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Dr. Medhus,
I want to profoundly thank you for creating Channeling Erik. I have become a huge fan and have watched many of your YouTube videos along with reading a ton of information on your website. Being a parent myself, I cannot even imagine the grief you initially went through after Erik’s death. I also lost my cousin Ricky to suicide about 20 years ago and observed my aunt go through soul shattering grief. I am so appreciative of Erik’s thoughts and experiences with this subject; so often we as humans are taught those who commit suicide are not welcomed into the arms of God.
I do believe Erik has pranked me a couple of times. A couple of weeks ago, I was in my office and home alone. My landline phone rang and I let it go to the answering machine. When the phone started ringing, I heard a male voice say “Hello”. I smiled at that.
The next day, I went on to my lanai to let my dogs out. Inside the screened enclosure and by the door, I saw the biggest frog! I have never had a frog inside the lanai and I immediately thought Erik did that. You see, the evening before, I let Erik know it was okay to prank me, just don’t scare me. When I saw the frog, I said to Erik “You got me, thanks”. In my heart, I knew it was him.
Thanks again for all of your work. You are touching so many people and helping to open up our minds. I appreciate you and your family so much. Much love!!!
Gretchen Stewart

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