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Dear Elisa,

A year ago May, my sister died by suicide. She and I were incredibly close and I was devastated by her death. At the same time, I instinctively knew that she hadn’t done anything wrong and that her soul was happy and free and not at peril in any way. In fact, and I have never said this to anyone because it seems so hard to explain but, I had a clear sense that she and I had known each other before this life and that we had fulfilled our karma or destiny for this lifetime. (She and I were so close in a very tough environment so we acted like mothers to each other, very dedicated.)

The morning after she passed, my sister began to “talk” to me, or more accurately I was receiving information with a clear sense of who it was from and who I needed to share it with. I did as I was “told” repeating the messages for family members and friends. Over the course of the last year, this has continued in dramatic ways with dream visits, bird and animal and insect visitations, prophetic intuition and so many, many, many “coincidences” they can’t be considered coincidences anymore. I have always been considered intuitive, but this was much more powerful. Still, I worried that my grief was making me delusional. Every time there was a “quiet” period I worried she was gone forever. Then on one particularly difficult recent night during the one year anniversary of her death, I was guided to your website.

I can’t thank you and Erik enough for the courage, time, and energy you have poured into this life-changing work! It has helped me so much!! It has validated and clarified these experiences for me. It has given me comfort that my sister is safe and hope that we will continue to communicate and that maybe we can get stronger in our communication. I felt so broken after my sister passed. Even though, I have two young kids, I didn’t know if I would be able to keep moving forward without her. But you have validated for me what I knew on some level: she is here in spirit form and I am still here in body form because I have a purpose to yet fulfill. So instead of remaining in a puddle on the floor, I am moving forward with a sense of support, committed to learning everything I can from Erik, from my own guides, and from my departed sister so that I can fulfill that purpose.

One of the things I have felt nudges to do is to start a blog talking about my spiritual experiences, and you are helping me to follow through on that. I feel like my guides have been jumping and down trying to get me to do this and I am just scared, but witnessing how you have channeled your grief energy into something so helpful and not let the fear of what others believe or think hold you back – it is incredibly strengthening. Oh, and I sleep better! After years of insomnia, I have had the best nights of sleep since I found your blog a few weeks ago. Don’t know what to say about that. Maybe I am spending more of my asleep time in some other realm! Wouldn’t surprise me since I feel like my mind and my whole perspective on the world has been blown wide open since the two experiences of my sister passing and finding your blog.

I am sending copies of your books to my parents and friends and will spread the word about the site! I have already felt called to tell others about it. When I mentioned it the other day to my living sister, she got quiet. Someone else had just told her about it the day before!

Thank you so much. I hope I get the chance to meet you one day.

With love and gratitude,

Love and gratitude back, Rosamond!

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