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Tomorrow, we’re going to email Nicole Brown Simpson. Some of you have offered some great questions for me to ask her. If you have any pressing ones that you haven’t shared yet, please let me know. My email address is in the next paragraph. 

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Now, let’s see what Erik has to say about eyeballs.

Me: What’s up with people’s eyes? Retinas are detaching. Sight is getting worse in one eye. People are getting macular degeneration more, etc. First of all, is that even true? Secondly, why?

Erik: In general, not so true. It’s just that when you get older, you recognize it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But as you get older, your body falls apart.

Me: Tell me about it!

Erik: It’s in the news more, because there’s actually more study cases for remedies. Remember, I keep telling you guys, the brain is like this new hot spot. It’s like the ocean floor. It hasn’t been discovered yet, and so there’s a lot of new equipment, discoveries, exploration.

Jamie: Exploration of the brain.

Erik: And so that relates to eyes. So, there are a lot of answers coming up with why does it happen and how can we cure it and what can we do. So, it’s not because the whole world is going blind, and people are all fucked up because they don’t want to see the truth of things. It’s just called “welcome to old age, and welcome to the new age of science.”

Me: Yeah, and people are living longer, I guess.

Erik: Yeah, right. We’re living so much longer than we used to.

Me: Yeah, but there’s got to be some sort of spiritual basis for visual problems to begin with, right?

Erik: Yeah, but we discussed it a long time ago.

Me: Well, indulge me, and go over it again.

Erik: When you have vision problems, you often take your life for granted. You don’t appreciate or aren’t grateful for the human experience.

Me: Wow, but it’s hard to be grateful for struggle sometimes.

Erik: It’s more about not seeing the lessons around you even though they’re being shown to you over and over and over again and again and again. You just don’t see the pattern. You are just blind to life. You just take it all for granted. So, the only way you can “get” or appreciate what you’ve taken for granted is to slowly take away your eyesight. It’s a lesson in being humble.

Me: Pretty harsh. Most of us take life for granted.

Erik: And you can learn in different ways or be afflicted with different conditions to humble yourself. It doesn’t have to be about eyesight. Maybe you have to take care of a bedridden relative or something. Maybe you ARE that bedridden person. You can be humbled in all sorts of ways.

Me: Hm. Interesting.

Here’s the latest YouTube!

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