The Afterlife Interview of Lao Tzu, Part One

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All the attendees were sharing the craziest Erik pranks, too. Which reminds me, here are two emailed to me:

Email #1:

I’m able to smell Erik, feel him, hear him, & see him either in my dreams sometimes or as orbs in my room. I have A LOT in common w/him too! We both like the same favorite foods (nachos, spaghetti, Rocky Road ice cream, & sweets) & types of MUSIC (same songs & bands) I could talk about music all day. I LOVE IT & it’s the reason I was created. We’re both ‘hippie’ types too. I wear bellbottoms, love to go barefoot, & am into peace, love, & harmony. I was diagnosed w/adhd, rapid cycling bipolar, & manic depression when I was little. Erik literally got me out of an 11 year depression just 2 days before my birthday last year in August. (I’m a virgo like him too.) I found him by watching one of your videos about depression. As I was watching it, I LITERALLY thought, “Good God, I’m SICK OF THIS. WHEN am I going to get over my depression?”. As soon as I did, within 3 seconds I literally felt someone come up to me, hug me from behind, & squeeze my heart. (I was sitting on my bed at the time & no one else was in my room.) Within just seconds of this happening, I then heard the medium in the video say that Erik & the angels were helping some of the people out by going up to them, giving them hugs, & squeezing their hearts! I’m SO THANKFUL he helped me Elisa. I’ll never forget what he did for me. I wish you peace in life.

Email #2 (I think I already posted this, but in case you missed it, I’ll repost. It’s so cute.)

One of my granddaughters was with me the other day and I told her about Erik.  She’s 7 years old.  I told her about Erik and she immediately pulled up your website on her phone. Crikey! My phone doesn’t even incapable of that function.  Then, I said his favorite prank is to farting. She laughed and then suddenly, we both smelled a fart.  I accused her of farting, but she said that she didn’t!  I didn’t believe her; however, I know, it wasn’t me, so I left the room.  I told her about all of Erik’s pranks.  I still, didn’t believe that she hadn’t farted; however, she followed me around the house like a monkey on my back for the next few hours.  That’ is when I realized that it was “Erik!”  Too funny..

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And now lets give Master Lao a chance! (I’ll quit rambling!)

Here’s the transcript but please let the YouTube role so I get the ad revenue for my overhead expenses. You can mute if you want.

Elisa: Hello Miss V. How are you?

Veronica: Hey, I am absolutely fabulous. I’m super excited to be back and doing this. I’ve missed you all.

Elisa: I’ve missed you, too. Everybody’s missed you. So, we’ve got a lot of questions. We’ll probably have to do this in two parts. I want to first say hi to my boy. I love you, Erik.

Erik: Hey, Mama.

Veronica: He’s got his guitar with him today. He’s strumming along.

Elisa: Oh, all right. Well, I’m trying to learn how to play the ukulele. I don’t know why, but you know, but one of my dogs is dread…well, one of Lucas’ dogs is dreadfully afraid of it. I don’t know why. So anyway. All right, so we are going to interview Lao Tzu. How do you say his name? Erik, maybe you can bring him in and we’ll ask him some questions.

Veronica: So, um, actually he’s been here waiting with us. Uh, I’ve had the pleasure of just kind of getting to feel his energy. You know, we had a little mix-up on the time, and so I thought don’t go away. Just sit with me. So, we’ve just been sitting in meditation, Erik, Lao Tzu and I.

Elisa:Oh, awesome. Okay, so, let me unmute…I mean, mute this. Sorry.  All right. So, um, describe him. And hello Master Lao, I will call you.

Veronica:          Yeah, he’s very casual. Um, as he appears to me right now, he has a very casual appearance. It just looks like a white, very simple, almost like a tunic kind of attire on. Very flowing, very smooth. I wouldn’t say there’s anything extraordinary about the way I can see him in my mind’s eye.

Elisa: Okay. Well, first of all, I’m going to ask you…your name is really not, you know, Lao Tzu is really not your personal name, right? Because it really means “old master” or “old man” or “old teacher”. What is your real name?

Veronica:That’s how I…that’s how I prefer to be known and that was what I understood to be my name from the beginning.

Elisa: Oh, wow. So, what would be on your birth certificate if you had a birth certificate, though?

Veronica: He says there isn’t anything in such manner that he could put it in terms that we would understand. Xi? I’m hearing him say Xi Gong.

Elisa:Okay, that’s good.

Veronica:Xi Gong is what I think I’m hearing him say. But he said there’s no relevance to that and everything that…in this human world, everything that we hold to be true, we might want to look at.

Elisa: I know. So, some say you really never existed and that Taoism was created by an amalgam of different philosophers. What do you say to that?

Veronica: You know, he’s laughing because one of the things he and Erik and I were joking about is what’s real. And so Lao Tzu says: Was Christ real? Was Krishna real? Was Mohammed real? He says: Of course, I was real.

Elisa:Okay. All right, good. I’m glad you are because otherwise I would try to figure out why am I talking to something that doesn’t exist? All right, now, can you talk about your childhood? Tell me about your mother.

Erik:I’d love to tell you about mine, but I digress.

Elisa: I know.

Veronica: So, he’s saying that he came from a very gentle yet separate background. I’m hearing him say that love was understood, but the philosophies that he came to embrace as his truth and as his reality weren’t present in his childhood. He did not get that from childhood. His mother was very nurturing, but his mother also worked very hard. He says it was as if he didn’t have a place in her world. She was super busy.

Elisa:Did she…did they…so the father and mother both worked? What did they do?

Veronica: Um, he says there wasn’t…sorry gotta get my coffee. He says there was a lot of stonework. We would call it masonry work…building. He’s showing me structures that were being created.

Elisa: Okay, and the mother also the same?

Veronica: Mm-hmm, it was about hauling things. It was about nurturing the family, but he says there wasn’t a lot of, um, time to be bonded and to be nurtured. It was a very troublesome time.

Elisa: Oh, did you have a lot of siblings?

Veronica: He says there were six in total.

Elisa: Oh, okay. So, were you from an impoverished class, middle class, upper class?

Veronica:He said in his time they didn’t call it classes, but you noticed that people were different, and he said that…he said he is of the streets.

Elisa:Okay. So…

Veronica: Meaning basic.

Elisa: Yeah, right. So, what…did you have a job when you grew up? Did you take over or do the same thing your family did?

Veronica:He said we all worked together. It was all about a common goal of, you know…he’s showing me literally stacking stuff, stones or boulders.

Erik:Maybe what we would call builders.

Elisa:Yeah, like masons maybe. Okay. Building, you know, walls and things like that. All right, did you ever have a wife and children yourself?

Veronica: He says no.

Elisa:Okay. Um, well, uh, first, one quickie. How long did you live? And how did you die? Some people say you lived a long time.

Veronica:I lived quite a long time, he says. If you must know in human terms, it was 80-plus years.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica:But he’s saying that a lot of those years were in in hiding, if you will, in…undercover, out of the scene, he said. It’s almost like he’s showing me…because I see a visual…he’s showing me a mountaintop where he retreated to in the later part of his life.

Elisa:And why did you do that? Were people after you or you just wanted solitude?

Veronica:He’s saying that no one was after him. He just loved the solitude, but people knew where he was, but it was a…interesting…because he’s saying the journey to get him, to get the wisdom from him, had to be really deep inside the human because it wasn’t an easy task.

Elisa:Like all those cartoons where you go up the mountain and there’s this guru sitting on top and you ask him a question?

Veronica:It wasn’t easy to get to me, he said. So, anyone that came to me, I knew that they were serious about enlightenment. The word “enlightenment” …he has a weird look on his face. So, I’m not sure what that means.

Elisa:What are you saying, Lao?

Veronica:So, enlightenment…he says enlightenment is simply becoming aware of certain truths that resonate inside of you. And another way to say enlightenment is to say waking up.

Elisa:Oh, okay. Waking up to the truth that you know inside of you. Now, can you tell me about your journey to the creation of Taoism?  And, of course, the book.

Veronica:He’s showing me…he’s showing me that there was certain things in his life that led him down paths that were not always loving. He said the examples around him when he was a young kid and into his teen years…there was a lot of turmoil, a lot of…he’s using the word hatred, a lot of possessiveness if you will over things, and he says quite frankly it was a…it was what you might call or understand as an intervention. I was, he’s saying, sitting by myself reading a book, writing notes, and it was all about, “What’s this voice I hear?” And so it would be, he’s saying, translation. He would become the translator of the knowledge.

Elisa:And so you…the information for the book, Tao Te Ching…I don’t know how you say it…which also is called The Book of the Way and Its Virtue apparently. Was that channeled?

Veronica:Yes, very much so, he says.

Elisa:Really, from what?

Veronica:From the Source.

ElisaOh from Source directly. Go right straight to the big dude or dudette.

Veronica:He’s showing me…he’s going like this. He’s showing me parallels with the biblical rendition, he’s calling it, or edition, I’m not sure the word, um, between the Tao, the Way, and the Bible. There are similarities, but there are also pieces that are independent and stand on their own, and he’s saying that this is because of the level that the human being had evolved to in each time. Every time there was a new manifestation or a new directive or a new piece of guidance from the Source, the Source took into mind the timeframe that each person was in, each being was in, collective being was in, and how they would hear it and receive it.

Elisa: Wow, that’s interesting. So, tell me about Taoism. What are some of the main tenets?

Veronica: He says the first thing he wants everyone to understand is that there is always an opposite, and it must be respected and understood. It’s the whole picture, he says. We must know both sides.

Elisa:Okay. Tell me more about Taoism

Veronica:So, in other words, he’s giving the example of in Christianity, we will understand if someone does something bad, we will call it a sin. In Taoism, he says, if we do something bad, it isn’t really bad. There’s no label because in order to know it’s opposite, we have to know both sides. And understanding where your heart wants to land is what creates the individual character…is understanding and connection to your heart.

Elisa:Well, that’s really fascinating, and there’s something about simplicity, too, right?

Veronica:Well, everything is simple, he says, and the way that it gets complicated is because everybody puts their own twist, their own spin on it…

Erik: Tell him less is more! Less is more!

Elisa:Exactly! I believe it.

Veronica:So, less is more, people. But Lao Tzu, I’m sorry, chimes in to say that it’s the human nature to feel better. We gotta get stuff. We want stuff. We acquire stuff. We think the more stuff we have, that’s what makes us happy, when in reality all we’re doing is masking what it is that we’re avoiding.

Elisa: Yeah. Okay, um, Taoism is present in China. How did Taoism affect China historically and how does it affect China now?

Veronica: He says there are still pockets, many pockets of people who walk in the truth of the Tao. He says it isn’t something that has to be hidden or put undercover. It doesn’t have the reputation that Christianity or severe philosophies might have, like Christianity, like Judaism. He’s saying there’s a very comfortable, a non-intrusive way.

Elisa:So not so much doctrine, right? But, like, philosophies rather than dictates and doctrine.

Veronica: Correct. And he’s also saying that he wants to call attention to the differences between the East and the West. So Western, which would be us, we are more in the mind, more in the head with our philosophies, our dogma, our doctrine, whereas the Eastern philosophies are more heart-centered, and it’s very difficult, he says, to come together and…he’s doing this…and to blend the two together. Although therein lies the learning and the peace.

Elisa:Yeah. So, the objective is to not just do heart-centered, definitely not do just mind-centered, but to combine them both?

Veronica:And that’s what he’s doing. He’s like…as he’s showing…his hands are actually coming together like this.

Elisa:Oh okay. Does Taoism have a god?

Veronica:No, he’s very quick, no. Now, he says let’s talk about this. There isn’t a god in the sense that you worship something or that you put it on a pedestal or that it’s something that you aspire to please. It isn’t that. It is a collective source, a collective energy. So, what I’m seeing is this god, if you will, in Taoism is a compilation of everything.

Elisa:It’s Source, which is everything, love and life. It is all. Okay, but did you…what did you believe? Yes. Did you believe in Source energy/God?

Veronica:He says I always knew there was something.

Elisa:Some higher power?

Veronica:Something bigger. Although it wasn’t talked about, he says. There wasn’t time for that, he says, growing up.

Elisa:Oh okay. Is there an afterlife in Taoism, a discussion about what happens after death?

Veronica:Life never ends. There is no death.

Elisa:But, but in your book and in the philosophy that you presented to the masses, was there talk about an afterlife or was it just concentrating on the life as it is when you’re alive in this human body?

Veronica:My…the book is very short, he’s saying, and the book got right to the point very quickly. And oh, he wants to digress for a moment because he’s saying to me to tell people that you cannot read this material literally. It is not meant to be read literally nor is the Bible. What you want to do, he says, to understand the Tao and to fully embrace the lessons and learning is to use your intuition when you read the Tao. What does it invoke? What do you feel, he says?

Elisa:Yeah, does it, does it trigger any internal truths that you’re holding in your authentic self maybe?

Veronica:He always suggests…and Erik and I, this is what we were talking about prior to coming on…he suggests that you work with it with a pen and paper or some sort of journal because as you read the chapters in the Tao, you’re going to you’re going to reveal different things that only you need.

Elisa:Oh, interesting. Well, I’ve got it. I don’t know why I’ve never read it. I don’t think I have. Um, okay, so why and how does the soul return in Taoism because I hear it’s not quite like the reincarnating that, you know, Erik and other spirits talk about. I mean, how was that presented…the great recycling?

Veronica:It is the essence of the human. It is the soul. It is the spirit. He says that continues on. It is…there’s no, um, he’s using a human word. There is no recycling. You don’t come back and have to get it again, he says. You just continue as a soul.

Elisa:Okay, then you can reincarnate if you want, but you don’t have to.

Veronica:Most times yes. Because he’s saying everything, every philosophy is free will.

Elisa:Oh yes.

Veronica:And so there is not…this is what he wants to stress. There is not one clear-cut way.

Elisa:Okay, all right. Um, Taoism, what is the perspective, your philosophy in Taoism or even in your book about women and women’s rights?

Veronica:He says everything is balanced. Everything is equal. In order to embrace…he’s referring to the yin-yang…the female energy, there is a strong representation of the yin-yang of both sides. There is, you must know the feminine side of yourself and the masculine side of yourself, and both are equal. There is no distinguishing factor one over the other.

Elisa:Okay, but you know as women, as individuals, how did Taoism look upon women as people? As inferior, as equals? I don’t know. I’m thinking maybe it was never discussed. I don’t know.

Veronica:He’s saying that that was never something that was an issue, I mean, and again he’s using human words that I would know how to use, but he’s also wanting people to understand that you can’t look at it with the glasses, if you will, that we wear in today’s world, because we want to compare and it’s not apples to apples.

Elisa:Oh, yeah, that’s true. Okay.

Veronica:Taoism honors the individual not…

Elisa:the different sexes?


Elisa:Okay, good. I like that. Your life is spared. I’m kidding, Okay, here’s one from a blog member. Why did the cosmos split up in one big polarity of male and female and we’ve had to struggle to find harmony?

Veronica:Um, he says very clearly, I answered that early on. We must always have an opposite. We cannot be fully complete until we understand the opposite.

Elisa:So it’s basically the same thing. We have to go through the human experience.


Elisa:To understand all facets of love, you have to understand their opposites, and that’s what we’re here to do is discover that we are love. Okay, here’s one I think from the same person. This universe split up in man and woman. What is above it and what did it split from? I wish I’d read the book first.

Veronica:Above it is the source of all, which is above everything.


Veronica:It is the ultimate energy. It is, as we call it in the Tao, the undefined. The minute you find something, it loses that. It doesn’t…it isn’t what it is when you define it. There’s no defining it.

Elisa:Oh interesting. Here’s another one…same person. Is it true that the Tao gives unification in physics, the cosmos is one big polarity? I don’t know what that means.

Veronica:I’m not sure I understand what that means. He’s saying to me that his answer to that is everything has duality.

Elisa:Okay. And this is a…this person really likes physics. The Tao is about how all matter obeys heaven. Is that true?

Veronica:How all matter obeys heaven?

Elisa:Obeys heaven. Is it true that the Higgs particle is what this field of heaven is made of? Interesting.

Veronica:The only thing he’s saying to me is, as above is so below.


Veronica:And that’s throughout Christianity. That’s throughout the Torah. That’s throughout all of the major philosophies.

Elisa:But what’s that mean exactly?

Veronica:It is the same. What you have above is what you have below. It’s a mirror reflection of it.

Elisa:Okay, here’s the last one about this physics component. Is it true that the Higgs particle already gives unification in physics, but our scientists don’t yet see it? In other words, is the Higgs…the particle of what everything as above and below are made from?

Veronica:It hasn’t been revealed yet because it’s not time.

Elisa:But it is the truth?

Veronica:Yes, there are certain individuals that recognize this, but they’ve not been allowed to have their voice yet because it’s not time.

Elisa:Okay, that makes sense. Now, did you…what’s your opinion about Confucius? And did you meet each other during your life, your lives?

Veronica:No. He says no, I did not, and he was an amazing philosopher. He was a brilliant individual who also was a spark of the Creator, was a source of all-knowing. He says we are one and the same, just as Jesus and I were one and the same. What’s interesting to me, if I may be the interpreter here for a moment, what I’m hearing is all across history, these beings – Confucius, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Muhammad, Jesus. They’re all the same.


Veronica:They’re all the same energy. They’re all the same being.

Elisa:Like Christ Consciousness.

Veronica:Yes, they just take on different physicalities, and because of…he’s showing me because of the level of maturation of where people are at and how they mature over the course of time, the teacher appears as they need to appear.

Elisa:Ah, yes. That’s so true.

Veronica:Oh, I have chills.

Elisa:When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Veronica:I have chill bombs.

Elisa:Is there anything you want to say, other stuff, you want to say about your book, Tao Te Ching?

Veronica:He said that it is to be read slowly and methodically. It is not something that you should sit down and blow through, he says. It is a very simple read, meant to be simple if you don’t take it literally.

Elisa:Okay. What insights or epiphanies did you have once you transitioned?

Veronica:He’s saying right away, it was very quick that this happened for him. He was tacked to be an Ascended Master very quickly. That speaks to all of the work he’d done previously. He just wanted you all to know that. But he also is saying one of the first things he realized was his last, many years on the mountaintop, he already had a vision and knew what was coming. He actually was a brilliant psychic. He knew where he was going and what would unfold for him when he got there.

Erik:It was like being at the movies and seeing a preview.

Elisa:Oh, yeah, watch the trailer. What was your transition like? Was there going to the white light or…?

Veronica:He said it was one that was very peaceful. I was alone. I was alone, and it was very calm, and it was like this…he does “whoosh”. It was like that.

Erik:So was my transition like that.

Elisa:Yeah, that’s true.

Veronica:Erik says and Lao Tzu is confirming that we don’t have to be anything Ascended or Master-like to have that “whoosh” over.

Elisa:Right. Good. Okay, so now what do you think about China presently and along with its leaders?

Veronica:There is a lot of oppression; there is a lot of discrimination. There is a lot of unequal, which is something that creates an imbalance. If you look at my book, he says, the book is all about balancing, understanding that if you don’t know the opposite of something, you don’t…can’t really understand it exists. What China chooses to do is to repress and keep secret that there are options, but the people will wake up.

Elisa:When? When and how?

Veronica:He says it’s slow and it’s methodical and it’s not a collective waking up. He said it’s one person, one person. He’s also telling me there are secret pockets. There are secret groups of people who study his word.

Elisa:Oh good.

Veronica:Only because there are people that don’t understand it.

Elisa:Yeah. Okay, that’s interesting. So what advice would you have to China’s leaders and our leaders in general? Well, let’s start off with China’s leaders.

Veronica:Mm. You know, the advice to China…it’s funny because I have to tell you…Erik is chiming in.

Erik:Everybody just needs to play nice.

Elisa:I know!

Veronica:So that’s Erik. So Lao Tzu is saying that embracing diversity and not being afraid of it is for all nations. Every nation needs to hear that. Every nation tries to protect its unique individuality in ways that repress and push other people down. There’s no need for that.

Elisa:Absolutely. Okay. Any other advice for China, its citizens or leaders?

Veronica:Um, he wants the people that see this, that hear this message, to send the energy of freedom and diversity and free speech, all of the things that these people have removed from them. They need to understand we can do this telepathically.

Elisa:Okay. Well, let’s do it. Let’s get on it. Is there anything that you would have liked to add to your…to your book?

Veronica:It is complete.

Elisa:I think so too. I already feel it. How did you and…this is from blog members…how did you and Confucius figure out the universe 2500 years ago? Seriously.

Veronica:…life wasn’t fully as it should have been.


Veronica:I’m sorry. Did you hear me?

Elisa:No, uh-uh.

Veronica:Oh, sorry people. He’s saying that no one should look at life as if it needs something more to complete it.


Veronica:If you look at life that it is fully as it should have been, you’ll be satisfied. That therein is the key to living peacefully. The reason people are…

Elisa:Say that one more time.

Veronica:I apologize. I think we’re freezing. I’m not sure why. The reason people are at unrest is because they think there should be more.

Elisa:Okay. Wow, interesting. Have you…have your views or teachings changed at all? I would say probably no.

Veronica:He says no no, no. No, no no emphatically.

Elisa:Okay. What is the difference between your wisdom and enlightenment with that of Jesus?

Veronica:Well, the difference is that I have taught and do teach that there’s duality, that it’s okay to see both sides. Where Jesus is teaching puts an emphasis only on one way and being in alignment with that one way and not giving any leeway for the other side. It’s like Jesus is repressing a whole side of a beam.

Elisa:Oh, wow. Um, let’s just ask a couple more questions and then we’ll do part 2 in the future. Um, was the one we know as Jesus a student of yours?

Veronica:No, we were one and the same.

Elisa:Okay, but as a human being Jesus, did he study your work?

Veronica:Jesus was my work. Jesus wasn’t…my work was inherent in the energy, in the embodiment.

Elisa:Oh, I see, I see. The one we eventually came to know as the Buddha, was he or she at that time a student of yours as well or is that going to be the same answer probably?

Veronica:Same answer.

Elisa:The same answer.

Veronica:You’re all one.

Elisa:Okay. Um, how does Zen play into your philosophy?

Veronica:Well, Zen is a way of being that is quite complementary to the Way in the sense that it creates a quiet space to examine all potential and to not be attached to an outcome. In fact, Zen is literally not being attached to any outcome, just letting whatever be be, and that’s very close to Taoism.

Elisa:Yeah, that’s interesting. All right, I think we’ll stop here really because, uh, we’ve got so much good information, but we will need a part 2, which is probably going to be a bit shorter than this one. So, I’m going to thank you so much, Lao Tzu. I will read your book if I can find it on my bookshelf. Thank you so much, Veronica. You guys can check her out at She teaches spiritual arts and all sorts of stuff, and I’ll let you say more, but first, I love you, Erik.

Veronica:Erik, I love you. This has been incredible for me. It was a whole dialogue of learning and philosophy. And I am back doing readings. So many of you graciously, graciously flooded my inbox when I thought I could retire and just teach. But I am back doing readings and, I tell you what, I’m so blessed. And thank you, Elisa. You have my heart forever.

Elisa: Rest, get balanced. Don’t you get overworked now. You need time with Mason, her god-grandbaby. Happy birthday, Mason! One years old, Sunday.

Veronica:Thank you.

Elisa:Bye, everybody.

Veronica:Bye, guys.

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