Tammy DeMirza’s Healing Event

I would like you to read a few important announcements before watching these YouTubes (or actually listening to one, watching the other!)

First, I’m returning to Norway Thursday for Rune’s 40th school reunion, and, given the poor Internet above the tree line in the mountains, I can’t upload new videos to YouTube so I’ll pretty much be in vacay mode as I was in June. Also, there will be NO RADIO SHOW for the next 2 Tuesdays because I can’t run the studio board from there. PLEASE refrain from sending me any emails, private messages and comments directed specifically to me. One blog member told me I looked pretty haggard on the last video (even more than my baseline! LOL) and that’s because all of these communications meant for me have reached a tipping point. I’m running out of hours in the day (and night) to address them all, but I am not the type of person to ignore them. I hope you all can respect my time, health and sanity by reducing the numbers of messages you send me. I know some of you will recommend I hire an assistant but I can’t afford that. Some of you have volunteered to help out, but that wouldn’t be ME answering. 

One problem is the sheer number of requests for specific topics, missing persons and afterlife interviews. I have a huge list already and have said before that when I need suggestions, I’ll call out for them. I promise! Recently, one blog member had a suggestion for me to interview someone, and I replied that I already had almost 400 on the list and suggested she interview that spirit through one of the mediums. I volunteered to help her with questions and perhaps turn it into a YouTube for her. She replied very hurt. She misinterpreted it as me brushing her off. I told her that it’s very difficult to express intent and emotion in an email, but I meant her no harm. I think part of it is because I keep my replies very short. I have to considering I spend 4 hours a day answering them all. So that could make my response appear curt. Please know that I love you all, but I just can’t please everyone. I can’t do anything more than I’m already doing and I would never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. I might set boundaries, but I do so with respect. Always. I’m only one woman, and an exhausted one at that! 

Last, many of you have sent emails and comments about my Haters YouTube. Let me clarify some things: 

The real reason I posted this was so that the true haters could have ALL the information they need before making hateful comments or videos. Otherwise, they only rely on their own fantasy and moral and outrage. Actually, I’m over the whole thing. These comments now barely ruffle a feather, and I respond by sending them love and light, although I do so silently. 

Some of you say it’s hateful to call haters haters, but frankly, they are! Don’t confuse my calling them haters an attack. It’s not. It’s me calling a spade a spade. They, after all, earned that eponym and many might actually be proud of that. What else am I to call them? Snow bunnies? If you don’t want to be called a hater, don’t be hateful. Period. If you do, then go on with your bad self and more power to ya. Also, I don’t include skeptics in that group. They are not hateful just because they disagree or don’t believe. By haters, I mean those like the guy who made that “The Most Evil Woman on the Internet” YouTube accusing me of making money off the back of my dead son. Again, that’s why I created this recent video. If he had had that information and my perspective, he might not have published that video. So this YouTube was meant as a service  and not an attack. 

Noe enjoy last night’s show and don’t forget to listen to the next one two weeks from now!

Here, Tammy describes what you can expect if you attend any of her healing events, either in person or remotely. She also discusses her mentoring services. Very powerful!

Coming up in October at my house: Another wonderful Tammy De Mirza Event. Bring your swimsuit and prepare to have fun after the life-changing, powerful experiences of each day! Click on the event button on the righthand sidebar of the blog’s homepage to reserve your spot before they’re sold out! https://medhusenterprises.com/store/events/tammy-demirza-learn-to-read-with-your-heart-energy-october-2019/

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