around you. It could be a dragon fly. It could be a penny sitting somewhere. Or it could be somebody calls and you get the answer from that person. Be open to various ways that the answer could come to you. Try to push the logical part of your mind to the side and just see what impressions you get in your mind. It may not be a whole paragraph or a lot of information. It may just be a phrase or a song or something that pops into your mind. Don’t discount that. Pay attention. Ask what that means to you.

Kent: He said that’s how spirits and your higher self communicate with you all the time. It’s just that we’re so busy with all of our distractions—cell phones, computers, TVs, everythingthat we miss a lot.

Erik: It doesn’t have to be sitting down and doing a meditation and trying to connect. I mean, that’s a great habit to get into also but we’re communicating with you all the time.

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