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I’m not the type to write/submit anything but I feel obligated to share my story out of gratefulness. So, Elisa, here it is. It might be too long for the blog but I wanted you to know this.

I lost my sister in the spring of 2015 very unexpectedly from a viral cold. It was devastating and shocking to my family as she was a perfectly healthy 46 year old woman. After her death I always felt that she was with me and I wanted so desperately to know more. My aunt is a strong believer in the afterlife and found Erik’s book in the library. She emailed me the title and insisted that I read it. I immediately bought it and gobbled it up in a week. I then read your book, started to read the blog and listened to YouTube videos. I’ll admit sometimes I felt like I was reading a sci-fi book… It was a lot to take in but I was fascinated at the same time and desperate to connect with my sister. I decided to see if I could schedule a session with Jamie Butler. I emailed her assistant. Jamie had an opening in the next next week but it was very expensive. I was feeling defeated and decided that it was just too much money to spend. I asked if she had half an hour appointments. Sure enough, she did and she had an opening the next month for 30 minutes. The price was more reasonable but I was still questioning it. I emailed her assistant asking if there was a guarantee that Jamie would be able to channel loved ones. I no sooner hit the send button and our entire office building powered down for about 7-10 seconds and then came back on. (My husband and his secretary both said, “What the heck was that??”). I sat still – frozen – it was freaky!! (Especially after reading about Erik’s pranks). I didn’t know if it was a sign that I should book the appointment or I shouldn’t. I decided I would take my chances and book the appointment.

Three weeks later I was making a long car trip to my parents’ house and decided to get Erik’s book on audio. There were definitely parts of the book that I wanted to hear again. At the end of my trip I finished the book and asked Erik (in my head) to please help my sister try to communicate with me during the upcoming session with Jamie.

Fast forward a few days to my reading. Jamie answered and I felt like I knew her because of the book and I was very familiar with her voice due to watching the videos. She was very kind and calm. The first thing she said was that Erik was there. I couldn’t believe it! My sister came through and it was very emotional and personal. One part I will share is this:

I told Jamie about the spiritual chills that had been waking me up in the middle of the night from my chest to my legs. The first one was right after I read Erik’s book. I dreamed that I saw an orb of light and that it was my sister. I immediately woke up with these freezing cold chills. I can’t describe the sensation but it happened at least two nights (3-4 each night). When I finished telling Jamie that, she said that my sister and Erik just high-fived each other. Jamie said that the white orb was Erik and the chills were my sister and over time the orb would change colors and would be my sister and the chills would go away.

Since then I have only experienced the chills one more time and that was when I heard a Christmas song that my sister and I both loved. I still have not seen and orb but I keep looking and hoping to see one.

A few months later I decided to have a reading with Raylene. The only people to come through were Erik, my sister and my guardian angel. The reading was also emotional and personal.

I don’t share this with many people because unless you read the books, the blog and listen to the shows it seems a bit “out there”. I mean who is going to believe me?? That two dead people who never knew each other seem to be best buddies in the after life – high fiving and joking around with each other. However, I feel that Erik is there to help my sister communicate with me. I am extremely thankful for this. Thank you, Elisa for your hard work and thank you to Erik. ?

One more thing before I sign off. Six months after my sister died I saw a medium in her home state – long before I even heard of you or Erik. The medium said towards the end of my reading that there was a spirit – a young male who died (not by accident) and that I was going to have to tell his parents. I’m wondering if the medium saw Erik’s spirit coming to me.

Thanks again for helping me to believe! I believe!!!

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