The First Yes or No Question Trial

Erik and I have been working on a VERY complex system within a scalar energy field to answer questions for people who are remote from us. Scalar energy is fascinating in that it’s informational and non-local. It’s related to quantum entanglement, the theory that Einstein referred to as “Spooky dance at a distance,” meaning when two particles connect, they will forever mirror reactions no matter how far away they are from one another, even if they are on other ends of the Universe. (RESULTS FOLLOW)

Before I announce the results, I know that I have opened up a waiting list for portal work, and I will prioritize those who have emailed me already, but from now on, I would like to have you go through my new website that smarty-pants CE medium, Stephanie Perez, is creating for me. As soon as that is up and running, I can get started right away since my liability insurance is fully in effect. All you have to do is go through the website’s simple steps which will include accepting a waiver, picking the services you want, submitting your full legal name (or that of the person you would like me to help), a photo of your home/apartment and your face/body (unobscured by anything or anyone, including sunglasses) and go through the checkout process.

Of course there will be times when I have to have a “sold out” sign on the site because it is very physically and emotionally draining work and can, in certain cases, be VERY time consuming. I think the record for me so far has been 6 1/2 hours. I had to do it in 2 settings. I might have to prioritize children, struggling teens and the very ill. That said, the prices (which Erik picked from dollar amounts I scribbled on Post-It notes that I crumpled up and then scrambled so I would have no idea which one was which) are extremely reasonable. I think that’s because he understands that those plagued by open portals and negative entities often struggle financially and those with closed portals that should be open lack that flow of abundance that is supposed to flow, along with information, positive streams of consciousness  and creativity, through such portals. Plus, admittedly, he knows I enjoy the work. Naturally, opening closed portals that should be open will be more costly. Remember how my son, Lukas, went from making $15/hour to receiving a call from his company the day after I opened his closed portals to getting a job in California for a few months making $12,000 per MONTH and will have another one lined up making $16,000 per MONTH? Might want to consider it the best investment in yourself that you could every make.

Prices for Portal Work

Scan for portals, closed or open, in energy bodies and home as well as presence of negative entities (including prospective homes, workplaces, bosses, employees, partners/dates)…$25

Permanently closing open portals and removing all negative entities and energies from an individual’s (you, child, boss, partner, friend, etc.) energy body and home across past, present and future lifetimes and sealing them with an impenetrable golden shield of protection that will stay in place for all eternity…$200

Same as above but for the entire family, including pets…$275

Add on opening closed portals to above…$100

Add on closing open portals and getting rid of negative entities in a business/workplace…$150

Open closed portals only…$390

Determination from Erik what post portal work therapy is necessary (although portal work automatically comes with this question)…$25

Determination from Erik from where the source of the closed portals originated…$50

This can be from a past, present or future life and can therefore be very illuminating.

Determination from Erik from where the source of the open portals originated…$75

This can be from a past, present or future life and can therefore be very illuminating.

ONE MORE THING! We won’t have a radio show because of scheduling conflicts. And Mama might need to brace for a hurricane…or two.

And now for the results of our first Yes or No question trial! (The ones I got wrong were when I got to the very end, and my that time I was sooo tired!!)


Unfortunately I haven’t had responses for 38 questions, but so far, Erik and my accuracy rate is 75%. I have a feeling that it will be higher than that because those who haven’t emailed me yet are some of the first questions I answered so I wasn’t as tired! Fingers crossed! I will amend this when I receive that additional information!

*Update: 76%. Not too great but not too shabby. I want to aim for 98% or better so let’s do a monthly thing! And I think I’m going to film the answers and the results in the same YouTube. Dur. Should have done that in the first place!!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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