The Afterlife Interview with President Ronald Reagan

I’m very excited about two upcoming sessions. Today, we’re going to try to channel the consciousness of the actual coronavirus and Friday, it’s going to be about the Deep State/global elite/Illuminati. I have so many questions, particularly after watching this 10-part YouTube series: Here is Part One. They’re short. Watch them all because we are truly in a war of Good against Evil! That will be more and more apparent as you progress through all ten videos.

Before we go to our interview with Ronnie, yesterday, our guest for Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show was Maria Johnson (Dr. D), Medical Astrologist. The topic: The Contribution of Astrology in Medicine (Astro-Diagnosis.) In the YouTube description, she introduces herself, what she does and why she does it. FASCINATING INTERVIEW! Then, the wonderful Pamela Aaralyn channels answers from Erik and messages from deceased loved ones for listeners. You can contact “Dr. D” at and Pamela at

Also, it’s time for our monthly Get to Know the Mediums Contest. This month, we’re going to get to know Kim Voigt a bit better. If you want a free reading with her, you must answer this question correctly: What century and decade did she have her last past life. Hint: It was fun until it wasn’t. EMAIL me your answer at I will reply if you’re the winner, the first one to answer correctly. Good luck!

And now it’s Reagan’s turn! Although like all of us, he had his fair share of flaws, this man of high character who encouraged Gorbachov to “Tear Down That Wall” deserves to be listened to, perhaps with a new perspective on the other side of the veil. Denise Ramon was, as always, an excellent channel. Check her out at


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hello mr. nice and my boy Eric kadian
guys I love y’all both Eric says hello
he he says I love you mom
and he says he’s excited for this one
and I when he says I tell Eric you
always say that but he says he’s excited
he’s got the person here ready to go he
says we’re going to be fascinated by
some of the answers so I don’t know
really most of them are from blog
members but we are talking to Ronald
Reagan President Ronald Reagan so thank
you mr. president for coming in and I’m
so I’m so grateful that you could do
this I’m honored we are all honored
you’ve been requested me a time he says
he says thank you he says it is my honor
he says you can just call him he says
Ronnie so ok he says you can call him
Ronnie he says this is what some of his
closer friends called him was Ronnie but
yes he’s and he’s but he’s like
brand-new he’s he’s guerrilla he comes
across very healthy very energetic very
rested is what he weren’t very rested
like he like he had needed a long nap
and he got it oh my god are you with
Nancy and how are y’all getting along
together how’s she doing
he says yes we are together and he’s
kind of laughing he says we’re not
joined at the hip and he says that
because Nancy was towards the end of his
life kind of she was always there with
him yeah and but she’s doing her or her
thing too and it’s it’s almost like he
says it’s they got the now they got the
freedom to go and do whatever they want
but this is what they do it this is what
they missed it and I feel like some of
that has to do with being being the
first lady because there was never
really any privacy after that no of
course not
yeah so they but he says yes we do we
are together but we’re it’s like we are
together but they’re not together and
when the way he says it’s not like here
on earth you know like where we’re
eating dinner together sleeping together
they’re not always together because they
have their own things that they’re doing
on the other side right yes and he says
but but they’re never really separated
so they don’t feel like oh my god I
hadn’t seen each other oh yeah yeah so
what are they both doing on the other
side what was their life’s work over
there so to speak he says Nancy right
now is focused a lot on the
grandchildren and when he says that I’m
feeling like maybe great-grandchildren
he’s showing me little ones she is that
there’s a big influence of her energy in
there wow I don’t even know how many
grandchildren they have her break
grandchildren they have but he himself
he says surprisingly he says that he’s
not in the political arena on the other
side he’s ain’t companies you all need a
rest from that but okay so what are you
doing he says he you know I wear what he
is showing me and Eric says he’s he’s
working a lot with the environmental
situation with this planet helping to
balance this planet he’s working with
with things like with with things like
that in a sense and how it it’s not just
one thing it’s like he’s he’s just
helping to balance working with the the
environmental part of it he’s showing me
and he says balancing the planet right
and there’s something to do with
wildlife I don’t know if he was an avid
hunter before but that is not where his
energy is now I don’t know I think
you’ve heard horses I mean he really
liked horseback riding on his rancher
and where it was yeah but he’s a very
he’s he’s a lot with helping to bring
more awareness to he says the wildlife
because there’s a great danger in there
he says what do you mean them going and
going extinct people killing too much oh
no like name maybe three things that
three species well he says you know in
Africa everybody knows about how they
have you know so there’s a big concern
over there because there’s not as many
animals people think and he says it’s
really not just one that’s with all
because guess when one goes away it
trickles down to the other halt
everybody everything and he says this is
what we don’t understand is that all
these animals are very important a very
important part of this plant because
everything brings a balance to yes
and then when you’re minus one then
you’re off balance
yeah dominoes tip in all sorts of
different directions yeah it’s just like
he says it’s like setting a table you
know if all you have are knives and you
need a suit
spoon to eat your soup it just doesn’t
work well you know you can still make it
but it’s not gonna be well and he says
and I feel like in the way he’s shown
that it’s like she said that could make
it so people could see how you know it’s
to simplify what he’s talking about
yeah this is real important he says and
he says also that has a great effect on
our our food chain – oh yeah I can
imagine because animals animals have a
some way or another the animals are
intertwined in our food chain and not
just on the meat industry I’m not
talking about with other things yeah
vegetation and everything yeah it’s all
tied together so tell me about your
presidency we’re flashing back on
everybody think he smiles he says he
says you know he said he says it’s easy
for him to say now when he’s on this
side but he says he he enjoyed that it
was a lot of fun but it definitely was
more than what he thought it was going
to be when he first got into it yeah he
really thought that he could make a big
difference and and eric is saying he
didn’t make a difference I think so
Eric saying he did difference he says of
course you’re gonna have people who are
against him and they are for him but he
err eric is saying he made a difference
and he says the stress of it although he
says was more than what he even realized
but he he says he was born to be the
president that’s what he was born to be
that he said it was that was part of his
purpose in this lifetime was to be the
president do you know okay so was he
president before another life or not
he says no not like this no but he was
always a and he wants to say he was
always a leader but it’s not so much
that he was when I say he’s saying when
he was a leader he just knew how to find
answers without getting getting lost
like he just always knew how to get out
of the hole is what he said and people
he was admired for that a lot of times
and he says part of him into acting was
is he got to play different parts and he
got to play leading roles and that’s
what really got him thinking about
getting into politics because he could
see when he was in Hollywood how there
was things that needed to be changed and
asked that why did he why was he an
actor first so that’s it so he could
experience roles of leadership I said he
said yes that was you know but I was
part of it another was because he wanted
to be famous he wanted to be rich he
wanted to have money well he seemed so I
don’t know
simple but humble but he didn’t strike
me as somebody who wouldn’t be rich
maybe famous but not rich but maybe I
don’t know he said he was always very
mindful of where his roots came from
yeah and he says he grew up poor and he
was always he was very mindful of that
but he said it was he wanted to be rich
and when I say rich he wanted to have
money because he showed me that things
are real tight growing up like there
were a lot of stuff there was a shortage
sometimes of food like you know they had
to be buried
mindful of what they were eating and how
much they were eating become a sense
yeah but he but and he wanted to make
his parents proud he said he that was
real important yeah so what was Nancy’s
contract in all of this he said that you
know there was he showed me that there
was some controversy with their marriage
in the beginning but he says it was
meant for her to come in
second and not first and because I think
I remember him being married the first
time to something oh yeah oh yeah you’re
right you’re right yeah but she was
meant to come in second because she was
a driving force in a supporter of him
getting into politics she also she
worked a lot I don’t know what her role
is and is the first lady but he showed
me her role was a lot with children okay
so I don’t know what her role was I
don’t know I can’t remember you think we
would remember being at our country but
but hers was something with children she
I know I feel like being something but I
don’t notice literacy or I think was
drugs drugs because the water drugs
aren’t drugs maybe he says he’s Eric
says you’re right mom it was drugs okay
but she had a profound love for children
and and I and I think that that came
from her upbringing because she wanted
I’m I don’t know what her upbringing was
but he Ronald is saying and he corrected
me just now it’s saying that
even though she comes across as stiff
and likes taro and not have a much
emotion or whatever he says that she had
a profound love for children and wanted
them to be able to to be heard to be
seen and yeah and I’m asking him about
the war on drugs he says yes she was
involved in that heavily but I feel like
that was more his thing to know okay
okay um so I can’t remember astrology or
psychics or whatever but she was into
that kind of thing okay okay okay so
what did you think about that and did it
help I mean she got criticized for it of
course but he’s laughing he’s he’s the
way he’s laughing it’s like back when he
was in his 40s I think the way he BOCES
up and he says now people would love it
if the president would use that kind of
stuff but he said you know that he says
he knew that there was some truth to it
yeah and he trusted his wife and knew
that she he said his wife was very
intelligent and she didn’t use the
astrology as a crutch she used it for
guidance like we do yeah like we use
things for guidance and he said yes he
did use some of it you know he did heed
to some of the information you know not
like she wanted him to but but yes he
did he says there was some tourism some
of that yes so what would you do what
would you have done differently somebody
asks as president if you could everybody
who’s president what a horrible job oh
my god I would be assassinated the first
week if I was president but
yeah no yeah and there’s some of you
blog members probably assessing okay
jump tell me he gloves cuz he said he
was there ain’t no assassinate intent
and I’m like oh my god that’s right
because that’s when somebody else was
hit to put yeah yeah oh my god he said
yes he said Madonna was a real wake-up
call for him yeah tell me how it affects
it yeah he said he you always know that
he says you’re you have I feel like you
have some kind of way how would he show
me is like some kind of therapist on
hand or something there to help you
along with your other people close to
you they’re always reminding you like
that’s the media they’re gonna hate you
they’re gonna focus on this but this or
your ratings and this is people love you
so to keep you kind of yeah
grounded yeah so you’re not all caught
up in that because he says we do have
feelings we do care what people think
about us
because we didn’t think of care with
human oh my god we wouldn’t be talking
the way we do he said you know I trying
to make our point he said that really
brought to light how much people really
didn’t like him and he says and that he
had he said his presidency kind of
shifted after that and I I feel like the
way he says he just got real strong in
his stance and I feel like he got in
more into his own power listening to
other people’s information and taking
their perspective but he got seated more
in his own boots and started thinking
about what decisions he really wanted to
make not based on what other people are
saying it’s the best route to go he
thoroughly more so investigative
situations before making decisions was
part of it like he finally listened to
ours is intuition yeah he said yes his
interest that you told his stomach so
yes it’s intuition and he says you know
and when you’re in that position you
know you’re not ever you’re not gonna
please everybody
oh god no and he says and there are
gonna be people to criticize you no
matter what you do yeah I know
so again what would what is there
anything you would do differently in
your presidency
he’s talking about welfare okay I guess
I’m Dylan he’s a pretty conservative in
that but he says with welfare he says
that that nobody was looking at welfare
yeah they were only looking at it it’s
like this makes our country look good
and let’s just make sure it doesn’t go
over this budget yeah but nobody really
looked into what welfare is doing and
I’m real interested in what he’s saying
because I have my own thoughts about
welfare and and but he’s saying that he
would have it would have redesigned the
whole thing because he feels that he
says it was an injustice to people what
how we were we weren’t educating them
and doing anything when we were just
like here’s a here’s a paycheck or
here’s this just without a tools or
dignity or education yes he said we just
didn’t there was nobody overseeing it to
see how it could better be used because
he said if it was being overseen we
wouldn’t need as much of that money is
was it’s what’s being used or what was
being used he says there there there you
focus on the the big things that what
people say should be worked at looked at
and I guess managed but there’s a lot of
other things that aren’t being managed
that we’re spending money on you know I
think with welfare it’s like on both
sides the aisle it’s just a way to buy
votes it’s like I’ll promise you this we
don’t think it welfare it’s really sad
because you know now is really
and all races has destroyed the the
family units that now in in these
families white black everything the
government and the paycheck has replaced
the role of the father to me not in
every case but in some cases you take
away responsibilities that people yeah
most people want but he’s also shown me
something about war so I don’t know
there’s something about war he said tell
me about that he’s he’s and I was asking
him what what do you mean by war he’s
asking what war are you talking about
he’s there’s something about the war
that he iran-contra think that I’ll say
I’m I feel like it is because he said
that he wished that he would have
there’s wonder Grenada I mean I know he
yeah I think he’s talking about a war
that he had some decision-making in or
something and he wish he would have I’m
asking Ericsson to help me he’s saying
he wish he would have given that it
looks like he did some things that were
good he says he wish he would have
thought he would have thought through it
a little bit further is what he’s saying
because there’s some decision-making on
whatever he did with the war and and I
feel like it might have been the last
war or something that he wish he would
have done different because because of
that that created other hostilities for
other presidents down the way okay so
what was it was Nicaragua El Salvador
the Grenada thing I mean can you get
Eric can you pinpoint what he’s talking
he says that um and this is where the
conflict what I was getting because I
kept getting war and then drugs war and
then drugs he was saying that a lot of
the a lot of the the war that you want
to call it or the he’s not really
calling it a war per se but it’s the war
that the nice guys I mean yeah but what
he’s doing is is he’s saying the the
confrontation about drugs and the war in
that he’s telling me that that could
have been handled a very different way
and and the how we handled things and we
we come at it with aggression instead of
going in there and exploring what what
is it is going on and he says and some
of those because he says we don’t know
what to do so this is how we respond
Jeff you can’t fight fire with fire
hate with hate fear with fear I
understand so what do you think your
biggest accomplishment was I mean what
are you most proud of
he’s one of the things he’s there’s a
daughter in there that made some there’s
there’s a daughter and I’m Maureen is it
oh god that sounds familiar yeah there’s
something about her that he has heard
that he’s real proud of he’s also real
proud of his family and that yeah but as
far as he says he’s kind of jokes he
says he’s proud he survived the
presidency oh I’m thinking he’s saying
that because they attempted
assassination but he says he I don’t he
brought some things into effect that we
still use today some regulations some
laws about the way some things are and
I’m asking them what are they because
which they won something to do with the
unions just do you know what it is
because he shown okay y’all y’all go
look at this and let me know in a
comment it’s cool I don’t know any
research I feel like he was an advocate
for unions or something I don’t know
y’all look at it alright so um mr. Regan
somebody wants to know did you know
about UFOs while you were president
did he make his famous speech about how
we would react if we were threatened by
an alien species because he knew they
were there and I just had a whole
session about area 51 and it seems like
every president from George Washington
has been privy to this information but I
don’t know well he smiles he said yes he
did know and he did believe and so did
Nancy Wow who told him or did he know
even before he’s president
I don’t feel like he did you know I feel
like there wasn’t a no I don’t believe
before he wasn’t God but yeah but he
says that there’s literally like a
council of people that brief brief them
on oh were some of the members of the
council actual aliens and sometimes of
course they can they can disguise
themselves in as in human form so they
don’t freak out but yeah tell me about
he’s going into protective mode in
essence for us but he says he he says
yes people there are people other beans
yeah okay when he says he says yes and
he says and one of the he says when
you’re running for office and stuff he
says you kind of know some of the stuff
is going on anyway yes because this is
one of the things that you are briefed
on shortly after that you become
president because they have to get you
up to speed of where they go and what’s
going on because he says there’s no way
they would let me be the one to like say
no this isn’t going to happen they
briefed you on this and that and he’s
telling me because and yes you are like
wondering are you in a dream or whatever
he goes but for some reason he says it’s
all it’s like you automatically know
that this is the truth and this is real
and and I feel like the way he’s saying
it’s like things make more sense to you
what’s going on in this world when you
know this infamy
so it’s not like it’s hard to believe
yeah yeah did you ever meet an actual
alien not disguised as a human face face
or were there you know integer betweens
he said no he never met anyone that was
like freaky or whatever you know like
that okay
no he never did anyone like that okay
somebody wrote something similar when
you made the comment I occasionally
think how quickly our differences
worldwide would vanish if we were facing
an alien threat from an out outside this
world you made that comment did you know
and have a strong intuition that there
was in fact an aggressive otherworldly
enemy I didn’t know you made that
comment school
he said you’re he’s just saying you’re
privy to a lot of information that the
majority of this world is not really –
yet yeah but he says don’t let that
bring in any fear because he says in
that speech he was just letting people
have an awareness about more than what
there is and because he’s telling me he
didn’t say that speech and fear he was
just like open your eyes people yeah
that kind of thing yes okay what was
your favorite movie that you made
at time for Bonzo you made so many of
them or just we can say basically y’all
have a title because names are so hard
but just know it’s hard for everybody
but like what was it about the cowboy
but this is what he’s showing me that
he’s on a horse and he’s and he said he
really liked playing in the cowboy type
things but yeah he says for him those
were the easier roles to play because it
just was more simple yeah and and he and
I think it’s because of how they casted
and everything is it’s just not as it’s
not as tiring but he showed me he did a
one where there was a love scene and he
said he really liked doing that also he
liked he liked playing that leading man
yeah yeah he really enjoyed that and
he’s showing me a picture of way back
when he’s a handsome person yeah but I
guess he’s he had a great love for
outdoors and and I think that’s why he’d
like because he’s showing me on the
horse but he says a lot of movies so
back then weren’t outdoors as much as it
looked like they didn’t know yeah but he
said he he’d liked doing those kind of
movies and he suits and he’s showing me
a lot like a love scene or I don’t know
they’re not like totally making making
out but where he’s showing me dressed up
in a suit and dress nice and he’s the
ladies man he’d like oh yeah he like to
be the ladies man pretty much yeah he
liked doing those roles okay tell me
about how you think you did as governor
of California
he says he said he he he says he did he
feels he did a good job he says you know
some people say I made a mess of it but
he says there was a lot of things that I
cleaned up good so from your perspective
as a spirit uh what do you think and
what do you think about how how
California is governed now I have no
idea but tell me he he says that he says
California is different a different
state than a lot of other states because
of and he says it’s because of the
different energies that are in
California the you know the people that
lived there and everything and this is
not a bad thing he’s no there’s kind of
a good but it’s just the energy is
different people are I don’t feel like
they’re just more in a sense and he
showed me like a little bit more playful
in some ways and I and I’m wondering if
it’s because of the there’s more income
coming around so they can kind of relax
better but when I say that now I’m like
what cost of items real hide out there
but he says he feels he feels like he
did he he says from where he is now he
is pleased with what he did as as
governor he says things were very
different than than what they are now so
given the times yeah he says he says now
he wouldn’t want to be president and
that but he I mean I’m playing governor
in that but he does say that the
California is turning to a way to where
they’re more progressive to where there
more into he kind of laughs about more
into the astrology the spiritual the
things that are that are people been
talking about forever you know and when
he says he’s showing me about the
legalization of cannabis and and I don’t
know if they’re there yet but he but he
showed me if they’re not there yet
they’re gonna be there about legalizing
you to be able to to die if you want to
die yeah and stuff like that because
they’re there they’re progressing with
they’re not taking things as serious as
some other states do okay so that’s like
that playfulness but then you have the
other side is what’s going on with the
homelessness and the typhus epidemic and
the feces on the streets of stuff I mean
in San Francisco and other places why he
says this is where an imbalance is
coming into place and he says he’s
saying there’s going to be some some
changes to that because there’s gonna be
some significant changes because it will
why why is this happening I mean it’s
not be there California should go visit
Mike my sister and I love them whether
they’re so beautiful but then this also
what is sick just maybe as a contract I
don’t know what’s going on well he says
now what’s happening and he says it’s
been happening for like about twenty
years this has been going on like this
because it didn’t just happen he says ah
people are not as long as they have a
pair of shoes to wear they’re not
looking the other way and he says and
this has gone on now it’s like exploded
now it’s like you can’t hide it and he
says there is there there is stuff
working with that too
that but we don’t know about it yet he
says but there is stuff going on in and
what it is is it’s all in their face and
when I say all in their face I feel like
the political people and stuff it’s all
in their face that they totally dropped
the ball somewhere yeah pretty common in
politics all right so let me see okay so
when somebody wants to know what you
think about the job present Trump is
dream but I also want to know what do
you think about how you know Bush so
that the younger Bush and Obama did I
mean what can we learn from them what
did they did do well with the because
they have done differently I mean
anything you think that would we would
glean and this from one guy we would
glean some spiritual information from
and something to grow from he says he
wants to start with Bush first he says
that the thing of it is is were viewed
as we have an evil heart if you don’t
like us and so but in he’s and he says
that because he’s shown me like with
Bush that a lot of people you know the
people that don’t like him but he says
there was a lot of good that Bush
brought to it but we all have our
secrets we all have our baggage and and
we bring that with us into the
presidency but there is a part of each
president that does some good for the
country and he says some of us are meant
some of us it’s our put into presidency
because that’s what’s needed at the time
not that we do anything great but it’s
needed some of us are put in there just
to fill the shoes
for the time being why other things are
going on says you know people there’s a
lot more going on with the presidency
with the the political stuff in that
then what were even privy to just like
he says you asking about dudes every
president know about aliens and what’s
going on was that how many people really
know about that that’s going on he said
so he says the worst thing we do for our
presidents rather if you it doesn’t
matter which side you’re on is to try
and put them in a barrel and put a lid
on it he says that’s the worst thing you
can do and he says it’s like heaven it’s
like he showed me it’s like walking past
the homeless and having leftover food
and throwing it in the trash instead I
hear it’s it’s the same thing he said
Obama he said you know he’s he’s he’s
not going to trash-talk the president
he’s telling me of course not we all
have our weaknesses yeah and he says let
me tell you he says everybody that gets
into office is not prepared for the work
of the target they have no idea because
and I feel like he’s talking about that
like being told of the aliens because
that’s kind of freaky I think yeah so
bizarre to like the and that happens
real quick after you get into the oh my
god and I’m asked them can you he’s
telling me you just can’t say I quit
this job yeah saying you have everybody
looking at you you just can’t do that
but he says has President Bush and
President Obama done some mistakes made
bad judgment calls she said absolutely
absolutely do anything but they they
there was a part that each one did that
was good but we focus on what they’ve
been he says and now he saves President
Trump for less and I feel like he did
that out of respect for our president
and and he says that and I want people
to know I’m not I’m not pro or against
any of the president so but he’s telling
me that the more you push against Trump
the more you fuel his energy to keep
moving forward and so he the way he’s
the way he’s saying that is it would be
better for the ones who don’t support
Trump to start sending him love and
treating them that way instead of
focusing on what he’s not doing because
there’s more behind that picture that we
don’t know about and he is doing us a
favor by not exploiting and telling
what’s really going on and he’s telling
he’s saying these are very crucial times
right now these are very delicate times
more now than it ever has been
Wow and it would behoove us to support
whoever it is in office right now yeah
and the next one and the next one he
said whoever it may be you know
regardless if they’re whatever party if
they’re a red or a blue it’s because he
says it’s he’s saying it’s very crucial
he said as president Trump doing some
stupid things he said of course but who
doesn’t do stupid things yeah but he
makes me feel like the way he’s saying
it’s like it’s you know that it’s like
really rough seas and Trump’s really
holding the rope on the boat so it
doesn’t float away okay so difficult you
know he can open his mouth a little bit
too much and he says it’s because he
when somebody insults him he feel like
yes to fight back but I feel like you
can’t fight fire with fire so it’s
triggered to and then that triggers us
and he says so there Eric is saying and
Eric is like going on not he he’s not
for anyone he’s not against anyone is
what he’s saying but Eric is saying when
you get triggered you need to ask
yourself why why are you getting
triggered yeah because yeah he’s getting
triggered too but the only thing is is
he’s done it on a megaphone to where
everybody know it you know both sides
are all sides have contributed to this
division and the vitriol and you know
what advice you have for us for that I
mean it’s both sides okay both sides
what do we do because this is not
helping us or maybe maybe it’s a reason
that that is helpful I don’t know maybe
there’s some contract that some
something will grow out of it but I want
to say President Reagan but I heard that
then I’m like that’s not what he wants
to be called bud’s on and just say
President Reagan him he says this there
is a lot that we can do because what
it’s doing is we’re questioning
the were starting the question a lot and
he says things to our technology is
social media you mean well we’re
starting to hear more things you know
we’re strong for information yeah and he
says just like you did the one on area
51 yeah he says just like you know
getting that stuff out he says 50 years
ago you didn’t really hear nothing about
it very few people did and he says and
now look you know and people are people
know more about that then than what some
people we even realizes yeah it’s out
there the information is out there but
he says he’s saying this is a time for
us to check in with our own selves why
are we getting triggered what can we do
and it’s making a lot of us go within
our own selves because this is about
what’s really we’re healing a lot of
things you said with this and in order
to heal things it has to get pretty ugly
first that’s a good thing really I mean
just to reflect on what is going on and
set our hearts and with our ego well and
a lot of secrets are being pumped out
yeah and and that’s and this is what’s
making he says a lot of people are
getting real upset about this because
now they’re having to rethink things
again and and what they thought was the
truth isn’t the truth a lot of things
are being you know the the sheets are
being fluffed up now and he’s on it says
he says it’s with everything what and
we’re finding secrets out and it’s
disturbing a lot of us it’s very
difficult to hold the truth and then all
of a sudden somebody makes you realize
that it’s not really actually truth but
anyway so why did you wait any advice
for a president Trump and then I want to
ask why you why you developed dementia
what was that all about
he says President Trump is a very smart
man very intelligent and he said if he
had any advice for President Trump it
would be to listen to a few people that
are close to him okay yeah I like to
like take their advice on some yeah it’s
got a bit of an ego it makes it
difficult for him to listen to other
people but he’s mirror a lot of other
people’s egos oh yeah okay so why did
you develop dementia before the end I
mean was there a spiritual contract
behind that he says
he says he doesn’t say more that it was
a spiritual contract but it was I felt
like I was chosen exit point and tada
yeah and and he says you know it’s – he
says it makes sense to choose that route
because there was a lot that went on in
the presidency that she said and there
was and I feel like the way he’s saying
that there was some things that went on
in the presidency that he had a lot of
regrets about yeah like iran-contra you
want to talk about that we yeah you know
I just feel like there was some when you
say that I just keep getting then it
just wasn’t thoroughly investigated so I
think he probably did not allow himself
to get informed about everything like he
should have been as a leader I just
shows me he didn’t it didn’t get
thoroughly investigated was that part of
because you had started the onset of
dementia or because you’ve had some such
faith and whoever delegated things to he
says we have to have faith because the
you just can’t have you can’t do it
yourself and he says you have to have
faith and he says but there was always a
part of you that hopes like hell he says
that they’re telling you the truth
yeah and their homework but your busy
you don’t have time to check out now
though you just hope that yeah that the
you the that they’re doing their work
and he says and he kind of chuckles and
he says it wasn’t heard of to fire
people back then that worked for you
like what happens now but yeah and so he
just says
there needed to be some further
investigation and all of that because in
the way he says that and there was I
feel like there were some cover-ups and
there were some lies so I don’t know I
don’t know on whose part I would and he
he’s making me feel like those okay
really quickly we’re just thinking about
a relationship this lightning man cuz I
got we need to wrap up because I don’t
want to go over your time relationship
puts Russia the US relations with Russia
right now and then China and North Korea
just real quick
he says with Russia you know we it’s
kind of like the being in a hostile
relationship you just kind of keep
things calm because you don’t want them
to break all the China in your house
they’re they’re gonna need our help
again that data has a big effect on them
it’s having a big effect he says but
they’re gonna need some help again in
and he says and the US will help he says
they will help him and some other
countries because they’re gonna need
surely he said we all should we all
should pitch in and he’s help each other
yes he said yes but we need to do it
differently than how we did it before
every way we you know we as in the US
and other countries just started
filtering everything to them to do
everything and and you know and so we
mean supply chain you know and this is
helping to make a balance what’s going
on in there and stuff he’s saying it’s
you know it’s pretty rough and he says
but it’s they’re gonna need help again
yeah okay so what about North Korea he
laughs he goes he’s a tough cookie he’s
saying you know and they’re very adamant
about he says there’s he’s showing me
the cloud of fear is so thick and with
the people that run Korea it’s he says
that’s nothing but fear he says it’s
awful Vick he says thick thick it’s fear
and and that just keeps growing and in
them and how it grows it gets they get a
little bit more bossy and how they’re in
threatening and stuff and that’s their
fear and their fear is because something
that other countries are doing or
letting them know they’re not all that
great so they’re really you know
defensive yes and when he say no I’m
like we need to send some love their way
because yeah it’s it’s pretty
frightening to be honest yeah it’s like
a country with the giant ego or the
leader was a giant ego and the people
inside suffer from it yeah I know
alright just I got just a couple of
things what you were here to learn teach
spiritual mission and then the last life
that most you know if this you’re one
that okay so what what were you
specifically here to learn teach or was
spiritual mission all that kind of stuff
he says the main thing one of the main
things for him to was to believe in
himself because he said as a kid and
growing up he really he wanted to
believe that he could do things but he
didn’t know it and it wasn’t until he
hit Hollywood where he realized that he
made a profound effect on things and I
don’t know what he was referring to I
don’t think it’s really his acting per
se but he knew that he had something in
him to give to
people on leadership quality yeah and
that’s where they can go in to politics
because he knew he had something to give
so to teach to buses yeah to teach teach
leadership integrity I don’t know he was
a height I think it was highly had a lot
of integrity and a lot of humor he likes
to think he had humor he said he said
definitely to teach but he talks about
honesty because he’s like me feel like
he was a pretty honest president yeah
yeah okay so what was your insight when
you first crossed over it’s like oh my
god white light what’s going on I mean
what was it he one of the things I was
waiting for him he’s showing me this dog
I don’t know what kind of dog it’s a
small dog I can’t think of the breed
there was a dog waiting for him that’s
kind of a gold color tone time yeah and
now he says I feel like that dog was
with him somewhat through his
Alzheimer’s and and he says but he says
when he transitioned over there were
people there waiting for him saying you
made it you like to have like pulling
him out of freezing water I’ll take up
on your honor you’re safe now you’re
safe now because he said it was he says
it definitely was an experience it
wasn’t frightening but he says sometimes
when you pick deaths the you know
diseases or whatever to cross over yeah
it has you kind of get he’s like you’re
disoriented he says yeah but he says the
transitioning over he says he was glad
we said
when he finally put his feet down it’s
the way he like got settled in he knew
that it was he knew where he was
his mother was a big part helping him
there and he he says he had a baby
sister that never was born had a
stillborn or she died
okay she was there like like eight or
nine months pregnant or something like
that she was there and he said
immediately when he transitioned over he
was back into his full vital healthy
self because he missed that because he
he says when you have Alzheimer’s before
yeah he says you know there’s parts of
you that are missing yes some of it’s
India on the other side of the veil so
quickly a life that passed future that
most influenced your one as President
Ronald Reagan he’s showing me something
in Egypt really tell me about it
and he’s saying that he was like an
emperor I guess it’s what they are yeah
he’s showing me that he’s shown that he
was like an emperor or something oh what
what time frame he’s showing me 1500 BC
or AC he says he’s showing me BC okay I
wanted to say 880 but he’s saying BC
okay so did I say BC or or AC as I mean
that okay so yeah tell me about your
life there and how did it influence your
life as Ronald Reagan he said that he
there is work with some aliens or some
other species oh okay he says and
something to do like he shook on me how
they knew how to map things out with the
Stars or something I don’t know
something they knew something they had
some kind of I don’t know machinery and
I say machinery not like what we have
but some kind of technology of some sort
yeah to do things he’s he’s showing me
that um I don’t know like he like he
like ruled on I don’t want to say ruled
because I don’t feel like you ruled but
he was highly regarded leader and
Emperor is what he’s showing me was he
cool or nicer you know visible or he was
he makes me feel like he was nice the
way the way he’s showing but he was
teaching people things but I don’t feel
like it’s teaching people things like
what we had to hear I feel like they
were working with things from another
dimension to help us you know because
all this stuff just trickles down yeah
but it’s they had some cool anything you
want to share about yourself that nobody
really knows about maybe except for
Nancy he’s any fun secrets there had to
be deep you know he said one of the
things that he loved to do
was he loved playing poker
he loved smoking cigars from time to
oh not and not playing big dollar poker
but just playing poker he liked doing
that and I don’t know
but he’s showing me crocheting so I
don’t know I I just shows me crocheting
so he had to learn like all of his
classmates learned how to crochet or
knit well that’s what he’s showing me
something that he’d liked doing and he’s
saying that was very therapeutic
that’s closed off he says this is not
the end of the world and he says of
course not he says just he says with
everything that’s going on just believe
and know that good things are happening
he said he’s very honored though he says
he’s thinking you for asking him Eric is
asking him would he like to come back as
president he said not not right now he’s
really enjoying where he is Eric is
asking him what is it what did he like
the best about being president other
than you know the political stuff and
Ronald Reagan said he’d loved having his
breakfast made for him oh well thank you
so much President Reagan for coming in
and sharing and you know just stepping
up to the mic and sharing what well we
need to know about you in our country
etc and you’ve got given us a lot of
wisdom Eric thank you so much for
helping bring him in I love you sweetie
and you guys I mean Denis what what kind
of say Denis Ramone come up put it right
here Eric says he loves you mom I love
you too Ronnie I love you too I love you
and President Reagan is he’s just
thanking you so much for being the voice
thank you
bye take care
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