The Little Boy From the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Most of are still reeling in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I can only speak for myself, but for me it triggers all the horrors of that day when Erik pulled the trigger and put a bullet through his brain. I feel paralyzed, lost, pummeled by another tsunami of grief mourning a lost future of hugs, kisses and the promise of marriage, grandkids, and yes, a middle aged spread. To top that, I mourn for the children, the parents, the families, the schools, the community, the nation, and the world. I’m tired of feeling sad. I really am.

I think back on how we rallied together after the 911 tragedy and how quickly we forgot. Now, once again, we rant and rave when people cut us off in traffic; we avoid eye contact as we pass the bell ringers for the Salvation Army, and we ration our smiles and hugs. When will we ever learn to love on a permanent basis? When? After all, it feels so good.

The other day, blog member and medium, Robert, had a visit from one of the children who lost their lives in Sandy Hook. He asked, “Where am I?” Robert replied, “Oh Sweetie, don’t you know?” The little boy said, “No. Where’s my mommy?” Then at that moment, Erik took the boy aside and appeared to talk to him, perhaps to tell him where he was, and tell him that he would be all right. Robert asked Erik why relatives and friends had not greeted him at his transition, and Erik answered, “That’s another story.” After pressing for clarification, Erik told him that the little boy had been taught not to trust strangers, and he didn’t recognize anyone who met him on the other side. For some reason, he did feel comfortable speaking with Robert, perhaps because of Erik’s encouragement. In the end, Erik swept the little boy away, probably to be with his little playmates and relatives. I’m so glad Erik is there to help.


I plan on asking Erik more about the tragedy and the welfare of the children during my session with Jamie on Wednesday. Let me know if you have specific questions. Answers can provide comfort.

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