Mariah Sunshine Coogan, MK Ultra and the Monarch Project

I know the title implies these are all related and it’d be weird if they were…but they aren’t. Just testing your brain (and mine)  Enjoy these two stories and questions from blog members! (Featured image of the lovely Mariah Sunshine Coogan is courtesy of WEHOville.)

But first (Yeah, here she goes again with the announcements!): I have a poll for you. Erik has been telling me (on the eBoard) to write a children’s book. A week ago, while I was sleeping, the idea for one flooded into my mind like an upload I’ve never experienced before. He even gave me a title (or perhaps just a working title): The Boy Who Would Not See. I’m starting to work on it, but I’m not sure what age group I should write it for. PLEASE take this short poll, and I’ll love you forever. Okay, you know I’ll love you forever no matter what! Important note: I will be incorporating Erik’s most important teachings in the book.

By the way, here are the results of our last two polls:

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Story #1


I’m sorry after filling out my name I realized Im supposed to be writing about an experience with your son Erik. Well I just wanted to say Im so happy I came upon your youtube channel. I lost my daughter 3 months ago in a very publicized plane crash in Arizona. Her name was Mariah Sunshine Coogan at age 23 she was a Model and famous influencer on instagram. Six amazing young souls lost their life that night. As the private plane took off she was doing her social network and was able to send her last video instagram post and sad to say min later the plane crashed. That next morning we received a call from a friend that follows her on Instagram and said he thinks the plane crash on CNN was the plane Mariah was on to Las Vegas. As you I was in shock and numb but My first thought was they where crazy. Until I got the call asking for her dental records. I’m so devastated an as you have been searching and searching for an answer. I’ve read so many books watched so many shows on near deaths. ugh!! Until today when I came upon your show “literally” out of the blue. Wow wow wow, is all I can say and thank you. I miss my daughter so much I also have five children. I miss my clan together so much. I will also never be the same. I’m also trying to make something good out of this. I’m trying to change the law of private planes taking off on just the pilots word. I’v had amazing things happen even before her death. On the night she died exactly at the time the plane crash I called her. I remember walking out of the meeting I was in and walking out to my car looking up in the sky and calling her. Then I remember getting upset because her messages where full. walking back to the meeting saying “that is not very professional Mariah”
Also I have a psychic that reached out to us and said a blond girl came to her that night while she was driving down south on a girl trip. when she got to her destination the woman their where all from here told her that a girl her son went to prom with passed. when she saw it on the news and saw Mariahs photo she said thats the girl on the way here that came to me. wow I know my girl she would want to get a message to use asap. She also new what a spiritual weirdo I was. lol lol lol .
I know I’m taking to much of your time. up but I just want to say thank you for your strength in doing this show I love it.. It has given me hope and strength for myself to also do something.
Thank You
Stacey L. Coogan

Hi Stacey. Elisa here. I want to help you. Can you email me at Sorry I’m seeing this so late. I’m still in 2018 for the Erik testimonials and stories. If any of you guys know Stacey, can you please let her know I’m reaching out to her? Thanks.

Story #2

Actually, this is more of a request than a story, but something pulled me to it. I know nothing about MK Ultra or the Monarch Project, so, although it’s now on the list, I’ll probably call on you guys to help out with questions. No need to send any now. I’ll announce it when I’m ready. Thank you SO MUCH, whoever sent this.

Hi Elisa —

I did not know how else to contact you so I am sending this message here.

I am a subscriber to your Channeling Erik YouTube channel and absolutely LOVE what you and Erik are doing for the world. Such an absolute gift to get this information to our world that so desperately needs to wake up!

I just listened to the Shadow Government video that was published on October 21, 2017. Absolutely fantastic.

It would be great if you did a show to get Erik’s perspective on the MK Ultra and Monarch Project mind control projects that have been going on since the 1970’s. And now with the new microchip surveillance that is being tested by the Shadow Government on people. If you want a couple of great books to read that will open your eyes read TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O’brien and THE INVISIBLE CRIME by Michael Bell. They are personal accounts of what they have gone through. The truth is being exposed and books like these will help us see the “Light” and what is really going on.

Have you ever heard of David Icke? Here is a link to a great YouTube video I really encourage you to listen to. It will help you make sense of this crazy world and helps to expose more truth.

There is another GREAT great book called: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told By David Icke

This will answer a lot of your questions you have about the New World Order, Global Elites, Military Industrial Complex etc!



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