Spiritual DNA and How to Change It

Jesus H. Christ I am SO sick of traveling. It was an unusual few months because we don’t often travel this much. First, we had our usual Norway trip, but we had to go in June to accommodate the schedules of Kristina and her hubby. Then, we went on our every other year camping trip, this time to Breckenridge, CO, with our eldest grand daughter, basically the only one old enough to take. Next, Rune had to go to his 40th year school reunion so it’s back to Norway for that. And then, after only staying home a day, we flew to Colorado Springs for his annual company trip, all expenses paid. What a lovely place Colorado Springs is! It was frankly hard to come back to Houston heat and humidity, but I sure am glad to get back into my simple but busy routine!

That means, we’re back to those weekly radio shows, Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment. The first is tomorrow at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. Click on the “LISTEN” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link through http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hour-of-enlightenment.

On this show, he will discuss the Mandela Effect! Are there alternate realities where there are Berenstein Bears books and another where there are Berenstain books? Is there are reality that has Jif peanut butter and another where it’s called Jiffy? Does the evil queen say “Mirror, mirror on the wall” or “Magic mirror on the wall?” Different people swear to one reality and others swear to the other reality in these cases and more. Even different geographies are sworn to. These questions and more will be answered by Erik through medium, Michelle Gray. You can connect with her at thehealingh-art.com.com.

If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735. You can also access the show through http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hour-of-enlightenment.

Oh and I plan to channel Jeffery Epstein soon. Should be interesting.

And now for the main event, Spiritual DNA. Jennifer Doran channeled Erik wonderfully in her sweet and unassuming way. You can find out more about her at psychicmediumjenniferdoran.com.  The transcript follows but let the video run so I can get some of the ad revenue, however paltry. It does help with some of my overhead.

By the way, it’s not too late to reserve your spot for Jennifer and Jamn’s event at my house, either for an in-person or a remote attendance. At the event, Paola Marino, famed documentary filmmaker, will be filming for our upcoming Channeling Erik documentary! HOW EXCITING! (You can request to be cut out of the documentary or have your face blurred out.)

NOTE: I don’t receive money for these events. I host them at my home for free so ticket prices can be as low as possible. Plus Erik wants you to chill with him in his room! Bring your swimsuit if you want to hang in the hot tub or pool!

Here are the details:

Channeling Erik – October 2019 Event Info

October 4th-6th, 2019

Featuring Jamin Olivencia & Jennifer Doran




Program Description

Come to terms with your anxiety. Learn ways to cope with depression and negative thoughts.

Together, we will look your fear and vulnerability in the eye, embrace the message they bring, and come to peace with that part within ourselves, which only wants to serve our evolution.

In this workshop you will:

Receive channeled advice from Erik to help you through your specific fear/ challenge.

Learn ways to break negative beliefs and embrace your joy.

Discover how your anxiety is here to help you, not inhibit you.

Create a new perspective that serves the vision you have for yourself.

Learn how to use your emotions (“good” or “bad”) as a guidance system/ compass to what you really want.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

An inner toolbox you can rely on in moments of overwhelm & negativity.

The confidence to face difficult emotions & use fear productively.

Emotional relief & a sense of direction for the challenges you face.

The ability to tap into stillness, trust & clarity in moments of depression.

Be bold. Be brash. Be daring.

You are on the brink of bringing your soul’s authority to life.

Your Facilitators of Change

Jennifer Doran

Jennifer is a natural born, psychic medium who will channel Erik and teach you how to access your intuitive abilities. As a veteran psychic, she understands the most effective ways to get clear guidance and overcome blocks to your psychic development.

Jamin Olivencia

Jamin is a self-development ally with a diverse background in professional wrestling, theatre, and motivational poetry. As someone who went from shy, bullied kid with a speech impediment to motivational speaker and performer, Jamin understands what it means to walk into the arena of vulnerability and emerge with a renewed sense of self. He will guide you to integrate Erik’s advice on a practical level and facilitate ways to unravel deep-rooted patterns of fear.

Program Itinerary

*Premium Admission includes a 30 minute private reading with Jennifer*

Friday (October 4th)

Meet and Greet*

6 pm – 9 pm

*Hors d’oeuvres and snacks included

Saturday (October 5th)


10 am – 12 pm


12 pm – 1 pm

Workshops (continued)

1 pm – 4 pm

Private Sessions

4:30 pm – 6 pm

Sunday (October 6th)

Closing Circle/Meditation

10 am – 10:30 am

Private Sessions (continued)

10:30 am – 2 pm

* Admission cost includes catered meals & refreshments

Location: Medhus Resistance (address will be emailed along with your ticket)

Purchase Tickets here: http://b.link/erik19
Suggested Hotel: Crowne Plaza Galleria Area

(Click the link below)

Crowne Plaza Houston Galleria Area

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Elisa: Hello Jennifer! Hello Erik! How are you doing?

Jennifer: Doing good, doing good, how are you?

Elisa: Good, considering. I missed you, it’s been quite a while since we’ve talked.

Jennifer:  Yes, I know, I’m so happy to be here, thank you!

Elisa:  Let’s see, I’ve got to check my lipstick because you taught me this whole thing. My mother never taught me that! So, I go around with lipstick on my teeth. That’s to the side. All right guys, while you’re sitting here please click on subscribe, please because you’re going to like it, you know you are. We are going to talk today about spiritual DNA and Jennifer, and I don’t really know anything about it, but I heard somebody mention it. Hello, Erik, my love, I love you very much, and thank you for nudging me to yell out one last time for help so that I was rescued by the Red Cross.

Erik:  You’re welcome, it was not your time and so I was going to make sure that you were found, and I love you.

Elisa:  Awe. Sweetie. All right so can you tell us about spiritual DNA?

Jennifer:  I’m sorry Elisa, your audio cut all out there.

Elisa:  Oh really? I must have hit my, what am I on? Erik, can you tell us about spiritual DNA and its importance.

Erik:  I can tell you a little bit about it because there’s so much too it that it can’t be comprehended fully by humans, but spiritual DNA, it’s our soul make up, it’s like DNA for humans, it’s who we are on a soul level. It’s every experience, everything we’ve ever learned, it’s all wired into the spiritual DNA. You actually, every time you incarnate you take all of your spiritual DNA with you, you just don’t have access to all of it.

Elisa: Case of spiritual amnesia, right?

Erik:  Yes. It’s almost like, for anybody who’s familiar with the Akashic records,

Elisa:  Oh yeah!

Erik:  Spiritual DNA has a similar energy, so to speak, it’s like everything that was, will be, is, it’s kind of all in your spiritual DNA for that, for your soul, not for everything.

Elisa:  Oh, what’s the difference between the two? Are the Akashic Records for everyone, every living creature?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  And the spiritual DNA is just your book in the records? Okay.

Erik:  Yeah, exactly, it’s like a section of it, but yeah, the Akashic records are for everything. For everything that was, is and will be.

Elisa:  All right, what about Source, God, does he/she/it have a spiritual DNA?

Jennifer:  Ah, yes, I’m sorry, our audio, the audio really is bad, I got that though. I think what you’re asking, does God have the spiritual DNA?

Elisa:  Yeah. Man, you’re coming in loud and clear, so it must be me.

Jennifer:  Well it will be fine and then you’ll freeze up and it’s all choppy, the voice and stuff, and then it will be fine, it’s fine right now.

Erik:  Yes, God/Source/the Universe, whatever you want to call it, the spiritual DNA exists there.

Elisa:  All right, what’s it made from?

Erik: Nothing tangible, it’s energy. Experiences, knowledge.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Nothing actually tangible, like human DNA.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik: Because we don’t have the physical body outside of the soul. So, even though we bring it here with us, it’s like a dream. It’s real but not real, tangible but not tangible.

Elisa: Does our Higher Self have access to it?

Erik:  Yes. That’s kind of like a trick question because yes, our Higher Self does have access to it but unfortunately as humans, we do not have access to everything our Higher Self knows. So, even though you can sit and you can do a reading or you can do a meditation or you can connect to your Higher Self, you still won’t be able to access all the information that the Higher Self has.

Elisa:  Could you access it in like a Quantum Healing session, where you’re taken to the 5th or whatever dimension? Or not?

Erik: Yes, you absolutely could, and that state, and in a meditative state if you’re able to get there yourself, you could access it deeper, but never fully.

Elisa:  Ah! Well, what would be the advantage to accessing it in like a Quantum Healing state or a meditative state where you are in the 5th, I think dimension?

Erik:  It’s actually very good for healing, if you can access some of that information, especially if you’re really struggling with a certain pattern in your life.

Jennifer:  You know we all know people, or ourselves experience things over and over again, it’s like why I keep getting into these situations.

Erik:  Actually, tapping into the spiritual DNA is very good there because when we have patterns like that, most often it’s not just from this one lifetime. So, to be able to access spiritual DNA to have information from a past life in regard to that situation could help heal it, and help you learn currently.

Elisa:  Cool! Why do they call it DNA? Does it get passed down from our ancestors, those we participated with in other lives, things like that?

Erik:  Not necessarily, it’s more like, if you think of every other life that you’ve had as being an ancestor to who you are now.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.

Erik: So, not necessarily like the ancestors you had in this lifetime but every previous life that you’ve had is an ancestor to you and who you are now, that’s the line, that type of DNA, the spiritual DNA stays with that soul.

Elisa:  I’ve got you.

Erik: It’s in that soul.

Elisa: So, what if like Diabetes or mental illness runs in your family, there’s no way to alter the spiritual DNA, I mean there’s no connection, you know?

Erik:  What the connection would be is if you’ve experienced that in another life.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  So, if you have Diabetes in this lifetime you can experience it some other time, yes it would be in the spiritual DNA but if this is the first time you’ve experienced it, it would not be in the previous DNA.

Elisa:  Okay, so if your parents have high blood pressure and you get high blood pressure, that genetic DNA has absolutely no relationship to the spiritual DNA?

Erik:  For some things it has no relations THIS time.

Elisa:  Ah.

Erik:  But like when you experience it there, then it goes into your spiritual DNA.

Elisa:  Oh.

Erik:  So, not everything that happens physically is part of our spiritual DNA, yet. Some of it might be, but some of it might be a new experience that once we leave this life then it’s in our spiritual DNA.

Elisa:  So, you can’t go to the Akashic Records and look at that spiritual DNA and maybe it has ties to other people that you were in other lives or relatives and you can’t clip, clip, clip and stop the pattern?

Erik:  There’s always ways to stop patterns, but that’s through lessons and learning.

Elisa: Dang it! That’s not fair!

Jennifer:  Yes. Yes.

Erik:  That’s how you stop patterns and stuff is through lessons and learning, not going into the Akashic Records and altering things.

Elisa:  So, is there any way to alter your spiritual DNA?

Jennifer:  And this is where it gets tricky, because they don’t really have the time that we have over there.

Erik: Yes.  New experiences alters and changes the DNA, because there’s more lessons and more growth and stuff, so yes, with every experience and every lifetime we have, we change and adapt the DNA so to speak.

Elisa:  Ah.

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  So, suppose you have a pattern from one life to the next of depression and possibly suicide, so that is part of your spiritual DNA, what can be done to stop that pattern in this life, in this incarnation?

Erik:  Some stuff that happens and this goes along with the same thing, everybody has cell memory so for instance if you’re somebody that works out a lot, and then you stop working out, and then you pick it up again, your cells are like oh yeah, I remember this, I’ve done this before and they adjust quickly.

Elisa:  That’s true.

Erik:  And so there is a similar phenomenon that happens when a soul that comes back into a physical body, that their cell memories, so if you are somebody who in a previous life really struggled with drug addiction then you kind of get back into a physical body and sometimes just that soul being back in a physical body can be like, oh right when I was in the body last time this is what I did, and draw us to those same things. Yes.

Elisa:  That’s awful.

Erik:  So, in a sense it is a part of the spiritual DNA, yeah. You can’t go back and take anything out of the spiritual DNA that’s already there.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  But through your experiences and the lifetimes that your life you can alter and change it.

Elisa:  Okay. Like how would you change that one for example? How would you alter it so that the pattern doesn’t go on next of drug addiction or alcoholism doesn’t go to the next life or the rest of that particular life?

Erik: By stopping the pattern in that life.

Elisa: Oh.

Erik: By getting help for the addiction, this sort of thing basically defeating whatever the issue is. Learning what you’ve come to learn and putting it behind you.

Elisa:  Awe, that’s sad. I just want laser therapy man, just (buzz, buzz) (inaudible) get rid of it.

Jennifer:  Yes.Yeah. It would be so much easier that way! 

Erik:  But souls like over here, where I am, we don’t want to be easy, we like the challenge, as humans in the physical body, it’s so much more miserable than the idea of it seems over here, so, yeah that is part of what happens to us.

Elisa:  Do you in spirit have full access to your spiritual DNA?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa: So, if you have access there can’t you manipulate it?

Erik:  There would be no need to, because when you look at it, you look at with loving eyes, so no matter what experience you had, no matter how difficult they were in the human form, you’re grateful for over here.

Elisa: I see.

Erik: So, you would not want to change it.

Elisa:  I got you. Okay.

Jennifer:  So much more knowledge over there.

Elisa:  Just give me a memo, so what about the biology of belief? You know, your thoughts can change you and your cells physically, like you can think your way out of diabetes I guess, you can pretty much do anything, right?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa: That sounds like a very qualified yes.

Jennifer: A little bit yeah, there’s definitely more to come.

Erik:  Yes, all of those things are possible, however, not everybody, we’ll stick with diabetes since that’s what we’re talking about, not everybody with diabetes right now on Earth is capable of thinking their way out of it or healing themselves from it, and that goes for everything.

Elisa:  But it’s possible? It’s possible that they would be able to do it. They just don’t know how, or I don’t know, not strong enough.

Erik:  Right. Yes, and that’s why, in theory the possibility is there but yes. So, the human body if you say one person can cure themselves from diabetes that means that every human body has the capability of doing it.

Elisa:  Yes.

Erik: But that’s really not the reality of.

Elisa:  Easier said than done, especially if it’s a spiritual contract for you to have that then, does that make it impossible to change with your thoughts because you signed up for that?

Erik: Yes. like if you have come into a life and you said Okay, I am going to live this life with diabetes and then I am eventually going to die from diabetes.

Elisa: Woo Hoo.

Erik: Then there’s not any changing that because to change that would be to not learn the lessons that you came to learn.

Elisa: Yeah, and somebody told me, I think Erik said, a lot of people have diabetes because they can’t digest the sweetness of life, I think that’s very profound. I am sure it’s not the case with every diabetic but.

Jennifer: I like that.

Elisa: Me too. So, your beliefs can’t really change your spiritual DNA, it can only change it for in the future, I mean from that point forward, right?

Erik: Yes. Correct.

Elisa: Okay what else can you tell us about spiritual DNA, Erik?

Erik: What makes us individuals, so just like there, there isn’t anything like what you guys have for identical twins, like how on Earth identical twins have the same DNA, no souls over here have the same DNA.

Elisa: It’s just like fingerprints.

Erik: Yes

Elisa: And snowflakes. No two are alike, very unique.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: All right what is God’s spiritual DNA like is it the same as the collective’s spiritual DNA?

Erik: Yes. 

Jennifer: It would be the collective spiritual DNA of all the other souls.

Elisa:  And what creates Source’s/Collective’s DNA? The experiences of the collective? I mean.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: How’s that different?

Erik: It’s not. It’s really not, it’s the collective conscious, it’s not different.

Elisa:  Is it like, okay we went through World War II as a collective and that is collective experience, that’s in the collective spiritual DNA? Or is it like oh Joe Blow has diabetes, so and so has suicidal tendencies, blah, blah, blah all lumped together? What is it?

Jennifer: Okay, so I really tried to get all that, but you cut out and I could not piece enough together to understand what you asked.

Elisa:  I hate this, I am going to have to restart my computer after we finish, and I am almost finished. God/Source, the collective spiritual DNA, can you hear me, can you hear me now?

Jennifer: I don’t know if you can hear me, but your screen is frozen, and I can’t hear you.

Elisa:  Okay. Now, can you hear me?

Jennifer: Yes, and your still frozen and your voice is a little broken up, oh there you are!

Elisa: Oh God! All right so, the collective/Source’s spiritual DNA is it like okay we experienced World War II and that is an experience that goes in the spiritual DNA or is it Joe Blow has diabetes, Jane Doe has you know problems with depression.

Jennifer: How Erik is putting it is, it happens all on a bigger scale.

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer:  You know, and it happens effortlessly he said it all just kind of goes in there, effortlessly.

Elisa: Oh.

Jennifer: So, it’s not like a specific detail it just happens.

Elisa: Okay. Good. All right, do you have anything else to say Erik? I want Jennifer to tell us about the exciting event she and Jamie are going to have in my house, but first do you have anything else to say sweetie?

Erik: Yes. 

Jennifer: He does.

Elisa: Of course.

Erik: You are so brave.

Jennifer: Sorry, I am actually getting a little choked up. Which will happen to me from time to time.

Erik: I was with you the whole time.

Elisa: I know.

Erik: You did so well, and I love you.

Elisa: Well I gave up after 10 hours, really but you know I tried so hard to last as long as I could but.

Erik: Yeah, you did phenomenal. You back and forth.

Jennifer: I don’t know if you remember that, but you were surrounded by angles, you were encompassed.

Elisa:  Yeah, I saw angels.

Jennifer: That is how you made it as long as you did. Yeah.

Elisa: Yeah and so ya’ll I am going to volunteer with the Red Cross, my husband and I, it’s going to be so awesome and I hope you guys volunteer or give to your local Red Cross chapter. So, Jennifer, you guys can get in touch with her at psychicmediumjenniferdoran.com and I’ll put it here somewhere, and Jennifer tell us about your event.

Jennifer: Yes, so Jamie and I will be doing an event, I believe it’s October 4th, 5th and 6th.

Elisa: Yes.

Jennifer:  It might be the 3rd, 4th and 5th, I can’t think, 4th, 5th and 6th is that when it is?

Elisa: It is.

Jennifer: Okay, so it will be at your house, it’s going to be depression and anxiety, I will be channeling Erik, answering questions from Erik, I also have I think we did 10 private sessions that are available to be booked with me, I think there’s like 5 or 6 of those left as well.

Elisa: Wow.

Jennifer: So, it will be a lot of fun.

Elisa: It always is! Always life changing, everybody leaves these events completely transformed.

Jennifer: Yup, and with lifelong friends.

Elisa:  We have remote tickets on sale too. So that’s good.

Jennifer:  Oh yes.

Elisa: And I don’t profit from this, I just offer my house so the ticket prices can be lower, that’s all I do, so hope you guys can come. All right, thank you, I love you Erik, I love you Jennifer.

Jennifer: Love you.

Erik: Love you.

Elisa: Bye.

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