The Eyes Have It

Wow, I totally forgot to click “publish” on this one. It was sitting in my drafts folder! Arggh! Sorry guys. It’s hell gettin’ old!

Me: Good! Let’s talk about a situation; I’ll call it that is very dear to my heart since I had eye surgery the last couple of weeks. Why do people have eye trouble like nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma?

Erik: We’re looking at it spiritually, right?

Me: Of course.

Erik: We can take it right off the top. Pretty easy. What do you do with eyes? You see shit. That’s clarity.

(Long pause)

Jamie (grinning): I don’t get what he’s saying. He’s talking about “a funny fucking thing.”


Jamie (to Erik): What, that you can’t rely on what you see?


Jamie (giggling): Take two!

Erik: The funny fucking thing is that the masses believe that what you see is the truth, you know, the reality of things, and that’s not the case whatsoever. We’ve talked about many optical illusions that occur. You cannot rely solely on this sense to get information. You have to rely on others. So, often, when –

Jamie: He’s holding up two fingers.

Erik: We’re going to talk about two things.

Jamie: He can talk so fast that I feel like we’re not going to loop around and get to everything so I can try to remind him in my head. I have to be a good secretary here.

He’s always been a real chatterbox!

Erik: Sometimes the sight can go wrong for a person, because they’re relying on it too much and they need to tap into other senses to gain information, to gain clarity, to gain truth for themselves. The other one is that the person is not relying on the eyes so much so they’re (the eyes) not maintained and they just kind of go (bad). We’re just looking at this in a very broad, energetic way.

Me: I remember a while back you were talking about how in some cases visual problems are due to the fact that that person takes life for granted or things for granted.

Erik: We can go into details, but I think if we—I don’t think we can say that every one with eye problems take things for granted, no.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Everyone is such an individual and so we have to look at it as why  that illness or disease or pain is attacking their eyes or why is it (attacking) their ears.

Jamie (laughing but clearly embarrassed): Why do you do that to me, Erik? He said, “Why is it in their testicles?”

Me: Of course.

I’m so not surprised.

Erik: Why is it in their toes?

Jamie continues to sway back and forth in her chair, laughing.

Me: Oh no. What’s he doing now?

Jamie (making a timeout sign with her hands): No, no. We’re not going there.

I can only imagine. I wonder if Jamie will ever recover, poor thing.


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