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Happy July 4th, everyone! Please be sure to remember and express gratitude for our Founding Fathers and those who fought and those who continue to fight for our freedom and independence (between hotdogs, of course.)

Enjoy these very powerful and poignant testimonials.

Testimonial #1:

Hi, I am writing to you from Germany. I am a great fan of your “Channeling Erik” blog.I love the mediums you use and the topics are amazing. Elisa, please keep on working. I have been interested of and on in my life about the “other side.” I think the reason for that is my mother died when I was about 5 years old and I do not have any recollection of her. I do have some fotos, but that woman I know to be my mother, which I see on the photos is a stranger to me. So when I came across this website, I spent about 2 weeks straight to watch the videos and to hear about the incredible stuff that happened. Many tears I have cried while watching.

I am in the process of “awakening” to all what is out there. My biggest wish is that I become a medium so that I can channel too.
Well, I just want to thank you again and tell you what a wonderful job you and Erik are doing.

Love you two


Testimonial #2:

I was super angry. I was the person with a lot of experiences that made me question whether I wanted to live or not. I was angry that I was born. What was the point right? Just to suffer. What was the benefit for the children/babies who are being abused and murdered? God’s plan…he works in mysterious ways. My ass. I was screaming inside. Why? What could possibly be the big plan for that? Helpless babies/children. I won’t discuss my background. Erik already knows I’m sure. But now I know. Thanks to your badass move to share him with us. Knowing some people will say stupid things. I’ve learned to have patience with dumbass people. I was aware of being “alive” since third grade. I didn’t know everything but I knew that I was different….. I was looking through eyeballs….I felt heavy…I had hair…I felt wet and squishy. At 46 years old now…I still haven’t mastered this vessel. I’m awkward and clumsy. I realized a few years ago that I don’t belong here. Had so many questions and I knew that the bible wasn’t the answer. Doesn’t make sense. Thank you again. I am slowly introducing Erik to my youngest son. He’s more open. My eldest son needs Erik’s help. I worry for him constantly. I’m hoping Erik can help me say the right things. I look forward to reading his books. I hated being alive here. Now, I can tolerate it. Thank you,… Thank you…Thank you. I can’t say it enough.


Testimonial #3 (This one is quite interesting because she breaks the mold of some Christian thought.):

Hi I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your videos. I think I’ve seen about 25.

I’m sure I’m among a fractional audience I claim to be saved by the blood of Christ. I know that conventional Christianity calls what you do ‘demonic’. I see such a bigger God, -all this with Erik confirms my view.

Whenever I’m in doubt, I ask God to help me see through His eyes. The understanding He shares blows my minds. I’m 64, a retired school teacher / paralegal / EMT. The range of my experience is vast. I too grew up with an abusive mom. She recovered, and we became great friends the last 10 years of her life. My daughter thinks she was a saint!

I just want to encourage you. I believe the universe is transitioning into an ‘AWAKENING’. People who embrace, learn, lead, reassure the rest of us, will help with that transition. The others will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. Thank you for helping to see.

I look forward to your future work, and ultimately we’ll meet All Glory to Christ Our King, Oh, and that reminds me. I believe that those in my shoes, will race directly to the throne of the ‘big Kahuna’. and Jesus seated at His right hand. I am a total and literal student of the Bible. God loves us equally is the main focus. We are His creation, after all. Happy New Year, and Happy Sailing

Testimonial #4 (Erik saves lives, again.):

I just wanted to give sincere thanks for sharing your incredible journey. When i listen to Erik i feel reassured and loved. I contemplated suicide but i couldn’t leave my adopted daughter with no inheritance. Thanks again.

Note from Elisa. My laptop is now kaput so I had to buy another one to continue my work on all things Channeling Erik. If you enjoy this work, please consider a donation. No amount is too small. Thanks in advance!

Stay safe everyone! But do have a blast this weekend! It’ll be surf and turf for Rune, Lukas and me. 

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