Sublime Illusion

I recently discovered that Robert is also an amazing poet and has been writing since he was a small child. Here’s a poem he wanted me to share with the rest of the family.

The Sublime Illusion

You, I, We
Exist in this temporary space,
Encased in fragile forms
To play a part
In the Illusion of Mortality.

This physical realm
Is the Sublime Illusion.
It is a game of choice.
You decide whether it plays well
Or slogs on in the mire of despair.

The choice was, is, and always will be

This Mortal Coil is Grand.
It is a Magnificent sandbox
Where there are no wrong choices,
Only opportunities for Evolution.

You, I, We
Create this Superb place
Then entomb our True Self,
To Experience, to Grow,
To Remember Love
Is All We Are.

Mortality is
The Sublime Illusion.

Robert F. Burke
December 26, 2010

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