Veronica Drake Reaches Out!

When I found this out, I got so excited, that I just felt compelled to share it with you guys. It sounds SOOO cozy!!  Here’s what Veronica Drake plans to do on a monthly basis! Don’t miss it!
Join Psychic Medium Veronica Drake as she opens up and tells it all!
It’s time to sip, socialize and psychically open up!!
Bring your coffee ( or any other beverage), your questions and your curiosity and be prepared to have fun!
Each month Vee (as her peeps call her) will be hosting an online psychic gathering to help you find answers, learn how to work with your own psychic abilities and to share inspiration.
This is a monthly gathering on the third Thursday of each month at 7PM ET.  The cost is $45.  This is an ongoing subscription BUT you can cancel at ANY TIME!  Come to one or stay around for each and every month.
Use this link to register
By the way, Veronica Drake has openings in the month of October for Psychic/Mediumship readings.  
When you purchase a reading with her you get free access to her LIVE class:  Scrying.. The Ancient Art of Seeing.
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