How to Mend a Broken Heart

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And now for Erik on how to mend a broken heart, thanks to the expert channeling of Kim Voigt. Go to to find out more about her and all the services she offers. She’s one of the few I know who can delve into your Akashic records. 

Here’s the transcript for the above!

Elisa: Hello Kim Voigt of embody-light, welcome to your first session with the CE Peeps. Why don’t you tell us about yourselfBut first I want to say hi to Erik, Erik I love you.

Erik: I love you too mom as always.

Kim: So over 37 years ago I started in healthcare and realized early on that I was being called to alternative modalities, that was where my interest was. So I started off slowly I studied healing touch, and just went on from there.

Elisa: Do you use that with your patience:

Kim: Yes though not directly, it’s a part of who I am I can’t stop it. So I put out in the morning before I go to work that I align I invite my soul to harmonize and align with my body; and open that invitation to anyone else I coming to contact with who’d like to have that experience. So there’s the potential for that to happen, but I’m not walking around saying heal patient heal. Then I trained in hypnotherapy and got introduced to the crystal singing bowls. So I implemented that into all that I do. I then I took some training in myo-fasial release and cranial sacral therapy. And have implemented those into my practice. I utilize self awareness program, where you get an energetic reading of your whole whole lives energetic patterning. And learn how you’re creating your reality; and how to create the reality that you’d really like.

Elisa: Wow how do you do that do you do that between between life regression or or what? Yes that can be part of it. A survey of 120 questions provides a chain.  I am able to map out the energy energetic patterning by taking your age, and dividing it up by the number of dichotomies that show up in the survey. And then we figure out where the energy black happened and work from there and some are past life and some are current life. And wrapped up in all of that is an emotional response that are organs have to the situation. So we work with that as well.

Elisa: so it’s like bodywork a lot of bodywork like somatic experiencing here Kim: Yes that’s why I studied the myofacsial release, because people actually hold memory of mental, physical ,and emotional trauma in their muscles and in the fascia. I believe that’s what your mother was referring to the other day when you spoke with her when she spoke of a problem with your muscles. Elisa: I know that’s what the Grinberg method they work they work on the body releases energy blocks created over that you create an overtime.

Silence as Kim gets up to un-mute her computer from across the room.

Elisa: Sounded like it was muted ,that’s Erik I know it’s Erik.

Kim: I know it was I was sitting all the way over here  it can’t mute itself.

Kim: Erik says Mom.

Kim: I’ve spent a lot of time with Erik and in the beginning he was trying to convince me that I actually am a medium. So once I agree to that and tell him “OK I believe I can channel you but I don’t think that I can channel any deceased loved ones.” Erik then re-connects me with my mother. He then introduced me to your father.

Elisa: So what do you think about him? I hear he’s come a long Ways.

Kim: It’s almost hard for me to imagine the things that I’ve heard that you went through .

Elisa: I know thank God, that’s awesome.

Kim: He wants to be a part of your journey.

Elisa good.

Kim: So I tell Erik I don’t think I can bring through any deceased celebrities so he brings  through Robin Williams. Erik say’s he’s got a team and there is a specific reason for each person he says obviously you know why I’m involved because I love you. And another person on your team is Jaii and he’s there for me for support he is actually my twin flame and he had committed suicide 2012. I actually heard from him for the first five months or so after he died and then last contact and Eric re-introduced us.

Elisa: How do you spell his name, is it Jaii?

Kim: Yes, so you got your dad,Erik and Robin Williams and Jaii. And so at the point Robin Williams shows up I’m wondering what is up, why am I having three men that have committed suicide coming through to me? I don’t want to give anybody the impression that I condone suicide.

Robin says: Absolutely not, he says these things we are coming through with had been available to me in my life things could’ve been much different. In the future we are going to look back at this point in time as being barbaric with the way we do things.

Elisa: Oh I can imagine, you know I think that bringing these Guys into our lives is special. Because these are people who have struggled so they can relate to a lot of what we are going through and for the people skills definitely! What’s my dad‘s Role in this?

Kim: well let’s start with Erik he’s the volunteer coordinator.

Elisa: OK volunteer coordinator he could be a wedding planner .

Kim: he functions like one. And he’s got big plans for you by the way, he gave me a 20 year rundown about what’s most likely to happen here.

Elisa: Well don’t tell me it might scare me.

Kim: Oh no it’s beautiful. So he’s volunteer coordinator and we know his purpose. And Jaii is my support, when we connect I’m on able to understand more quantum things. Your father  wants to hit help you mend your broken heart because he is the aware of his role.

Elisa: well does he have anything to do with the helping others not just me?

Kim: Yes because your example is going to be a big help to others.

Erik says: Document what you do together, maybe others will be about you because this could be used in possibly training manuals someday. He’s talked about doing a session on police brutality and things like that. And what he saying is these techniques we will be learning, would be beneficial to them (the police), regular people, healthcare providers. Because if everybody’s in line with their vertical pillar of light and in touch with their higher self, these negative things would not happen on the planet anymore .

Elisa:  I practiced once when I was a practicing physician a little bit and it seems to work. I remember the days where I thought this was all nonsense. I had a patient and I put her in my surgical suite suite. I was about to do something and I put my hands on her. She said oh my god you’re a healer.

Kim: Many doctors are healers and you don’t even know it and Erik is saying if more of them were open to it, it could be more powerful .

Kim: One of the ways the three of them communicate to me is through music. I hear music playing in my head, when it comes on the right it’s Erik and when I hear it on the left it’s Jaii. Robin comes through with Erik on the right. And when I wondered why did the three of them have to go subject to us such a drastic extreme? I got an answer from the three of them. I hear the rush song I hear “The Men who holds high places must be the ones to start  to mold a new reality closer to the heart.”

Elisa: You know he loved Rush, the song 1221 or 2112 the Song with two ones and two twos actually was his password.

Kim: So that’s why they’re doing it. I know Eric contracted to do things this way. I know Jay and I agreed eons ago to communicate after he passed. I’m not sure he was supposed to die the way he did.

Elisa: mentions the singing bowls behind him and ask if they can do have a sample.

Kim: Yes we can do a singing bowl meditation and Erik asked me to talk about how I mended my broken heart.

Elisa: Great let’s do that, did you know that people can actually die from a broken heart there is a disease there is a cord is something or other that is actually death because of deep grief. And you know I felt like I was going to die.

Kim: Erik asked me to talk about that I actually was blocked for the last eight years or so. I typically write my own hypnosis and meditation scripts. I write poetry and do things with my singing bowls, intuitive work. And the last 8 years I couldn’t do anything, nothing was going. So the way I finally cleared does this heart block I had this energetic black I had was when my husband and I went to Las Vegas and witnessed the shooting out our hotel room window. We got upgraded to the 11th floor and had a perfect view of Mandalay Bay. So all we can long we want we will we were in a room we could probably see it there was a big screen big speakers we signed heard the whole thing so. That Sunday night we turn in early they didn’t early morning flight. Sadly I’m not feeling well and all the sudden we hear what we bought that were machine gun at first and then we got no that is so perfect. So we told ourselves it was fireworks and it went on for a little while and then the music stopped and it went dark and we could see people moving and we thought it was fireworks grand finale and by this time eventually that the fireworks with that we were hearing stuff without grand finale be stopped early for the last night so we fell asleep or not too long I don’t know how long it was and woke up to siren after siren and helicopters we knew something major has gone wrong but we didn’t get to go in and check on it when we stayed asleep we find out the next morning at 4:30 in the morning when my family started texting else when it actually happened. I no no there are no coincidences I knew there was a reason that I was. So all week I’ve watched a lot of the portage and my husband and I both heard machine guns going off in her heads constantly for maybe two weeks following.

I wanted to know what it was, I had been away from all the YouTube videos and channeling‘s for those eight years also and I found one by Magenta Pixie. She was talking about was the way to neutralize these awful situation is to forgive and shine white light on the situation,  pray for the situation because when you do that it neutralizes. You illuminate the problem so the person doing dysfunctional things either stops and alters their behavior. Or if not and they continue you have shined a bright light on them illuminating their actions. Becoming more obvious to the point hey are caught and forced to change their ways.  So I spent about a week praying for him sending white light and what I did is I would muster up as much love as I could like a mothers love and send that to him. This also takes your energy out of it it neutralizes the situation. I wondered how is my forgiving him going to help anything?

I didn’t personally know anyone involved. It was awful and I had compassion for the people that were there and involved. Then I decided just go ahead and do it so I prayed for him I sent him white lightning had to do this for three or four days, and once I finally get it I realized that I was starting to feel clear and lighter. At that point I realize that I had to forgive my parents. I thought I almost felt ridiculous that it was ridiculous that I was still holding them in un-forgiveness when I had just forgiven a madman. For years I had to hold resentment towards my parents because of the way things are with my career specifically. Other things as well, I had so much trauma there was a lot of spiritual abuse and I actually dis-associate at 24 months old. I held onto this trauma, and when I had tried to forgive by first understanding how they could do those things. But once I forgave Steven and decided  I decided I was being ridiculous I was holding resentment for doing what I asked them to. Even though it may have been a little extreme. Because I’ve been aware of the spiritual concepts in my brain, but I just could not make it work in my life. So I did the same process with my parents it was as if someone turned on the switch I  wrote five or six meditations. The difference was I am unbelievable of the block and  I got the clarity and understood they were not the one blocking my intuitive abilities. When I disassociated from them on a spiritual level, I stopped them from being able being able to influence my matrix. And I realize my parents didn’t block me I blocked me because I disassociated at 24 months.

Elisa: oh gosh 24 months, that’s young.

Kim: Yes 24 per months I remember it like it was yesterday. it cut off spiritual  ideals, and  they were no longer able to influence my field. Because children come in connected to source and when they’re here for a while they start to forget. When I blocked them I held onto my connection.

Elissa: My parents were over achievers and so they were like mine “don’t bring it up to many notches.”

Kim:  So I have had the psychic abilities all along but I did not know it because they were just normal they were always there and I didn’t realize it till our pediatrician told us.

Elisa: How did that go?

Kim: Well he kept dropping hints for about a year. He would stand outside our door and say OK what color am I today? One day I went home wondering what he was talking about. A movie ran through my mind of all the things that made him think that. Some of them were me knowing what the kids were going to do and I stop them before they did it, that type a thing. Or I would answer his questions before he asked. He  didn’t know I was a nurse I never told him that.

Elisa: so why was he saying that did he think you can see auras?

Kim: apparently that’s what he thought. So once I put all this together I started reading up on it, I started practicing and building in my skills. So once I forgave my parents my whole world changed.  I’ve started a business, developed a website.

Elisa that’s awesome.

Kim: I just had to surrender it and say OK i’ll do it, I give up, I can’t feel like this anymore, I’m done now.

Elisa: Yeah otherwise Erik and the others would probably pester you into it, if you didn’t do it. So Erik is what you’re saying, that forgiveness is how to mend a broken heart? That’s what causes a block.

Kim: It is, there can be here here can be judgment and those kinds of things can also block the heart. But it’s ultimately something you can’t do need to forgive, forgiveness of yourself, or forgiveness of others.

Kim and Elisa discuss how it was difficult at times forgiving them. Elisa discussed she has written a few parenting books based on her experiences.

Elisa: One question I have, you can say yeah I forgive. But how is it to really say you can feel it into your bones, in your heart, into your soul, how does that happen?

Kim: I kept praying and sending white light and for my parents it only took three days and it was very dramatic. Once it happened it was if I snap my fingers and it was gone.

Elisa: how does it feel when it’s gone.?

Kim: Very liberating.

Elisa: How do you definitely know that that you’ve forgiven. Because with my mom and my dad for the most part I forgave them but every once a while I feel this negative thing. And I’ll feel like hey you were responsible for this.

Kim: Your Dad is  here and he’s bringing up a couple key items.

Elisa’s father:  He says, and he refers to you very lovingly when he talks to me about you. He says I did not have the tools within myself to recognize that I was harming you, I had such pain. I knew that I was harming you but I did not have the tools to listen to the higher guidance to know how to stop because I had so much pain in my life. The other thing I want you to know I’m not bringing just telling you this to make excuses and I understand I am provide. Understanding it was not about you.

Elisa: Oh I know, and that helps.

Elisa’s Dad: I wish I could’ve just told you this when I was with you, thank you. I am so glad that you are allowing me this opportunity to talk to you about this now. Also the ascension the planet that we are going through, has been going on for eons. Each generation has brought in a new level of consciousness. Our generations job was to demonstrate to you how not to be.

Elisa: Oh, like he was the authoritarian.

Kim: Yes like my mother’s life purpose was duality and oppression so that I would see, and say hey wait a minute that’s not right. I am not going to do that. I am going to use a different parenting styles.

Elisa: Interesting, so they did have a purpose.

Elisa’s Dad: We did, but things went to far. For me during the abuse the adrenal would kick in.

Elisa: what was the source of your inner pain?

Kim: Was there some type of abuse?

Elisa: I think it was from a peer at boarding school.

Kim: Was is it sexual abuse?

Elisa: Yeah and it really messed him up, I’m sorry.

Elisa’s Dad: Elisa I’m so sorry you went through all that. He says we could talk about the reasons why that happens, but today the focus is on you honey. Elisa maybe today you could focus  deeply with your heart and your soul and begin the healing process.

Kim refers to a breathing medication  refer to YouTube Channeling Erik to view.

Erik:  The other thing that happens mom, is say you’ve had this trauma and you’re walking around with it, thinking about it, you’ve got emotion around it, and you talk about it. There’s three energies there that are feeding into the trauma. You creator of your reality, and because you’re the creator of your reality you are going to attract to yourself people and situations to  that will manifest those believes you have. Say if you had a believe that men were belittling or disempowering; you would attract those kind of situations into your life. it’s as if you were a movie projector projecting out this movie and the actors come and play the roles that you hand out. The universe responds to the prayers that you put out. So once a situation is forgiven those types of situations stop happening. It would stop or decrease and you would no longer have an emotional charge. It changes from triggering you into being only a memory. When these situations come to you and it triggers you. it’s the universe saying to you “we are supporting you we want you to be done with this” so they send reminders.

Elisa: So do EMDR, EFT tapping and other things help with forgiveness? Or past life regression? Maybe the person you’re trying to forgive, you’re not totally able to do that because they were really mean you are in a past life. Also what about somatic bodywork to try to release the pain in your body? Or re-aligning chakras, are those things you can do?

Kim: Yes those are very effective therapies. I also play crystal singing bowls on people’s body. And yes ,since our past, current, and future lives occur simultaneously; you can work on a past life issue that’s affecting you in the now. By clearing it in the past you can stop it in the now. You can also clear the issue in the now, and remove the drama from the past life experience.

Elisa: In addition to that is there anything else that you recommend that can help?

Kim: Yes the essential oils, a healthy diet, being in nature, anything that you can do that get your energy moving; meditation, yoga, tai chi, all of those things are helpful.

Elisa: Jamie has a visual where You imagine seeing a screen and start at the top of your head and you take it down to your body and it collects all of the black energy from your head your feet. And you take all of the black energy; and you make it into a little pile and recycle it into the earth. And you know resentment and anger back and leave really bad energy and all of your spaces. Your car, you work. So I think it would be good to cleanse those places with Salt, smudging, with palace Santos gigs or sage would that help you?

Kim: exactly and it is important to do those things. Everybody’s walked into a room where the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, maybe someone was having an argument. So I always clear my space between clients even if there wasn’t a lot of trauma work done. Because my next client can pick up and feel the energy of my last client if I don’t.

Elisa: I like the Tibetan bells that you cling together to clear the space. That’s cool because it’s easy and doesn’t smell bad. Erik do you want to add anything before we go to the singing bowl meditation?

Erik: I love you mom and am so excited that you’re agreeing to this. And he says he’s going to come through with some information. Mom you’re going on a vacation and I want you to really take care of yourself, and focus on yourself, to love yourself, to nurture yourself, notice beauty love and light. Spend as much time in nature as you can. And he says we’re going to take a layer of pain now because he says these things build up for a while so today will do some energy work and will take a layer off but it’s going to take it’s going to take a little while for your human body to catch up. So things like good food, lots of water, and being joyful will help. And he says that that you  you’ll notice a difference where you’re sensing me a little clearer already. And he says do you remember those bracelets people used to wear and T-shirts,  WWJD what would Jesus do? So pretend like you have a WWED, what would Erik do, or what would Eric say? I don’t like you’ve a bracelet and he said just start thinking like that thinking what I would say or do. Any he says you’ll start to notice him and feel him more as you get clearer.

Elisa; I’m waiting for you to give me one of them big hugs that gives me goosebumps, I’m ready for one of those.

Kim; Well he does this thing where he blow you a kiss and it looks like there’s golden Stardust coming out of his mouth as he’s blowing you a kiss. And sometimes I feel like this little energy like this little boy that just wants to snuggle with his mom when he’s when he’s telling me about you and very sweet. Did he used to do that? And he says you going to get that hug today.

Elisa: Yeah he was a little cold cuddle monster. He’s so sweet. OK are you ready.

And Kim tells Elisa just relax make sure she’s  sitting in her chair and nothing is distracting her. Kim tells Elisa Erik is going to stand back and observe until I tell him to come in. That way you/Elisa will notice the difference in his energy. Elisa is guided into a singing bowl meditation. (Reference channeling Erik How to mend a broken heart to view.)

While in the singing bowl meditation the communication with Elisa’s Father and Erik continued. Elisa’s Mother also briefly communicates support and love.

Kim: Elisa your dad comes forward now and asks if there any questions that you have for him, or anything that you want him to know, or you can tell him how he made you feel; if so you may verbalize it out loud, or silently within your mind. Let me know when that feels complete. (Elisa has a conversation with her dad she lets him know she did not feel any responsibility towards the abuse she endured, did not feel at fault. Elisa found it interesting that she transferred this feeling to peers at school growing up. She would hold herself responsible there for dysfunction. And your dad asks if you can find it in your heart to begin the process of healing by forgiving and removing one layer of pain today? He says I know that feels overwhelming, so many things happened, so many times my behavior was inappropriate and cruel; where I did not demonstrate the love of a father. If you could take one piece, one layer, and neutralize one traumatizing event ;your healing process will take a new direction and you’ll start to notice a difference in your clarity with your connection to Erik. He says the trauma will shift to a memory only, it will remove the charge. You will no longer be triggered or relive the feelings. Once you neutralize a trauma and reclaim your energy you no longer re-create a similar event in the now or future. (And your Dad steps forward again and states: Elisa I accept full responsibility of things going to far, and for the cumulative effect it has had on you. I apologize from the depths of my soul) If there is anything you need to communicate to your Father do so now.

Elisa: I forgive you Dad!


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