Erik Discusses Twin Flames and Children From Their Union

What a crazy world we’re in now. It’s surreal. And although my usual lifestyle is that of Sheltering in Place, I can only image how it is for those of you who aren’t used to it. I send love and light and prayers for all of you who struggle with this, the financial strife and the anxiety that is overtaking our lives. I do plan to channel the actual virus (if that’s even possible,) so if you want to submit questions, EMAIL them to me at 

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This Tuesday, our guest for the show is Maria Johnson, Medical Astrologist. The topic: The Contribution of Astrology in Medicine (Astro-Diagnosis.) Below, she introduces herself, what she does and why she does it.

ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming it.

The main utility of medical astrology is to deliver an indication as to whether the cosmic effects extant at the time of a disease are likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the sufferer. Iatromathematics can be applied likewise in prophylaxis.

Being a medical doctor in surgery, emergency, and Ayurveda I discovered how to use Astro-diagnosis to figure out what had caused the serious health issues I had as a child. Eventually, I left my surgical practice to devote myself to a combination of holistic, Western medicine, Ayurveda and medical astrology. It has always been my goal to cure patients in a non-invasive method whenever possible even as an former surgeon.

My approach to medical astrology is scientific, and I do my own research. In other words, when I do an assessment, I concentrate deeply on the health factor and less perhaps on psychological subjects. Though, everything is interconnected and one does not preclude the other one.

Another important topic that we might discuss is to take our health as an important subject. Too many astrologers talk nonsense, harming clients by not having any knowledge of medicine. Not having that knowledge is like building a house without a foundation.

To connect with me, email me (Dr. D) at Here is a YouTube that explains what I do:

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truly part 3 so and that’s gibberish Kim

Erik take his take it away

Erik I love you and I appreciate this so

much well and he says mom I love you to

pieces and he’s like he’s being a very

after our last twin flame recording I

kept bugging Erik because I felt like

there was more we could have talked

about I just wasn’t sure what it was

so a few days later him and I were

chatting and he he said he said well

stirred up by making that analogy that

you did in the first one again where if

you imagined plugging into source like

you were plugging into an outlet you

know that but when two twin flames plug

in together that is source emotion

that’s God’s love so he said start out

by explaining that to you yes cool okay

yeah do that he said you know tell her

to you know but you were asking about

other people reflecting the twin flame

back to you he said specifically to tell

you that you’ll see it in your husband’s

eyes when there’s an extra twinkle you

know I tell ya and those times that see

Matt seem magical he also says that you

see it in your grandchildren because

they’re such open loving


loving people he says you’ll see that

extra twinkle or you’ll see it maybe do

a facial expression or a mannerism that

was just like I used to do at that age

and he said no that that’s me mom

reflecting back to you oh that’s so

sweet that was fun and then I said okay

so tell me what you were talking about

at night I know a little bit about this

with my children but what what were you

talking about with the children of these

twin flame unions how how it’s a benefit

for them or they get an extra spark so

then he started telling me about and

I’ve known this also that okay there’s a

couple times that we merged back into

oneness with God or with source you know

that when we sleep that’s one of those


Oh provided it’s up for people that say

like they’re heavily intoxicated or

taking really heavy drugs they do not

they do not merge back into source but

that’s no good

that’s a definite disadvantage right so

normal people who are doing those things

merge back into source into oneness with

source while they’re sleeping

but people who are twin flames during

the act of intimacy when there’s no

space or time between them if a child is

conceived in that sacred union that

child has an extra spark if he’s saying

it’s like their spiritual DNA their

codons are activated much more easily

than a child that was conceived in a non

twinkling now that child in a non

twinkling union could not do that but

it’s just it’s more of a natural thing

for children that were conceived in the

twin clan Union so then so you started

talking about your two girls one ones


after in one studying to be correct yeah

and then and then

well this Christina is an

anesthesiologist then the next line is

Michelle who’s an ER nurse and the baby

the fifth kid is you know she’s Annika

and she is gonna be starting her fourth

year medical so it’s Christina and

Annika Michelle story will get to her

next back though the girls he was

talking about more specifically what he

said was they will have the ability he

says they’re kind of like going to be

bridges between the medical world and

the spiritual world they will have the

ability to stay very grounded and do

their job and then when they need to to

decipher across you know kind of cross

the dimension or the the bail

information and insight they need from

spirit and bring it back into

physicality he said like instantaneously

today he the example he said like he

said like from for me say if I was

channeling and had clients that day and

then went to go balance my checkbook I

would have a really hard time coming

down from the level of consciousness

that I was to go right into doing my


but he’s saying but those girls could

that’s the difference or he says like

you know say I’m doing a real say like

I’m working on my income taxes this

happened recently I’m working on my

income taxes and somebody’s texting me

and they want a session they want to

reading it

well I can’t just drop it and give you a

reading because I’m not there it’s like

I’m in the basement working and I have

to meditate and go upstairs and clear my

acts of math and government and all that

stuff I don’t like to deal with before I

do a reading yes I could do your reading

but it’s not going to be as good because

I’m not there in consciousness at the

time but so he says it’s a very easy

ability to switch back and forth okay

sorry I’m emailing like

I mean texting back my pool guy cuz a

little disaster here there turn the

wrong down that’s all I want to say but

Papa is in Norway and he said turn all

the valves to the right and I did and

anyway that’s me that’s those two yeah

so that doesn’t just apply to me how can

we you know expand or extrapolate this

information to others who may have a

Christina and Annika and there’s

children how can they tell how can they

foster that I mean whatever you need to

say well he says okay so he says you do

a good job at fostering it and a lot of

people do he said one of the ways you

can tell is things just seem natural for

them like I could use the example of my

oldest daughter she is completely not

into anything cited kick anything

channeling and yeah like that yeah she

is so she’s starting to now oh yeah

that’s cool after she after I told her

about the story of Sarah when I was

Sarah Goode and that she was my daughter

merci she could make sense out of all

that and she believed it so now she’s

starting to get into it she actually

thinks that’s pretty cool yeah but so

anyways so all these years she just said

that was the stupidest thing she’d ever

heard of what listen to it I wouldn’t

follow along but yet she’s in complete

alignment um you know just just her life

I mean if you just look at it everything

just unfolds for her naturally yeah

maybe God the day she got married was

some significant sacred Union day or

something and she

and that she didn’t know anything about

it her she has she has children and

she’s had to have c-sections so she

chooses the burbs for one of her

children and at 11 11 11 on 11 how about

knowing why or why you know she just

does things like that she’s just in

alignment Isis that where you would

recognize it and he says too that

they’re a little a little calmer don’t

get rattled by things as my oh that’s so


so are you saying that the product of

two twin flame unions it seems like

their life just unrolls more

effortlessly right twin blames an but

you don’t have to go there swish them

okay good go on you know yeah yes and he

started talking about my shot you know

Michelle is Michelle’s purpose is a

little bit different okay so to start

off he says I’ve ever explained this

purpose before we incur Nate we all

choose a purpose that’s specific to us

an individual and personal to us yeah

but that one thing that’s so important

that you overcome or learn or whatever

it is also has a big planetary impact so

for instance if you’re born and you’re

carrying a wound from a past life when

you heal that wound when you forgive you

take your power back you integrate it

and you release the other person from

responsibility that heals that memory in

the grid that’s in the earth so that

means that others that do not have the

ability to heal can download that grid

and use it to heal it also means

it repairs a planet so that new souls

coming in that memories neutralized it’s

not there anymore

because remember when we talked about

the fur they’re born and they can feel

it and so yes I’ll act out those things

so Michelle was working on her Akashic

record this time and it’s from her life

you know from the Holocaust oh yeah I

think he needs help with you some of the

things too to watch out for for like

people in that situation on the eboard I

asked Erik why does she get bored so

easily because he’s like episodes Gera

said personal intimacy so that came from

a past life so she doesn’t wanna slow

down so that she has time to think about

it oh yeah brave warrior yeah so okay so

he says so there’s a universal law that

yeah you and someone’s like or do

something where the time line ends like

in the Holocaust for all those people

that murder he said those murders you

get to come back into a new time line

it’s like a cosmic reset a do-over and

do this life so that it has a different

outcome so he says so that were there

for children

do you remember five children by okay

okay if I remember correctly yeah and

one of them was a make up apparently and

it’s a boy the win Annika was born

that’s when Michelle starts she was

eight that’s when she started having

having a lot of problems I think it

triggered that life it was very true

yeah well she broke her leg around that

time and that didn’t help

yeah yeah

so whenever a time line has been

disrupted you get to come into a new

timeline have a better

come so he said she will get to be with

all of those children that she was

separated from in those lives you know

there’s there’s Annika I got very strong

yeah I’m getting goose bumps the two

boys that she has now here oh yeah

oh he’s paying the other children they I

don’t know necessarily that they would

be her children they could be her

grandchildren nieces nephews someone

significant in her life so what he says

is that she will through normal her

normal everyday experiences like with

work neighbors family friends coworkers

there will be awkward there will be

situations she’s calling him

opportunities that present themselves

that are similar in nature to what

happened there and it could have been

like like when they came and captured

them like that kind of thing that you

know she’s the ER nurse so she has

somebody come in that was electrocuted

or something yeah yeah okay oh wow all

kinds of different things

yeah yeah yeah and so what it’ll be is

her ability to you know move through

those things that they feel traumatic

forgive take the power back integrate it

and release the other person from

responsibility and so I asked her well

what what are the kind of things that

somebody who’s had that kind of a tragic

ending what kind of things would they

see that would trigger them you know and

he talked about a couple things he

talked about feelings like you said

right gonna bus right remind them a lot

of people listeners or watches out there

they there’s probably a lot that

suffered in the Holocaust either was

killed there or suffered and then you

know survived but then you know died

other causes mm-hmm he told me another

thing would

I just I always think it was the power

line sizzling I don’t know if you guys

hear that down there but it’s some kind

of insect that Oh

powerline sizzling oh I don’t know so

many like noise like that or like Oh is

she afraid storms growing yeah you know

what she was afraid of trains going on

the train track and our other hazards

cutting the ready to readily readily

readily that’s the train of the

Holocaust and Annika there was a little

penguin toy when she was just crawling

that would go over the grout lines and

make that same sound and she would freak

out so we got to go yeah yeah back from

from the other thing he taught he told

me and it’s coming after the birth of

your children because your heart opens

in a new way and it’s been so hard on

your body

he says it’s often common after the

birth of a child to get reached a

favored by some of these these things oh

he also said that specifically you know

like anything to do with racism mm-hmm

would just tweet her son just she gets

upset like a lion defend anyone that’s

why and he said so she might have some

opportunities in her life where she does

defend you know somebody innocent or

somebody who’s being picked on or yeah

or she has a chance to stand against

that and there’s a side I can’t wait I

said oh yeah where is she gonna see that

everything oh he said well well know

just think about it per minute and he

reminded me of something when I was a

nurse I don’t even remember well what

year it was or what set of shots we were

giving but you know when you’re a nurse

and you’re giving a shot it’s all in the

flow it’s a flows yeah

for some reason this one immunization we

have I can give us a flu shot or

something maybe each one then when they

don’t remember every time I try to give

it I just say I I can’t there’s

something wrong here

I’ll ah but you stopped because I’ve had

these weird dreams where I’m trying to

spank my kid and I don’t spank okay and

I just get then I can’t do it so funny

oh my god yeah yeah oh and she said he

said he said for some reason you picked

up on maybe that that vaccine was maybe

maybe he says maybe it was just toxic

for you okay

maybe he said maybe it was toxic for

other people too and he said you just

picked up on it and it just wasn’t

flowing for it yeah he said she could

have things like that happen okay also

the other very common things is eating

disorder hoarding hoarding food eating

any kind of eating just okay so that I

can imagine right what are some things

that could help her with this and he

told me just to make sure she’s doing

the digestive care you know like teas

and that kind of thing whatever she

needs to do probiotics teas and he said

very important to do a liver cleanse

twice okay Wow so it’s amazing all kinds

of ways you can do that okay so then

damage I asked okay so what about Lucas


and he said well Lucas is still defining

himself in deciding who he is and what

he wants to do he is his own man and he

said to tell him it’s very important

that he always follows us her and then

he loves let me tell Alice siblings they

love oh yeah of course

but he said he doesn’t want to come in

and start saying things because he wants

Lucas to find out for himself because he

he says he felt like Lucas would feel

like he was riding in a shadow for Eric

like it would Joe yeah okay and Lucas is

going to do this this and this he said

Lucas gets to determine the others have

already started the process

Marren are working on it so it’s okay

for him to talk about it

well apparently Lucas was Christina’s

and during the Holocaust husband

Christina was a Catholic who helped

children Jewish children or maybe the

whole families escaped the Holocaust you

know escape the Nazis so and Lucas was

married to her but just uh okay he was

kind of like uninvolved she got pissed

at that that’s funny

yeah that is telling me you know how the

cost was like consciousness came in to

do it just like autism is a girl

consciousness a lot of balls come in to

volunteer to do that he said it makes it

makes sense that many of you would have

been in that life to end together and

you’re all back together you know you

came in as a group and you’re a group

again and this time working you know

supporting each other to work through

that okay so I don’t want to be selfish

I do want to extrapolate this to others

how can people out there who have not

had past life regression on that how

what signs are there that they can pick

up on that tell them that they or their

family member their children were

involved in that Holocaust group


well like the symptoms that we were

talking about oh we were talking about

he said they might be drawn to it he

said like remember that what he’s

telling me about that movie Schindler’s

List oh yeah

he said you may watch that and a person

who’s in the Holocaust and is caring he

said someone who’s resolved the trauma

is not gonna see it but somebody who’s

still carrying the trauma they may be

especially upset by that

yeah thing if they’re not sleeping if


having anxiety using and not just the

Holocaust for anybody that’s working on

in akashic record– what you’re gonna

see is a lot of drama

oh says you’re gonna see the same kind

of things coming back over and over and

over again I say when he says that’s

gonna be your biggest clue a lot of

drama and we’re the same thing keeps

type of thing keeps happening over and

over Norman okay let’s talk about what

you can do to help not only Michele but

other people you know I know that you

can regress them to that life right and

also you can take them to the Akashic


work on their spiritual DNA well I mean

you should be testing it because what do

I know

yeah there there are so many things and

Eric saying it depends on where the

person’s acts because he’s saying like

for okay so for like Michelle she’s

she’s supposed to be a thermal person

she gets to raise her children into

adulthood she gets to finish out that

light that was okay so she gets to do

that this time he’s saying she didn’t

really chart to be a medium or a psychic

or anything in this lifetime if she had

she would have to remember and go

not necessarily you wouldn’t have to

remember them all but you’d have to

remember to heal those memories and that

can get pretty intense and pretty hard

like with you yeah right great I it’s

about three weeks where I couldn’t even

get out about it before you know I’m

alright now it’s better to but but but

that was a really hard thing to go

through and he’s saying for Michelle

that wouldn’t help her yeah and so he’s

saying you can do a past life regression

so they can see those things but if you

do you have to do some kind of therapy

some forgiveness work and taking your

power back those kinds of things so he

says you can do that but then I’ve had

other people who have come

to me wanting to work on a past life

thing and well I’ll just tell you one

lady I had she was just about 80 and she

had a lifetime where she was held

captive by the Catholic Church and she

was like a sex slave for that well that

in this life or in another life in

another life okay giving birth to these

babies that they that they would take

and what they were doing is they were

actually smothering the babies Oh God

and so you know the guides told me it

would do no good to take her back to

that it would just traumatize her all

the more but what they said was in her

case just to give her a reading to tell

her about it and then to do the same

healing work we would have done anyways

and you told you help with that healing

work right mm-hmm how do you do that

like in the Michelle’s case you can

regress her sure he knows about this but

how would you help heal her well we

would have her you know I would have her

in a fifth dimensional space these other

individuals oh yeah

and then the forgiveness technique and

then help her the other he’d have to

take her to the next step where she

understood that this was a very brave

thing she did to come into this lifetime

and to me she basically made a huge

sacrifice yeah and it was for the

betterment of the planet so if you can

get her to shift it and see that because

you don’t want her in here’s what Eric’s

mean you know when she wouldn’t

necessarily want to go in there and find

out maybe that the boss that she’s

working with was the person that flipped

the switch yeah oh yeah how are you

gonna deal with that you know no no you

just want to face with people in the

dimension that did what you did with me

right right right

so he’s seen those kinds of things can

help another thing that can happen and

this is very odd it’s

some kind of entity lightening its

insecticide insecticide like a Pleiadian

thing that can follow families from

lifetime to lifetime and it’s not just

like one like someone has one entity

it’s like this thing would tend to talk

tentacles okay what maybe be attached

into some really dark family member

that’s playing you know the start role

and then yeah but it would have these

little tentacles that would lead into

other family members a story together so

sometimes you gotta go in and remove the

entities and clear the energy can you do

that mm-hmm

oh wow because a couple of mediums said

that when she kind of changed from being

so happy and sweet to real negative at

eight years old that the broken legs

being triggered about the past life that

lowers our vibrational energy so that

one or I think it’s just one negative

entity connected to her or that now

that’s gone maybe yeah

well then let me let me ask error

I’m feeling like yeah I just kind of

getting a yes oh good yeah okay but that

I have seen that happen in some families

it’s a very y’all if y’all have a maybe

if you have a family where there’s a lot

of drama and toxic relationships here

and there etc then it could be this

insect like being entity I think we

should call an orc in consult frankly

that you know that Kim can help you with

at embodies dot I mean embody – light

calm well I mean you offer so many

things just freakin incredible Wow and

you’re such a good tailor – thank you

well they used to help people out there

oh go ahead

I say the reason I trained you know

those modalities was because I had up

not knowing but I had one thing after

another it would help a little bit and

then I trained on it so I continued

could continue to work on myself and

offer it to other people so that’s why I

have so much training that’s awesome

that’s great I started a long time ago

so okay anything else that you can tell

people either who feel like they have

children and that are the positive twin

flame knees or the people who think yeah

I think I am a product of twin flame

unions or just anything Eric what do

people need to hear out there he says

they just need to stay in synchronicity

and flow the other thing you saying

about Twin Flames is you wanted me to

make this point it’s a vibrational match

thing yeah and you’re gonna naturally be

drawn together because a lot of people

think they have to go in and try to make

it happen or control the circumstances

he’s saying if you’re doing that you’re


ready for it it’s a natural thing you

will be drawn together it’s a magnetic

thing it’s supposed to happen in the

rest of my army yeah and he’s just

saying that most of the issues okay so

if it’s from a past life most of the

issues are going to present very similar

in a current life so if you deal with

that situation than you’re currently you

don’t have to go back into past lives

and learn it it’ll just take care of it

if you do it in this life what he’s

saying is if you’re somebody who’s had a

problem and tried dealing with all these

things in the current timeline and you

just can’t do it there’s a pretty good

indication it’s past life if you’re

gonna have to do like some quantum work

in different timelines and that is Wow

so there’s always a solution that is so

good yeah there’s all kinds of healers

out there there yeah reenacting an hour

and my family this timeline is it

reenacting whoa care there yes I mean

the children oh yeah okay he’s not

telling me that anybody is particularly

triggering her he’s kind of saying that

it would have been too close for comfort

for her to have like people that maybe

played out a negative role in that

lifetime that whole story that was a

send her over the edge he said yeah he

said he’s telling because it’s like this

it’s like it’s the memories there and

it’s under the surface you know and it

almost wants to come out but he’s saying

like particularly with Michelle with

what you told me she just keeps herself

so busy yeah so that it doesn’t come up

and then she loves work now our lean

Eric said that

her that’s her eldest from another daddy

split off from source directly and

didn’t really have any pastime although

that was interesting and somebody also

said that our kids especially you know

for example Michelle shows her parents

because she knew that we would be really

supportive and loving while she worked

out this very difficult you know exactly

you contracted with her to do that Nick

is her very sweet husband was he

involved in any of the that lifer

Nicholas Murphy I got a yes up man oh

how so as I’m trying to find out here

like a very close friend or neighbor or

something a beer okay

and I asked husband and that was a

definite no but a very close friend all

right somebody really relied on and

counted on for moral support and that

kind of thing

was it Jewish yeah okay okay well now

he’s on Jewish as you can be this so

funny all right well that’s good so you

guys I know this has been a lot about my

family but your hopefully gonna see that

there are so many people out there with

the same thing going on and it’s not

just the Holocaust like you said Kim

it’s also the the autism autism

collective and maybe some others Kim are

there some other Biggie’s world war two

I know that was exactly yeah Spanish

Inquisition yeah Eric is just telling me

one more thing he says don’t forget to

say this okay so we have two grids on

our planet oh no can do there’s the

third dimensional grid which is all the

chaos okay it’s the fifth dimensional

grid which is the peace the love the

understanding that’s where we all want

to be yeah when you are going through

these things when you’re having a lot of

trauma and chaos it’s cuz you’re hooked

into the third dimensional grid so what

really helps is to keep your energy in

the new grid in the 5 D grid as much as

you can because that keeps your

vibration high enough and then those

things don’t bother you yeah tell my mom

how it is for you because ok so like say

I wake up and I haven’t gotten enough

sleep and I’m a little crabby I’m in the

3d grid cuz I’m just being irritable and

crabby bitch here Eric saying bitchy

oh he’s not for me out

well I got my bitchy days too

so yeah so I’ll be like that and then

I’m I am in the third grade when I’m

like that then I’m still thinking about

my mother what she’d get all Messiah on

seeing them and what this person did and

what that person did yeah until I raised

my vibration and get into the 5d grid

then all that nonsense goes away it

doesn’t bother me I see the picture but

sometimes I have to work on it to keep

myself in there

it’s almost like if you happen and I can

drop back into it yeah it’s almost like

if you raise your vibration then you can

put yourself from victim mode to

observer mode can you help other people

learn techniques on how to I mean you

can raise their vibration with it but

how to waste a razor vibration mm-hmm

and one of the things I mean I just talk

them through but one of the things we

always do is you just imagine dropping a

grounding cord into the earth and you

just kind of feel it you know and and

grounding and just tell yourself you’re

connecting into the new 5d 300 and you

just make that connection and he says

practice practice listen to your

favorite stand-up comic I guess listen

to the music you love do the things you

like whether it’s painting or sculpting

or writing poetry that taps into a joy

right that’s it he’s saying that isn’t

exactly alright so he’s gonna see a

mission I was doing a really good job

but they’re always making one more point

do you remember when he first

transitioned and I don’t remember which

medium was channeling him but he said

something to the effect of he was

worried about Michelle because he left

earlier than he was supposed yeah

he’s worried that she wouldn’t be able

to do her job she was supposed to do

another purpose that was it that’s what

he was referring to oh okay he’s gradual

oh she’s uh she’s one of the best ER

nurses ever they love her and she loves

them and she’s just really so good she

has saved so many lives

anyway that’s awesome anything else you

want to share we don’t have to have a

whole hour but no no it was just that

personal stuff he came up with your

family and like I said it is personal to

you but he says but it’s the same thing

that happens in a lot of families and

relate all right so I think it helps

people when they to understand it when

they can understand it through real

people in real situations how it’s

actually everything that is true that is

true oh thank you I love you and Kim I

love you

you guys gotta check it out what you

just offer because it’s like a Chinese

menu right on embody that light calm and

I love you guys hit the like button if

you can if you didn’t go ahead and

subscribe thank you and I will hold on

to me too I love you baby yeah


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