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Wow, I worked my butt off this weekend, cleaning all my tile floors, weeding all of the floor beds, spraying all the shrubs with organic fungicide/insecticide, doing laundry, studying for my Spex test, and a lot more. Since I’m going back to Norway Thursday, It’s like I’m in a Venturi tube where the days get stuffed with pre-trip things.

Still, we plan to have the radio show tomorrow, so don’t miss it! It’s  at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. Click on the “LISTEN” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link through

During the show, we will discuss the subject of aging. Why do some living creatures live so much longer and don’t really seem to age like others, including humans, do? Why do some people age more quickly than others? Why do certain races of people seem to age more slowly than others? What can we do to slow the aging process, and can it ever be stopped? These questions and more will be answered by Erik through medium, Jennifer Doran. You can connect with her at

If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735. You can also access the show through

This is a SUPER short video I made so that trolls on YouTube could have access to MY side of the story. It’s not meant for you who live in love and who I adore!

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