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Raylene is on her way over to stay at our house. Unfortunately, her flight Friday was delayed so she rescheduled it and can only stay until Monday afternoon, but we’ll make the most of it!

Enjoy these heartwarming stories:

Story #1

My name is Danielle and I am a skin care specialist and massage therapist in Charleston SC. My mom passed away last year after her 50th birthday and my 30th birthday. She was my best friend and my everything. I started doing research on psychics on YouTube and ran across the Channeling Erik videos. I’m so thankful that I did because I don’t think anything else could’ve possibly helped my grief. This blog, YouTube, etc is exactly what this world needs and I’m willing to help in anyway I can to support your movement because if the stigma of human and spirit communication was erased I can only imagine how many people would heal and be able to carry on in their life purpose. Thanks to Elisa, Erik, and all the various mediums that have been a part of this. I hope I spelled your name right Elisa. I have a reading set for a couple months from now with Raylene and I’m really excited. If it wasn’t for me binge watching your videos I would be too afraid of communicating with psychics and mediums but I feel that it’s exactly what I need to heal and hopefully contact my mother. Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart,
Danielle <3

Story #2

I lost my son to suicide on December 23, 2015. Since that date, I have read many books and listened to many youtube videos about the afterlife. I have had several readings from fantastic mediums and understand that we do not die, we transition or go home, if you will. I happened upon Channeling Erik videos throughout my research and truly enjoy listening to each new video. I thank all of you, Elisa, Kim, and all of the others for sharing your gifts with the world. You are helping a mother move from grieving to living and realizing the potential to connect with her son while still on this plane.
I have one wish (which we all do) is to have Erik help my son, Dylan learn to let me know he is here. I would love to see a book fall to the floor or even see an image. I know it is possible and I know my son can do this. I will continue to work on raising my vibration level so that Dylan can come through but always wish to hear from Dylan and even Erik as I feel he is part of my new understandings of life.

Thanks for all you do,

Michele Hansen
Wichita, Kansas

Elisa here. Consider it done, sweetie. 

Story #3

It has been almost two years since I had my Road to Damascus moment. I recall it clearly as I was in a San Francisco hotel preparing to take part in a NASA exobiology grant awarding panel (I’m a British scientist, based in the U.K. with no religious or faith background). Since 2004, I’ve been working in the field of abiogenesis, origins of life and had pondered some of the “big” questions off and on, but there in that hotel room I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of universal connectedness. A recognition that every single entity in the universe is connected, and that was such a powerful and humbling experience. I felt absolutely open, as though all my preconception, conceptions even, fell away. It was a beautiful feeling. I still have it today! At that moment in the hotel, I felt compelled to try to validate what I was feeling by seeing if I could find similar experiences on-line. Channeling Erik was the first page that I cam across. As part of what I was feeling, I felt deeply that there are no coincidences in life. What Channeling Erik has given me is, a now recognise, a door-way, a light, a path. It has led me to all sorts of works, spiritual, philosophical and practical. But ultimately, it was brought me to an awakening. I have so many questions…..but so much joy going forward. God bless you all and Erik in particular.

Here’s the last of a great series!

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