The Afterlife Interview with Natalee Holloway

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Here’s the transcript for the interview. Book a session with Michelle Gray at

Elisa: Hello Michelle Gray and Hello my boy Erik!

Michelle: Hello Elisa!

Erik: Hi Mama.

Elisa: Oh, he’s over to your left?

Michelle: Yeah, he often stands to my left side. Sometimes he’ll come a little across to this side but, he’s usually my left-hand man when we’re doing this.

Elisa: Ahh, does he ever pace?

Michelle:  Yes!

Elisa: Oh God, he’s a pacer!

Michelle: His energy, recently has been very very high vibrational, more than what I’ve experienced, even a couple of months ago, it’s just, it’s almost like I’ve got my anxiety going. I’ll tell you real quick, yesterday my 13 year old daughter may or may have not gotten into a little bit of trouble and her cell phone taken away for a little bit and so my husband locked the phone down in his hobby room, there like a keypad on there, so that she couldn’t touch it and you know, she had so many hours without it, so comes upstairs yesterday, as I was in between sessions and she says to me “Mom, I can hear my music playing on my phone and I shut it off!” She goes I powered it down before Dad put it in there and it’s playing my playlist. And I said, “Are you sure?”, and she goes “yeah, wait I’ll go down one more time.” She goes downstairs and it stops, she did these three times.

Elisa: Oh my God!

Michelle: Erik was laughing hysterically!

Elisa:  Oh Erik! He’s saying ha ha you can’t have me. I’m your phone and you can’t have me ha ha.

Michelle:  He was teasing her, he is taunting her a little bit and playing her favourite songs but what was so sweet, was that he actually played a song that meant a lot to her. When she got her phone back it was sitting open on this one song, she was having kind of a rough day yesterday and she kind of teared right up listening to this song. And I said, “that was from Erik”. She said, “I know”.

Elisa: Which song was it?

Michelle: Oh, I, it’s a BTS or something like that, that’s she into. It’s in Korean, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Elisa:  Okay, Well, I got two, since I babysitted Harper my 9-month-old grandbaby, I have 2 songs stuck in my brain. Do not play them okay. It’s Baby Shark and I poop.

Michelle: (laughing)

Elisa: (singing) I poop, I poop, I poop in the morning, I poop at noon. I don’t know.

Michelle: (singing) Baby Shark do do do do, Baby Shark.

Elisa:  You know it!

Michelle: It plays at my house all the time!

Elisa: (singing) Baby Shark da da da da, oh God okay.

Michelle:  Yeah, I know.

Elisa: All right, this is awful, all right, well actually that’s very catchy is (singing) let’s go Krogering, it’s a very special, or something whatever, anyway, enough of that. We will call in Natalee Holloway, I have had so many requests.

Michelle: Oh, I don’t really know who Natalee Holloway is.

Elisa: It’s some girl who, got killed or is missing, she went on a vacation to Aruba and had, I don’t really know anything more than that about her, maybe the one who found her, but people are sending questions, so Erik so do you think you could bring sweet Natalee in? If you can, that means she’s dead but.

Michelle: Yeah, he’s got sweet Natalee right here.

Elisa:  Aw God, so the first question was is she dead and, Hi Natalee, how are you doing sweetie?

Natalee: Hello.

Michelle: I just want to describe what I’m getting here, is I’ve got a, she looks to be about 18 or 19 years old, she’s actually standing here in what looks to be like hiking shorts and a white tank top, and she’s got blond hair, not like platinum but kind of a sandy colour and she’s got a little bit of a sun tan, very sweet hometown looking girl, is how I would describe her.

Elisa: Okay. I have never seen a picture of her, so, okay.

Michelle: Neither have I, no.

Elisa:  Okay, all right, well thank you for coming and maybe your parents will run across this and get some closure. I guess the first and most obvious question for you Natalee, and feel free to answer or not answer these questions. How did you die? Can you describe in relative detail the circumstances of your death?

Michelle:  So, she is showing me, an area, and she makes me feel there was a feeling and there was somebody else that was with her, or she was hiking or walking with somebody else.

Elisa: A girl or a boy, or?

Michelle: A girl and what she’s showing me, is a scene right now, and it looks like somebody that had gotten out of a taxi cab, I see an older style taxi cab and there’s almost like a touristy type area or it looks like people can go out and look over a sea cliff or binoculars or something like that.

Elisa:  Is it a restaurant? Or, what do you mean touristy, or is it a tourist shop, souvenir shop?

Michelle:  No, it looks like a clearing, like some where somebody would go for photos, it has beautiful scenery behind it.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: And, she’s making me feel like she wants to spare detail as far as her body.

Elisa: Oh okay, yeah of course.

Michelle: But she’s saying that she met the hands of the wrong people, at night, because she’s showing me the sun going down and she got into car or went in with somewhere and was taken to a second location.

Elisa: Wait, what’s that have to do with, do the car, you say that somebody from the taxi went out there, there the two girls were in the clearing and the person from the taxi took her? or both of them?

Michelle:  I see a, I don’t know what a taxi has to do with it, and I’m just asking Erik right now and what he said was what I’ve seen is two separate, and so whoever had seen her, had seen her earlier, in the day.

Elisa: Ah! Okay.

Michelle:  So…

Elisa: Oh oh, the person that later picked her up? Okay, so you’re saying the person, now correct me if I’m wrong, the person spotted you in the clearing area? And maybe stalked you and found you and then picked you up later at night, can you tell me about those circumstances? Where were you when you got picked up?

Michelle: Now, I don’t know but I’m seeing a club, like some sort of a club or a bar, like I have no idea, I have never even heard her name before, because I don’t watch the news or any of that sort of thing.

Elisa:  Yeah, like most mediums.

Michelle: So, I’m just trying to piece together what she’s showing me. I’m getting a lot of visual and I’m just kind of asking Erik for a little help here because her spirit, I will tell you, she’s very very sweet, Erik is helping her a little bit with the communication, not that her communication isn’t clear but she’s giving me a lot of visual.

Elisa: Natalee, if you could use words as best you can, that would be awesome. It’s us humans, you know.

Michelle: She just laughed.

Natalee: I understand.

Michelle: Erik is just saying what we were seeing, what I’m explaining to everybody what I’m seeing is that she was somewhere earlier in the day, she had been seen by, and I want to say a man, but every time I say man, she’s giving a plural to it.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Michelle: She’s saying men. Okay, so, there was somebody else that was targeted. Do you happen to know if anybody went missing with her or was it just her alone?

Elisa: I don’t know.

Michelle:  Do you have any idea? Okay.

Elisa:  I think I, I think, there was more than one person as a suspect, but I don’t know. And I only know that because of reading these questions.

Michelle: Okay.

Elisa: The blog members sent.

Michelle: Because it feels like men, she’s saying men and the taxi cab, now, Erik do you think that’s because they were part of that?

Erik:  No, the taxi cab was, if we’re looking at time frame, she was travelling with people, so there was a taxi cab, a group of people dropped off, a tour group something of that nature and whoever was amongst that group at that time was watching her.

Michelle:  He seemed to have an idea, so her and whoever she was with may have gotten back into a taxi cab, is that what you’re trying to say?

Erik: In a round about way, you’re just talking in circles. The only point that was trying to be made was that they had seen her earlier and that she went missing from leaving some where.

Michelle:  And she’s showing me a, like having food and being out and then leaving and leaving with somebody.

Elisa: One of the guys?

Natalee: No, one of the guys I left with, was not who hurt me.

Elisa: Okay, okay so just a friend? A girl or a guy friend?

Natalee: A guy.

Elisa: Okay. All right, were you murdered? Can you tell us, you don’t have to describe the body but basically, how did you meet your fate? Strangulation? Drugged?

Natalee:  I was raped and beaten.

Elisa:  Oh. Were you drugged? One person asked if you were slipped a drug and then maybe had seizure.

Michelle:  Was her, do you know was her body not found?

Elisa: I don’t think it has been, yeah. From the questions it doesn’t seem like it.

Michelle: Okay, no, she, she wasn’t given anything.

Natalee: I wasn’t really intoxicated. I had been drinking.

Michelle:  This feels like a Spring Break trip or a some sort of a celebration. It has the element of a celebration to it.

Elisa: Like a graduation celebration? Maybe? Because that would be around the same age.

Michelle: College, college? So, she was starting college?

Elisa:  Okay, all right. About to start college, okay. So, you were raped and beaten, so the beating was it a blow to the head or strangulation that killed you? Or something else?

Natalee:  Blow to the head.

Elisa: Oh. With fists or a blunt object, anything?

Michelle: She’s showing me an object, she’s showing me pieces of wood, what she’s showing me is really, it’s not pleasant, what I’m seeing. Yeah.

Elisa: Yeah, you were about Erik’s age really, I think.

Michelle:  And yes, and the two of them are standing on the same level, they’re on the same, and there’s a connection in their age frame. She understands, and I just want to make clear, as she’s showing me this, this is not her sadness, so, I, myself am very empathic and I do feel and sense and I understand the purpose, she’s just trying to get across that she doesn’t want people listening to this and listening to how things happened and her death as something that she is suffering over as anything in this point in time that she does understand.

Natalee: This was very much something, that although the circumstances weren’t necessarily part of my path, it was all part of choice, but it was my time and I did go in a way that I had contracted before this life to go and this is something that is going to be very hard for certain people to hear.

Elisa:  Oh. Yes. Especially Mom’s, you and me, that’s just, and when there’s lost a child, it’s oh gosh! Okay, I’m going to name three names, and I don’t know if one or two or all of them are involved in some way in your death. Joran Von der Sloot, or brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

Michelle: The energy is weighted heavier to the last two names.

Elisa: Really?

Michelle:  But I will honestly say that the first name too, like, there’s a connection there but she’s not putting blame on them.

Elisa: Well because it was part of the contract, but Erik, who raped her, Erik? Maybe, she’s too nervous to say or Natalee you can share if you want.

Michelle: Neither of them are saying.

Elisa: Really? Why won’t you say?

Natalee: There was more than one, it wasn’t one person that raped her.

Elisa:  Okay. All three maybe?

Natalee:  More than three.

Elisa: Oh gosh! Okay, who did the last, did the blow to your head that ended your life?

Natalee:  There was two, that beat me.

Elisa: Was one of them Joran van der Sloot?

Natalee: No.

Elisa: Deepak Kalpoe?

Natalee: No.

Elisa: Satish Kalpoe?

Michelle:  It’s really interesting because when you say the names everything gets very quiet but, she’s, let me just ask Erik here…okay so, Erik is saying, and he’s just kind of stepping in a little here.

Erik: This was more about, it wasn’t one person that did this, there’s a responsibility in each one of the parties and there’s also a responsibility in two people that know about this as well.

Elisa: And are not coming clean?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  Okay, because of fear or because they were involved?

Erik: Because of fear. Fear of what they know too. This was a little bit of a spectator sport that got out of hand, the intention was not to go to the level that it did.

Elisa: Why did somebody kill her? Why did they kill her?

Michelle: And she’s letting Erik go ahead, it’s not that she isn’t able to speak in this, and I feel like she really wants to get the energy across that.

Natalee: I’m not, I’m not meek.

Elisa: Okay, yeah right.

Michelle:  She wants to let us know that…

Erik:  If we were to throw a piece of steak in a bunch of dogs that were mistreated, there would be instincts that would come out in those animals that they would start tearing at the meat and start attacking. One of the dogs may turn one of the other dogs and start to kill that dog, if there was an instinct like that into it, this is not something that can be answered in the complexity of you know, we can say yes or no but this is something that there was alcohol, there was drugs, there was bad decisions, there was laughter, there was people that had a little bit of anger towards girls, anger towards not getting what they felt the wanted or being rejected or turn down from girls and she was nice and she was..

Natalee:  I was not gullible, I was in, having a lot of fun on vacation and felt safe where I was and had absolutely no intention what so ever or intention that something was wrong until there started to be more men.

Michelle: And I’m also seeing and have seen this from the very beginning, a very leafy like area with, like I can see a tropical plant, I don’t know what they call them, ferns?  

Elisa:  Okay

Michelle:  And the ground in that area is so…

Erik:  She was taken to, for a walk and that walk turned into a lot more and then it became now what?

Michelle: And so, one, two, three, four, five, so it feels like five were involved there but it feels like another two that know something.

Elisa: That were there? Or just one of them bragging about it or something?

Michelle: Weren’t necessarily there but are privy to some of the information that they know that if somebody were to know that they’ve been keeping all along, they would have themselves obviously into a lot of trouble as well.

Elisa: Oh yeah, would those two be the Kalpoe brothers?

Michelle:  Can you spell that last name for me?

Elisa:  Sure, K A L P O E.

Michelle:  No.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  No.

Elisa: All right, so we don’t really know, you’re not going to share and that’s fine, the two people that actually ended your life, but it wasn’t anybody we’ve mentioned so far, I just want to clarify, right?

Natalee: It wasn’t actually them that did it, but they are part of it.

Elisa: And Joran van der Sloot he was, he was involved in the raped but not the actual murder?

Michelle: Mmm hmm

Elisa: Did he do part of the beating?

Natalee: There was a kick or two.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle:  That name that you read off to me there, there’s something about that name too, and Erik just gave me the word disposal, so.

Elisa:  One of the Kalpoe’s helped dispose of the body?

Michelle: Yeah.

Elisa:  The Kalpoe brothers did they dispose of the body?

Michelle: Like I feel like these guys all know each other.

Elisa: Yeah okay.

Michelle: No, they’re both saying no but their name is being highlighted.

Elisa: Okay, was the area where this occurred near a hotel or what landmarks can you give me? Off the beach, I don’t know.

Michelle: So, there’s a restaurant bar, and there’s a hotel that has a pinkish kind of hue to the brick and on the one side, I’m seeing kind of a, I don’t want to say neon green it kind of looks like a tacky looking with the paint chipped off of it, like a turquoise, but more greeny if that makes sense. Then the ocean across from that, it seems like the area that she had left from or had walked away from that area.

Elisa: Okay. Where is your body?

Michelle: So, she just showed me the body going from the side, where she showed me the fern and the greenery is, and then there is not sand, it looks like it goes from water right into kind of a rock and then down into the water and she’s out in the water.

Elisa: Will her body ever be found?

Erik: There’s a very very slight possibility that anything would ever be found.

Elisa:  Is it in the actual ocean or a tidal pool?

Michelle: It’s not all together.

Elisa: Okay, well but is it in a tidal pool something that the remains would, or is it actually in the ocean ocean?

Natalee: In the ocean but it wasn’t all.

Michelle: What I’m seeing is not pleasant at all.

Elisa: That’s okay, let’s stop in case the parents, I don’t, yeah.

Michelle: I’m trying to explain it to kind of get the point across without being as, you know what I mean but.

Elisa: Graphic right, right.

Michelle: It wasn’t just one place because she’s showing herself being separated, like her energy being separated, but in the same general location and it’s wide and widespread like the ocean.

Elisa:  Yeah and probably sea creatures, probably had something to do with that, not the people, right? Okay, what about the people, were the tourists or were there some islanders involved in the rape and beating?

Natalee: Islanders.

Elisa: Islanders only?

Michelle: Not all of them.

Elisa: Islanders and tourists okay all right, got it.

Michelle: It feels like, I just want to say the tourists because Erik says there were some drugs involved there, people meeting up with other people through drugs, that there was a connection made through that.

Elisa: Okay, will the people involved ever be brought to justice, Natalee?

Natalee: This is one of the hardest things that is going to be difficult for everyone to hear because things like this what we want to have happen as a human being is we want to see justice had, we want to see things come clean, is there a possibility that this could ever come out? No, it’s very very difficult without my body being located, it’s very difficult because there’s a lot of theories that are had.

Erik: The law enforcement, themselves have some idea, but to actually put charges in place, to have something concrete, they just don’t have what they need to be able to make charges to hold somebody liable to have a trial.

Elisa: Were they involved in a cover up? Or was anybody involved in covering up?

Michelle: No

Elisa:  So, there was no cover, nobody suspected of cover, guilty of cover up?

Michelle: No.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: No, no there’s no feel of that at all.

Elisa: Okay. Were you sex trafficked and sold into slavery, obviously not the case, I guess.

Natalee: No.

Elisa:  Okay. But you knowingly went with the killer/killers/rapist, right?

Natalee: Yes.

Elisa:  Were you wanting drugs also?

Natalee: No.

Elisa: Okay.

Natalee: This was more of a, this was all about having fun, having a good time with your friends, meeting a cute guy, going for a walk, doing all the normal things that anybody else would do at my age.

Elisa: Yeah, sure.

Natalee:  Going to a special place, or resort, place like that. By the time there was danger insight, there was no place to go. What I experienced, I was out of my body so fast.

Elisa:  Oh good, that was my question.

Natalee:  This is something that, there are people that are going to be watching this that have children missing, that have, that are going through these types of things and have these deep fears and have this hard things to get out of their mind and I don’t want this to be about this, I want my message to be understood most times…

Michelle: And Erik is agreeing with this.

Natalee: When there’s something to this degree, especially with a soul contract or anything like that, the spirit slams right out of the body, that you’re pulled right out of the body. To not experience the pain and the suffering of that.

Michelle: She wants to make that very clear.

Elisa:  Thank God. How are you doing Natalee, are you at peace?

Natalee: Yes.

Michelle: She’s talking about animals and that she spends a lot of time with animals.

Erik: She, she helps animals or animal spirits evolve, she’s very much part of animals.

Elisa: Aw.

Michelle: There’s a special animal, that she when she was alive, I feel like a little dog, that may have been parents or somebody close in their family that is now passed and she’s talking about that little animal being with her.

Elisa: Aw, okay well maybe they’ll provide validation. What was your crossing over like?

Natalee: It was instant, it was instant light, it was very calm, very peaceful, very warm, it felt like an injection of something warm was running through me. Poppa.

Michelle: She had a Poppa that passed.

Elisa: Okay. Well, do you have any messages for your Mother?

Natalee:  I want to let her know that I hear what she says, and I can feel her pain. Every time that you think of me, it’s not, your heart does miss me, and I understand but that’s me that’s with you every time.

Michelle: And she’s showing me herself in the car, and a lot of tears, there’s a lot of emotion.

Elisa:  From the Mom?

Michelle: Yes, from the Mom.

Natalee: My Mom has the ability to sense my spirit but doesn’t recognize for sure if it is me.

Michelle:  It’s as if the memory comes back of her.

Elisa: Yeah, it triggers the memory, ah.

Michelle: Yes, and it’s her body recognizing the spirit of her daughter as well, so it brings on a lot of emotion, so just she just kind of wants to put that out their and.

Natalee: You guys are so sweet; you guys are just so sweet.

Michelle: She’s being very thankful for saying this, that with her Mom, that is opening up something with her right now, almost like she…

Elisa: With? With Natalee?

Michelle: Yes, with Natalee, like she, she’s real interested now that she’s talking about her family, you know, like she’s right in there.

Elisa: Well have you tried to communicate with any of them? Your parents for example, and if so how? Erik can probably teach you some little tricks, I wouldn’t try them all if I were you.

Michelle: He already said that!

Elisa: Oh no really, oh Wow!

Natalee: The first thing is that there is a barrier there because my body is not found, without my body being found, the subconscious, all the things that are not completed accepted, no mother will ever say “my child is gone”, unless they know for sure and my Mom…

Michelle: And she’s just bringing it back to her Mom being in the car.

Natalee: My Mom.

Michelle: I don’t like saying this but.

Natalee:  My Mom feels that I am gone, she knows.

Michelle: That communication between a mother and a child, you know this, communication between a mother and a child, that communication is still there, that love, is still there.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Natalee: There’s a lot of grey area, because there is still so much confusion around my death.

Michelle: Has this, do you have any idea of the time frame because I don’t feel like it’s been all that long, 5 years ago?

Elisa: I don’t know, I think it said in the late 2000’s or a little bit later maybe?

Michelle: Like 2012?

Elisa: I don’t know, maybe earlier, I feel like, and confusion and that grey area that’s such dense energy for spirits to go through but Momma if you’re listening she is still the same, she just doesn’t have a body, that it and she’s living in a parallel dimension but she’s with you, I’m sure, most if not all the time.

Michelle: And that was for her, her Mom to understand that when she feels that intense emotion, when she thinks of her, to.

Natalee:  This is going to be very hard for her to understand and accept but again to feel that it’s my spirit that she’s feeling.

Elisa: Okay.

Natalee: Not just a memory, it’s actually my spirit.

Elisa: Did the Kalpoe brothers, now wait did the Satish, no Kalpoe brothers tell the truth when the police questioned them about Natalee?

Natalee: No.

Elisa: Okay, Did Joran van der Sloot have anything to do with drugging and or raping or killing of any other women in Aruba or elsewhere?


Elisa:  Because the name Stephanie Flores comes up as a possibility.

Michelle: Uh huh.

Elisa: In Peru.

Erik: There’s validation that he was in the same area.

Elisa: That Stephanie was in?

Erik: Uh huh. There is a connection, I’m not saying that he killed Stephanie, but he was in the same area?

Michelle: Are you eluding to that?

Elisa: Yeah, just black and white come on, did he rape or kill or harm her in any other way or with any other woman.

Erik: There was somebody else.

Michelle: He’s not putting claim, he’s not really saying yes or no and again I feel his involvement, like an involvement because he doesn’t feel like it’s just him.

Elisa: But, Joran was involved though but with another person?

Michelle: mmm hmm

Elisa: Okay, Natalee have you had any, well, this is a question from a blog member, was it part of Stephanie Flores’ contract to get Joran convicted in Peru? I didn’t know he was.

Erik:  There are things that happened that are by products of it.

Michelle: But she’s not taking any responsibility, she is saying no that it wasn’t, and I’ll be honest I don’t know, because Erik says there was somebody else.

Elisa: Okay, somebody else was more to blame.

Michelle: Somebody else was part of this.

Elisa: Okay, all right.

Michelle: And that’s what I feel, because when you go to answer like that often-what Erik will do with me is, if there’s something else to it, he’ll kind of sit there.

Elisa: Oh! Okay.

Michelle: You know what I’m saying, like so,

Elisa:  He’s like a dot dot dot.

Michelle:  But he says that there is somebody else so if this man was convicted in Peru, that there is somebody else involved with it.

Elisa: Okay, Natalee have you had any contact with Stephanie Flores?

Natalee:  I have not yet.

Elisa: Okay. Here’s kind of a long one here, I was wondering what role if any John Ludwig, oh a new name, played in the cover up? Supposedly, Joran van der Sloot confessed that he killed Natalee to John as asked Ludwig to dig up the body and cremate the remains, but then I think he recanted that, I don’t know., so.

Michelle:  Can you repeat that to me again?

Elisa:  Yeah, I was wondering what role if any John Ludwig, played in the cover up? Supposedly, Joran van der Sloot confessed that he killed Natalee to John as asked John to dig up the body and cremate her remains. That totally falls against anything we’ve talked about here, so.

Erik: No.

Michelle: And that is why, I wasn’t quite clear as to what you were, what it was asking, but Erik’s shaking his head and saying No.

Elisa: Did Vanderschlut give a false confession? Because it seemed like, from one of these questions that he confessed and then recanted and confessed to another murder and then recanted, or something I can’t remember.


Michelle: I’d like to, you don’t know if he was on trial or something because.

Elisa:  I don’t know.

Erik:  There was some sort of statement that he had given.

Michelle: He just keeps saying no.

Elisa: Okay, that’s fine. All right, could you please ask Natalee, what would she say to trusting people like her, as far as reading the energies of someone who is a killer or somebody who wants to hurt them. In other words, a warning to other young women to be careful when trusting a stranger to read the signs or read the energy to avoid being a victim of a terrible crime, so Natalie, what is your advice to young women? Like my brush with a serial killer, man, my radar went, bing bing bing bing.

Natalee: A lot of the times when people are having fun, you’re on vacation or you’re in a situation where you least expect something like that to happen. Leaving anywhere by yourself or with somebody that you don’t know, when you’re having a good time, sometimes that intuitive meter can be in the background, so if you’re are on that doesn’t fully trust your own intuition it’s always good measure to travel with somebody, to always have a partner, to not go wander off into places at any time. Also, be aware of your surroundings and be aware  of anything unusual that’s going on.

Elisa: Well you know, you’re on freaking vacation to celebrate going to college and stuff, that’s the last thing you’re going to think about, it’s just out of the realm of possibilities. Was it your spiritual purpose, you know, what happened to you? You obviously said it was a contract so, obviously it must be a yes, but if so what was the spiritual purpose, what were you there to learn or teach?

Natalee: I was, my soul, I came into this life knowing that my life was going to be short, and although as a human being I had aspirations, I had plans, I had dreams, but I came in as a teacher and a lot of what I’m teaching is happening right now within my very own family, which has to do with the relationships. There is a lot to be said for what is happening to unfortunately, this has put a lot of fear into people too, and from fear is always something better can come from it. There’s a lot of opinions about what has happened, there’s a lot of opinions about what happened to me, but the truth of it is, this is about each one of us understanding that we are able to overcome something that is of such a large tragedy watching a young life being taken early, not even, knowing where that young life is, or if that young life is being tortured some where, the thoughts of what my family, my friends and those who have had to go through, it’s unbearable pain. They will be able to overcome this, so the biggest teacher goes into those who are observing what is happening and how each person takes that into their own life.

Elisa: Basically, you’re teaching us that even the worse tragedies can be overcome, we do have that power, is that right?

Natalee: That’s right. Mine is one of many, the focus that was on mine, because there are people going missing all over the place, the focus that was on mine was a young American girl beautiful girl with a whole life ahead of her gone to celebrate with her friends and goes missing and never seen again. So, this isn’t just about the light being shined on just myself, also the light to be shined on people all around this world that go missing all the time.

Michelle: And this kind of make sense with her energy, of shrinking back. She wants this to be about something bigger, not just about her.

Elisa: Her case

Michelle:  Her case, and Erik is pointing out.

Erik:  Running through all the facts and running through everything is not going to change what is happening right now. This is about understanding that there, this is still existing, there’s a family that’s still going through this right now, there are friends that are still going through this right now, and a lot of pain, and there are people all over the world going through this.

Natalee: And that’s the biggest thing to want to get across is to put attention to this, the media does focus on certain things that are fear, that are you know.

Elisa: That get our fear going, well what do you have a message for what you want your parents, your family or the collective to do?

Michelle: She’s talking about support.

Natalee: Support in the fact that when somebody goes missing, you know there’s a lot of focus that happens in the very beginning, there’s a lot of focus that happens, like all these things like specifically with her family, for anyone that is going through this, the same as with the death of a child.

Elisa: Like mine, that was a tragedy I had to over come to.

Natalee: Yes, this is still the same heartbreak, it might be a different scenario, but the heartbreak is deep and endless for a parent and for their family. Be there to do what you can, whether that family needs support now or later, you know. It’s okay to say and to think, and to have hope to find her, it’s okay. I want to let my parents know, this isn’t about taking away your hope.

Erik: It’s a lot about truth too.

Elisa: Were you here to learn, I’m just going to ask some quick questions because we’re almost of out time. Were you here to learn anything? This life?

Natalee: I was able to have a lot of accomplishment in my life, friends, relationships, trust, I was a free spirit, I had a lot of joy, this life, I didn’t come into this life with huge battles to overcome, I came into this life to be the free spirit that I was and to experience and my soul had felt I had had a lot of other experiences.

Elisa:  Okay. Do you have any regrets? I think I know the answer to this one.

Natalee: Walking away with a stranger would be my first regret, I could think of better ways that I could have gone but everything does have its purpose.

Elisa: Can you share another life that may, that most influenced your life as Natalee Holloway?

Michelle: She is showing me herself being a Phys-Ed teacher, basketball, okay, I want to say we’re looking at 1950’s.

Elisa: I knew you were going to say that, okay.

Michelle: Yeah, I can see her, in like an old tiny looking, and I say this old tiny, I’m saying like she’s got a skirt on, but she’s got this shirt and her hair up and she’s got a big ole whistle. Hard whistle.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Michelle:  So, I don’t know if Natalee was into sports or anything else like that but.

Natalee: I was very much the expression of her in this life as this Phys-ed teacher carried on into this life.

Michelle: And this feels like the life right prior to the one.

Elisa:  All right, can you share anything new about you that we just don’t know about? For example, Madame Currie, said she had this favourite teddy bear that she sewed on the inside surface of her skirt, so.

Michelle:  She popped off little tabs, she used to, there was a little game like, you know you make a wish when you find somebody a tab.

Natalee: I always had in my head, whenever I would see a little tab or what wasNatalee

Michelle:  How do I explain this. I can see her sitting at a table, as a little kid.

Natalee: We played games like I love you if I can get this whole thing ripped off the bottle.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Michelle: Do you know what I mean? So, She

Elisa: Is it like you bend it until it breaks, I love, I love you not, I love you, I love you not.

Michelle: Yeah, yeah yeah but she’s showing me like the top of a pop can or like a beer bottle, not a beer bottle but you know what I mean, ripping off the little.

Elisa: Tab and handing it to them?

Michelle: Yeah.

Elisa: Oh okay. Any other messages for anybody including society anybody. Or a member of your family.

Natalee: I think this is the most important thing, the biggest thing to take home and it’s a very simple thing, love your family, love your loved ones, love them, tell them that you love them and don’t waste your time, don’t waste your time really, be in the moment. Put the cameras down, put the phones down, put the computers down and really look into your loved one’s eyes and say, “Hey I love you!”.

Elisa: Yeah, because it could be the last day, it could be the last day you see them. You know, I remember my last day with Erik and I wished I had, I could have done something so much more meaningful that day but, any messages to your, I don’t even know if you have siblings or any other family member you want to give a shout out to? Beside the usual I love you, of course you do.

Michelle:  She just ran through, she’s got a brother, she says love you Bro, she’s also, somebody that she was very close with has had a baby recently and she wants to say congratulations on the baby, Monica? She’s giving me the name Monica, so I don’t know if that’s the baby or, that’s the name we got.

Elisa:  How about Erik, do you have anything to ask and of course Michelle do you have anything to ask before we close and that’s it.

Michelle:  I just want, I mean I want to just tell Natalee, she awesome.

Elisa: I can tell, ah.

Michelle: She’s a beautiful spirit, she’s very very sweet and, my energy is very very calm right now and I can feel that from her. And I also want to say thank you to Erik too because Erik, Erik’s been doing a lot of translating for me today.

Elisa: Aw, thank you Erik.

Erik: Thank you, when you said about the last day being more meaningful, every moment you made with me Momma was meaningful.

Elisa: I tried.

Michelle:  He just wants to make sure you know that.

Elisa: Aw, that’s sweet.

Michelle: And he loves you, of course.

Elisa: Thank you, thank you Michelle, Thank you Natalee for coming forward it took a lot of courage, I’m so glad you were out of your body when all of that happened, and maybe nudge your parents, if you think they’re okay with it, nudge them to the video and maybe Erik you can team up with her to help communicate with her parents or anybody else in the family.

Erik: Will do Momma, will do.

Elisa: Okay.

Natalee: Thank you.

Elisa: And you guys check out Michelle Gray’s site at, the healing then H then dash arts dot com, well I put in the note page of the YouTube so don’t worry about it.

Michelle:, yes.

Elisa: Right, right. There’s no S at the end of the art, right?

Michelle: No, it’s just The Healing H-art.

Elisa: so T H E H E A L I N G H – A R T .COM

Michelle: Yes.

Elisa: This is hard when you’re old, man!


Elisa: Oh God! All right Bye! Love you guys!

Michelle: Bye, Love you.


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