The Missing 411

I must lead a very sheltered life, because I had never heard of this mystery before. But I received so many requests from blog members to uncover the unanswered questions surrounding it, that I decided to devote a session for it. Denise Ramon channeled Erik beautifully. Check her out at

Here’s an important message from Tammy De Mirza about her upcoming event:

The Heart Knows!

Did you know that your body, heart and soul know what your mind doesn’t and wants to assist you to know your own answers?

Have you ever worked personally with someone to help guide you in this way? You have a golden opportunity to work with Tammy, who is internationally known as a Professional Intuitive/Medium who reads beyond your mind and thoughts and into what your heart/soul/spirit wants you to know. You really do have the answers within you and if you would like to learn techniques to help you to know your own inner guidance system, this is the greatest opportunity to do so.

You will get personal attention in the workshop she is leading on the weekend of October the 11th to the 13th and this is worth thousands of dollars, but she is doing this at a minimal fee to help as many people as she can at this juncture to know, to be and to do for themselves.

One of the biggest issues she sees in this life, is clients not wanting to make decisions because they are afraid they will make mistakes and have to pay for them dearly. This is traumatic and emotionally painful. If you want to learn how you can know that you have the answers, how to feel it in the body, heart and mind, how to know what your “yes” is and what your “no” is, this is the workshop for you.

Empowering you is what Tammy does for a living. She does not teach you to depend upon her or any other Intuitive/Medium who is assisting you, she truly is a guide to bring you home to you.

You can do this workshop remotely by computer, phone or iPad anywhere around the world for only $175. She is offering the ones who do this a Premium Ticket to get a private reading with her scheduled at another date for only $375 for 55 minutes. This is typically $500/hour.

You can also choose to come in person to my home and meet me and spend time with Tammy and myself during this workshop. Last time she came, it was life changing for everyone who attended and I’m excited to see what happens this time. The price for in person is only $250 and there are only two premium slots left at $300 each. The biggest discount is given for those who have spent the most money traveling to attend.

Tammy will also be giving away one to the remote viewers and in personal attendees, one twenty-minute private session by phone and on intuitively messaged book to the lucky winners. That is four gifts from Tammy, two to the remote viewers and two to the in person.

I am also excited to announce that Paola Marino, from Acquamarino Productions, will be filming the event for a documentary about Channeling Erik. Are you ready for your close up? (Of course you don’t have to participate in that unless you want to.)

Come and join us, this is something you won’t want to miss. If you want more information on Tammy, you can visit her website at: and she is on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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