The eBoard Demonstration

I’m pleased to announce that I was finally able to get the eBoard demo videos to upload onto YouTube. Sorry it’s in three parts. My husband kept stopping the recording, thinking we were finished when we weren’t.

Here’s something important: Many of you have expressed concern that the eBoard will invite evil spirits in. This is why the Ouija Board has gotten a bad rap. But all you have to do is give an intent. You can create one in any way that you want, but there must be certain components. Here’s mine:

“God Source, thank you for surrounding us with your golden white light of protection. We call on our guides, friends, families and relatives to come forth and speak to us in all honesty for our highest purpose. All others are unwelcome at this time.” After you give this intent for the first time, you can replace it with the word or phrase of your choice with the intention that it holds the same meaning. I use the word, “apple.” Don’t ask me why.

Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

If you want your own eBoard, please click HERE.

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