The Breakdown on Angels

I thought I'd pick a post where Erik wasn't so obnoxious. hopefully he won't ruffle too many feathers, but usually there's a reason for it when he does. There's "spiritual awakening" and there's "Erik awakening." Me: Can you go, Erik, from being a regular spirit like you—sorry if that hurts your … Continue reading

Rules of Engagement

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. For those who find this time of year tough, know that you were all in my thoughts and prayers. I feel like those of us who still grieve over losses all blindly groped our way through that dark patch to find our way to the other side. I hope you dragged a … Continue reading

Update on Erik’s Status

Sorry about the hiatus folks, but I promise I have a good explanation! Rune's race season opened this weekend and my job was to take care of grand daughter, Arleen, while he raced and my daughter and son-in-law acted as corner workers waving flags and manning radios. Rune thought there was internet … Continue reading

The Seven Planes

Channeling Transcript Me: Now, I hear there are seven planes between the physical earth and the Source. Is that true? Seven dimensional planes. Are those the same as astral planes? I’m. So. Confused. Erik: Yeah, dimensional and astral are the same. Me: Where am I? Erik: On the planes? Me: … Continue reading