The Afterlife Interview with Ruth Bader Ginsberg

What a fascinating woman! Enjoy this one! Wonderful channeling by Veronica Drake at!

But first (of course and I KNOW it’s annoying!) I have a few announcements.

  1. I haven’t been able to post as many YouTubes and blog posts since launching Atlantis Scalar but I’m working things out so that this will change. I hope you are patient.
  2. Because the negative entities are at it again. They brought down the Atlantis Server. No worries. We will prevail. Last week, though, was a horror show. I was doing portal work for a family whose property was an an ancient burial ground and in 1813, a young girl was so affected by the negative entities that she committed suicide and is now earthbound. Over 10,000 negative entities in the home and the energy body and over 10,000 open portals in the home and energy bodies and over 10,000 closed portals in each as well. It could have been a million for all I know. I just gave up counting. The problem was that since I changed the language of my prayer of protection and intent to widen my 7th chakra to its maximum width and so they entered my body that way. I got extremely ill and all ten hours of portal work were an abject failure. It took 2 hours for Erik to clean my energy and of course I had to edit the prayer. And the next day, I had to do everyone’s portal work again. It’s the risk that comes with the business.Not only that, they negative entities took my glasses to their dimension, very expensive progressives. I know exactly where I last placed them and they simply vanished. I asked the Divine Team to please retrieve them and Erik said they would. The client whose property had all the negative entities happens to be a talented medium, and she said I would find them somewhere associated with my laundry. Well, I just did my laundry that day and after putting away all of the folded clothes, I put the empty laundry basket back in the hamper. This morning, I decided to look in the hamper and there they were, My glasses in the empty hamper. The Divine Team was clearly trying to tell me that I had not misplaced them; they retrieved them for me! It’s hard work people!
  3. The last radio show was AMAZING!! On the show, Erik discussed how many children are coming in with gifts now, particularly psychic abilities and the ability to channel. These children also tend to be empaths, so he discussed how we can teach them how to protect their energy. Channeling him for the show was the brilliant channel and energy healer, Michelle Gray. Please be sure to discover her many talents at Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik took questions from listeners, and the answers were channeled by Michelle, as well. If you want to talk to Master Angel, Erik Medhus, in a future show, call in to 646-716-9735 15 minutes before the hour.
  4. ADDENDUM: The negative entities have lost the battle. The site,, is up again and ready for orders! This is a war of Good against evil and clearly they don’t know who they are dealing with: Mama Bear and the Divine Team: Source, the Universe, all of God’s Archangels, all of the benevolent celestial constellations in the Universe, Apollo and all of the Heavenly bodies in His Solar System, all of the benevolent interdimensional beings in the Universe, Yeshua Ezechial Christ, my son, Master Angel Erik Rune Medhus, Saint Francis, my Guardian Angel, Veronica, my spirit guides, my Higher Self. So there, Mother F-ers!!!!

Okay, enjoy the radio show! Great job channeling, Michelle Gray, from

And now for RBG!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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