The Afterlife Interview with Christopher Columbus

I found the history of Christopher Columbus shocking and really sad. After this channeled interview, I will post Sri Swami’s video where he delves into the history of Columbus and that time period. 

Raylene hosted an event at my house and we had such a blast. She endowed us with so many practical tools and gave us some very pretty crystals that we now know how to use! Wish you were there! Maybe next time.

One more thing: I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback from those of you who have had sessions with Tammy De Mirza who we had on the radio show several weeks ago. One woman said that an hour with Tammy did more to help her than decades of therapy. Here’s an email I received yesterday from a gentleman (initials D.H.):

Dearest Elisa,

Elisa Thank you for everything you do. If it wasn’t for you & Erik I would be dead from my own hands. Last year because of you I found many mediums from your website, “Erik’s Spiritual Team” and used three of them many times and several others a couple of times.. But when I saw your You Tube interview with Tammy Demirza last year, I was guided to have a 1 hour session with Tammy on December 4th the day before my birth day December 5. I love all the mediums you have interviewed but there is something special about Tammy. Tammy did more for me in just one, 1 hour session than all the sessions I had last year with all the many mediums I used. You see I had bone cancer in my left leg that was causing horrific pain. During the 1 hour session, with Tammy after 30 minutes with my permission, she changed the last 30 minutes to an energy session. Elisa, the pain went away and has not come back. I wanted more so I hired Tammy to come to California and work with me for three full days. I have learned from her how to release a crap load of deep emotions that had started the cancer. She has changed my life and set me free to now completely heal myself. I feel so good about my life now. I bow down to you and thank you and God for interviewing Tammy Demirza, Love and light, D.H.

So I’m thinking it’d be awesome to have an event at my house with her as the host so that she can extend her healing gifts to others. I plan on having a YouTube session with her soon and will post that, along with a poll, to estimate attendance. Here’s a bit more about her:

Tammy De Mirza is an internationally known and sought after Author, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Medium and Innovator in the field of empowering others by disclosing the fragmentation of how one is living and giving them the understanding and courage to choose with awareness. She guides people home to themselves by revealing reciprocal patterns/predicaments along with the tools they came into this lifetime to use to overcome. She has written the book entitled The Inmate and the Medium where she chronicles a large portion of a six year spiritual journey with an inmate who she taught the spirituals laws and principles to, who was released years before he was supposed to be. Tammy not only teaches these principles, but has lived and proven them time and again and knows how to assist anyone in not only knowing the laws and principles, but also teaching individually, how to integrate them in their personal lives. She is loving, kind, but also authentic in how she delivers messages to her clients.
Tammy has been an instigator of healing in others lives and started doing this work when she was only twenty years old. She has the ability to scan the body and tell the client not only what is going on in their lives, but to assist in the root cause of what occurred to clear the pathway for healing. She was raising animals from the dead in her twenties and was known for creating and manifesting miracles in people’s lives through her belief that if Elijah, Elisha and Jesus could do it, then there are others God wants to do it too.
Enjoy the video! And check out Raylene at

Sorry there isn’t a transcript. You can try the transcribe function on YouTube if you want. 

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