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I can’t tell you how touched I was to receive such an outpouring of support. I wish I could have answered every comment but I tried as best I could. Time and time again, the tears flowed as I read. Thank you all. Because of the support and stories I received, I really do want to soldier on. I owe it to you and I owe it to Erik. Truthfully, I didn’t know this all had had such an impact on so many people. It’s nice to hear. Many of you have offered so many helpful suggestions. All I ask is that you spread the word as much as you can. We’re the Channeling Erik family and it’s our responsibility to do so. If you can’t afford to give a book to someone in need, lend them yours. Give it away. You have so much power to heal hearts and open minds. I also have another request: Please share whatever new questions you’d like me to ask Erik. Try your best to keep them general so they’ll appeal to a larger audience. You can ask about death, the afterlife, spirits, all things related to being human, great mysteries of the world, etc.

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Also, a lot of you have expressed an interest in beginning the celebrity interviews again. In the past, some of you have also wanted them stopped. The only problems I have is that it takes Erik out of the equation (other than the fact that Jamie can’t bring forth these celebrities on her own) and that the public and media might attack me with that whole, “Who are you to think that you can talk to Hitler or Jesus?” But at the same time, I was amazed by how much we all got out of what these celebrities learned from their human experience. Tough decision.

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I’m happy to announce Erik and Jamie’s “eBoard.” (I guess the “e” stands for “Erik,” but I’m not sure. Robert and I videotaped a demo, but for some reason, the files were corrupt or something (all 4 of them!) because they couldn’t be emailed, uploaded to YouTube or iMovie, converted by Wondershare, and saved by any means possible. I think Erik’s ever expanding energy has something to do with that. Jamie has been having a devil of a time getting her electronics, especially her videoing, to work where Erik is involved.

This eBoard is so amazing, guys! The planchette responded to Erik so well. I asked Erik if here was here and the planchette moved to “Hell, yeah.” I asked how he was and he said, “Miss you.” Robert asked Erik what he felt about him and the planchette settled right  between “I love you,” and “Laughing my ass off.” We also asked if he had any advice for you blog members and it landed on “Feel first, think second.” Robert and I both felt a change in temperature and some tingling in our hands. My only problem was keeping my fingers on the planchette. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any possibility that I was moving it, so I touched it so lightly I had trouble maintaining contact. Often, my fingers would leave the planchette which would continue to move under me. I also kept my eyes closed.

So when that file got corrupted, I had to get my husband to try it with me since I wouldn’t be seeing Robert until next Saturday. Rune is not exactly open to it and was very reluctant. I think you have to have chakras that are at least minimally open, so the planchette moved a lot more slowly. Of course you can take that as further confirmation. Even that recording didn’t work. It shows that the recording was zero seconds long. It works when I open it in iMovie or Quicktime. I just can’t get it into any format that allows me to send it to anyone or post it anywhere. If you guys try out the eBoard (which is available through Jamie: please videotape it and let me know if you capture something. It comes with very specific directions.


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