The Birth of Erik Medhus

My Internet has been down since Thursday morning, and AT&T is having trouble fixing it because the utility pole is on the lot that belongs to neighbor’s that live behind us. They’re the crankiest old grouches I know, and call the cops for every little thing like when we play music (not loudly) in our backyard in the evening. AT&T has left notes on their door day after day, but they don’t respond. Maybe they’re on a three month vacation! Maybe they’re inside their house, dead! I can’t be without Internet forever, so after hours of begging, AT&T agreed to have our local police let them into the backyard. It’s not even their property, technically, because the pole is on the utility easement. That said, it’ll take a few more days, and I can’t use too much data via my personal hotspot, so no new YouTube uploading. Instead, I thought I’d share the day my beautiful angel entered into our lives. While I was walking outside, thinking about the idea, my phone, which was in my pocket, started playing that EVP where Erik says, “Love you, Mom!” I guess he approves. 

One more announcement: the event in October is close to selling out, so be sure to get your tickets soon! Just click on the appropriate button on the righthand sidebar! Oh, and by the way, I fixed the “Listen Now” button for the radio show on the sidebar, too.

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