The Breakdown on Angels

I thought I’d pick a post where Erik wasn’t so obnoxious. hopefully he won’t ruffle too many feathers, but usually there’s a reason for it when he does. There’s “spiritual awakening” and there’s “Erik awakening.”

Me: Can you go, Erik, from being a regular spirit like you—sorry if that hurts your feelings—to an angel or an archangel?

Erik: You don’t.

Me: So you cannot or you don’t? There’s a difference.

Erik: You can’t become an archangel. No, if you were once, many, many, many moons and lifetimes ago—just saying that in a linear base frame so people can understand—

Jamie giggles.

Jamie: I love all of his little robot taglines.

Erik: Once you give up being an archangel, you always give up; you always give up the position.

Me: Okay. Well, can you go to being an angel from a regular spirit?

Erik: Sure.

Me: Wow, really?

Erik: Sure, just like a human becomes a saint.

Me: Oh.

Erik: It’s like an evolution process. And remember, angels aren’t like these, you know, awesome winged beings that are untouchable. They’re very real.

Me: Do they have wings?

Erik (laughing): No.

Me: I’m just kidding. I figure they can fly without them. Well, what’s the difference between a regular spirit and an angel, I mean energetically, everything? Tell me more about, uh, can they do more? What does their energy look like?

Erik: Oh, yeah. I get you.


Jamie: Okay he’s breaking it down, so we have archangels, guardian angels, and angels.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Archangels don’t reincarnate onto the earthly plane. They don’t need to. They get the concept. They’re pure energy, just like God Source is.

Me: How are they made, so to speak? Do they just clip right off from God Source like clipping off taffy?

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: That is awesome.

Erik: Yeah. I’ll go with that.

Jamie: He was making a joke before. He was like, “Ah, Mom. How rude. Do we need to have the ‘Birds and Bees’ talk?”

Me: No, I mean seriously!

Erik: No, I mean it’s God Source energy. We’re all made the same way.

Me: Well then what’s so special about archangels?

Erik: They don’t come to Earth, Mom. They don’t translate their energy into other Life Force beings. They don’t go to Mars, to Jupiter, to other systems. They stay close to God Source.

Me: Oh, so anybody could have decided to be an archangel?

Erik: Hells yeah!

Me: Okay. It sounds kind of boring!

Erik: It comes with a lot of responsibility and work, but some people love that, right?

Me: Why do they exist?

Erik: Uh, to help kind of keep, not really the balance, but –


Jamie (to Erik): You’re really going to use that, aren’t you? (to me) He’s going to use the word balance even though he says it’s not really balance.

We both laugh.

Me: Okay, so what special abilities and roles do they have? Give me more details about that, and then we’ll go on to the other angels.

Erik: They can help anything from wars to an inner war in a person’s head to helping animals to helping the Earth, helping the weather. They can intervene and—they’re not going to fuck things up.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: They’re going to set things right, even if what we consider to be devastating and wrong might be right for the world to experience—

Me: Oh!

Erik: You know, they can help set things up to where we’re having those experiences that are helping overall.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So they’re here kind of to correct the chaos if it’s not the type of chaos that’s needed.

Me: Oh, I see. So the balance, uh, sometimes you need the input of a little chaos in order to create balance, too, right?

Erik: Absolutely. And I don’t want people thinking that it’s a Big Brother thing and that we’re all predestined and every movement and every, every, everything, cuz that’s complete bullshit. There’s so much free will. Angels are observers. The observer. And tell you what, archangels can react. They react if you ask them to or not. Guardian angels and angels, they have to be invoked. They have to be invited. They have to be welcomed kind of like your local vampire. You gotta let them into your house. You gotta let them into your belief system and surrender that they are going to be assisting you and what you’re doing.

Me: So, archangels react to the free will of people. If you get things out of whack, they’re there to balance the chaos and harmony.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Are they more powerful because they are closer to Source?

Erik: Yes.

Me: They can suck up that energy and—

Erik: Yes. And guardian angels are the ones who—

(I’m interrupted by an important phone call from a doctor.)

Me: Okay, so back to guardian angels. You were about to talk about them.

Erik: Yeah, they’re the ones who kind of teach and give advice—private protectors. Most of the time, guardian angels are assigned to a group a people that they particularly help. So, there are a whole bunch of them. Then angels—

Me: Wait, wait. Who assigns them? Do they assign themselves?

Erik: Oh, no. You totally do that before you get into a life. These are all connection that you have. I mean, look how great people are networking on Earth. Trust me, you network in the spirit world! You know what’s going on. You know what lessons you’re picking and who can help you more, and if you actually want to design your life to where you don’t feel like you don’t have any help, you know, and that it’s miserable. You can have that shit, too.

Me: Okay, so you can decide, Erik, if you want to guide somebody on your own.

Erik Yeah.

Me: And do you have guides, too?

Erik: I have people that I go to that I learn from, yeah.

Me: Okay, but you’re not assigned, or—

Erik: No.

Me: Unless you want to have a guide assigned to you.

Erik: Yeah, yeah. Like somebody who’s had a really rough life and they come over and they’re not getting the adjustment they need—you know, you can be assigned a buddy.

Me: Okay, so, like over here, you’re having a rough time, you go to a friend or go see a counselor or whatever.

Erik: Yeah. Totally.

Me: Just like over here. Okay. Now, are you considered a guardian angel? Because you do guide people like blog members and stuff. Or are you like a regular spirit.

Erik: I don’t know. I think I’m still considered pretty much on the regular side.

Me: Like a guide.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: What’s the difference between a guardian angel and a guide?

Erik: The difference is, um, energy vibrations. Guardian angels are able to do more.

Me: Including…


Jamie (to Erik): Oh, is this a bullet list?

Erik: Sporadic healing, helping more—


Jamie (to Erik): I know, but I don’t think that metaphor comes across. Say it a different way.


Jamie (to Erik, sighing): Picture it, Erik. The way he’s showing me is, um, guardian angels have more concentrated, higher vibrational energy.

Erik: So, they really don’t have to take a lot of the shit that humans are dishing out.

Me: Oh!

Erik: And they can just come in and say, “I’m behind you; I’m helping.” Guides are more like, “We’re going to stand to the side, and we’re going to whisper over to tell you what to do, and we’ll give you all the insight, but we’re not doing that shit for you.”

Me: Okay.

Erik: Whereas the guardian angel says, “I’m doing that shit for you, because you’re to point now where you can’t do it for yourself.”

Me: Oh, okay. Got it. And guardian angels, can they split off more than guides?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Anything else on the bullet list?

Erik: You can break it down, you know, career, family, health. They’re always able to do more for the human being than what a guide can do. Guides—we’re instructional. We’re teachers. We’ll talk the shit out of things.

Me (laughing): Yeah, I noticed!

Erik: Whereas angels are doers.

Me: Ah, I see. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I completely understand. Angels can create change whereas guides can suggest change.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Do you aspire to become a guardian angel or are you happy being a guide?

Erik (chuckling): I’m happy being a guide.

Me: Okay. Now, what about a regular spirit? I guess they just don’t want to be guides or…

Erik: Yeah. Like your mom.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Erik: She’s just living another existence, being herself. You know, she doesn’t wanna do that shit.

Me: Are there people who are in your dimension who are several things at once? Can you be a regular spirit and a guardian angel at the same time since there are different facets to a diamond, right? In one facet you might be, in the past, a—

Erik: Yeah, because I can choose not to be a guide for someone on Earth and just be a regular dude with them just like you can change that character or personality when you go out Friday nights.

Me: All right. I think we got a lot of very interesting information here. 

God, I LOVE what Erik had to say here!


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