The Mind Body Spirit Panel with Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I cooked a feast for my kids and grandkids: Fried chicken (oops, almost typed “fried children,) garlic mashed potatoes, early peas seasoned with fresh thyme and garlic and chocolate cream pie. Everything was yummy, but the company was even better. It’s easy for a family to scattered to the four winds when there’s a death of a brother/son, especially when they have young nuclear families of their own, and I noticed that happening to our family. So I asked them to try their best to commit to coming to regular get-togethers to continue to strengthen the family bonds. With tragedy, it can go either way. Bonds can weaken or bonds can be forged. Friday night, it was the latter. 

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Now enjoy the second of our monthly panel discussions with Veronica Drake/Erik, the Soul Happy girls, Cara Hewett and Tracy Zboril, and deceased experts on the subject at hand. With this topic, Mind-Body-Spirit, we asked Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer to chime in. If you prefer reading, the transcript follows. 

Elisa: Welcome one and all to our second panel discussion that we are trying to do at least once a month, I would like to introduce you to our wonderful channel, Veronica Drake.

Veronica: Hi everybody.

Elisa:  And her little side-kick Erik Medhus, my son.

Veronica:  The little shit.

Elisa: The little shit. And the Soul Happy Technique girls Cara Hewitt, Hello!

Cara: Hello!

Elisa:  And Tracy Szboro.

Tracy: Szboro, you got it right.

Elisa: That’s a lot of consonants girl, but I’ve seen a lot more in certain other names. All right so today we are going to bring in Wayne Dyer who I know very little about, oh God he’s going to be upset with me. And Louise Hay, and we’re going to talk about the whole mind, body, spirit connection. Louise Hay, I know of because my sister, my bohemian sister from California, introduced me to her, decades ago, when she was obviously still alive, so I guess we can start in by saying, Erik do you want to bring them in?

Erik: Yes.

Veronica:  He’s skipped off.

Elisa: He skipped?

Veronica:  It’s funny because he showing me that he’s beaming them in like they would do on Star Trek. He’s beaming them in, and Wayne actually is here, and I have to tell you, I’m like a giddy school girl because Wayne Dyer was my mentor.

Tracy:  He’s one of my heroes for sure.

Veronica: Louise is here and she has a very regal feeling, a very regal presence. Where Wayne has like a do ta do ta do, like I feel like he would be reggae ready.

Elisa:  Oh really! All right, so.

Tracy: Is Louise’s last name Hay or Hayes?

Veronica: No S

Elisa: Oh, it’s Louise Hay, that’s right. Uh-oh, bad girl. Sorry Louise. All right, so let’s start out, I think with just each of you introducing yourself, and telling the audience a little bit about your work when you were here on earth? Wayne can we start with, aw, ladies first, Louise Hay can we start with you.

Louise:  The thing that’s most important that I would like you to know is that there’s no limit on yourself and when you start, you start.

Veronica: She’s obviously, as I know obviously, referring to the fact that she was in her late 50’s, I believe is what she’s saying, 56 maybe, 57 when she started her group of people that she started working with. That really started the influx of work in the mind/body/spirit realm.

Louise: Prior to that I had a very high flutent existence, very prim and very proper but didn’t have touch with reality in all senses in that life.

Elisa: Okay.

Louise:  What you need to know about me will be revealed through this conversation.

Veronica:  She’s kind of like, you can tell she’s regal, as I used the word, and she’s actually a very, very small woman, she looks very petite, I am not sure what she was in real life but she looks very petite, and her energy is very sophisticated and very independent feeling. And Wayne Dyer, actually Wayne is here, and Wayne’s got.

Wayne:  I’m not carrying any baggage, just like I didn’t carry in life.

Veronica:  And he’s kind of a free soul here, he’s not tethered to anything in the after life and he’s got no shoe on, which your boy shows up like that often, and he’s got these they look like they’re beads, they’re brown beads around him, I don’t know what they are, I don’t know.

Wayne: His whole life here on earth prepared him for this moment where he is now on the other side.

Elisa: What do you mean?

Wayne:  The adversities that he went through in this life, the challenges he went through are so that he can come to this point in his soul, and look at what he’s reviewed. I am done, I am probably not going to reincarnate.

Veronica:  Is that what you’re saying to me? (silence) He’s waiting on the final say but it feels like he’s saying to me that he probably won’t reincarnate. Which could mean at some level, he’s saying, he goes on to become an Ascended Master.

Elisa:  Wow! That’s amazing, well talk about your work though, you know, Louise, what was your claim to fame. I already know but there are people who are watching this that might not.

Louise: What’s important to know, is that my claim to fame is to let everyone believe and feel empowered that they have the power over their own lives in coordination with Spirit. So, empowering the individual, to believe in them self was really the core of my work and I am one of the forerunners in the mind/body/spirit field in the sense that you could actually physically heal your body with your mind and what you put in it.

Elisa: Yeah, but weren’t you also the forerunner of the discovery that we create our own physical illness? Spiritual issues etc. contribute to developing arthritis etc.

Louise:  I am the original, the Momma of the phrase your biology is made by your biography.

Elisa:  Ah. Okay.

Louise:  So, what you live you also created inside your body.

Elisa:  So, Wayne what about you, what is your fame to claim, fame to claim, claim to fame. I do that all the time, I do spoonerisms, like there’s one that I do when I say “there’s a cold front coming through.” Now the spinarism of that is not good if you change the f and the c.

Veronica: No we don’t want to say that. Wayne’s kind of liking it. He’s relaying to me that his claim to fame is your thoughts create your reality.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica:  The power of your life is driven by your thoughts; the direction of your life is driven by your thoughts and Louise Hay was one of his mentors.

Elisa: Oh! Tracy, Cara would you like to ask a few questions?

Tracy:  Well what I was going to say, is they are the two of them were really pioneers so in our field of psychotherapy when we started realizing that there had to be a better way than traditional talk therapy, it’s because of the pioneers before us, like Wayne and Louise, that made us have something to, like a direction and focus. When we started taking our careers in a different form and you know I would love to find out kind of how, Louise, like what made her get started at that stage? Because like for me, being in the psychotherapy for all those years, why I became interested in the mind/body/connection, mind/body/spirit/ connection was literally because of years of (inaudible) in my clients the connection between, people’s attitude and their physical self, so if somebody came into me because they had some kind of diagnosis whether it’s chronic pain or whether it was something acute. I started seeing a pattern over the years of people who had a good attitude, and a good mental attitude about it, their prognosis was often according to that. It was like they created whether they were going to heal or not. So, it was solely my observation in my fascination that got me interested and then to start looking into, is there a connection there to have these pioneers, before me and something for me to really learn from, I appreciate that immensely. You know, I am curious, Louise, what got you started going down that path at that stage in your life?

Louise: It was a cumulative affect; every year of my life lead me to this moment.

Veronica:  And when she refers to this moment, she’s talking about her pioneering, so all the tumultuousness in her life, all of the let downs in her life, even the successes she said brought her closer and having a deeper desire to understand the human dynamic as it relates to the soul.

Louise:  That was initially what peaked my curiosity, I was also at the point where I could finally stop running, where I could just take all of the lessons that I learned, bring them in and just listen and be silent and see how they could actually help humanity.

Veronica: Because her life was a teaching platform, you know. She’s saying that every experience, actually she’s correcting me saying all of our lives are teaching platforms, everything we go through.

Louise:  For me, it was never really about religion, it wasn’t religion per se, it was the feeling I got when I thought of something bigger and when I connected the dots and put together that that something bigger was also part of us and that we had the same ability. My whole thing, was to teach.

Elisa:  Echo. Did anybody turn up their volume because that will do it?

Tracy:  No but do you want me to turn my down?

Elisa: Yup, maybe. All right Louise, was there a particular thing that happened to you personally that put you on this path?

Louise:  There were a host of things that happened to me, starting from a very early age, very abusive, very tormented beginning to marriages that were abusive, to relationships where I felt used, it was all a part of this, that made me who I was. I knew while I was alive that all of that was relevant, that’s really what made me different. It made my perspective different, it made me see things in a way that nobody else could.

Veronica: In other words, she’s showing me what happened was the platform she used to climb up and to climb up and to climb up, instead of being in the Whoa me mode, she noticed early on when she was in a whoa me mode, she just didn’t feel good and I think we all can relate to that. She’s talking about the energy, you know of the body and how we created the sickness by not feeling good per se.

Elisa:  Cara do you have questions for Wayne Dyer?

Cara:  I do, you know he’s of course a mentor as well, I’ve read all of his books and I think my question might be for him because of course he’s in the same profession that Tracy and I are in, and my question might be, now that you’re on that side of the veil, what can you tell us about human behaviour that you didn’t know during your lifetime?

Elisa:  Oh, good one yeah.

Veronica:  He’s actually doing one of these, like he’s in serious thought. He’s a little difficult to hear, I’m not sure why.

Elisa:  Erik, can you help him communicate or at least convey what he is trying to say.

Veronica:  Just give me a minute, what you didn’t know about human behaviour. He’s saying how, he’s using the word puppetized, how puppetized behaviour was, and he’s laughing, meaning how people were controlled by other people, you saw it, you knew it. The manipulation that other people’s beliefs had on other people was huge, you know and he’s looking down, he’s showing me like he’s looking down through something and just specifically looking at the manipulation and the control, which was what he always knew happened with the mind, the thoughts they were the manipulation the controlling aspects of life.

Wayne: It was a very interesting revelations to me how other people’s thoughts manipulated the thoughts of other people.

Veronica: So, in other words, please correct me if I’m wrong, Erik and Wayne, in other words, if I would be solving a problem a certain way, and I would be feeling good about solving that problem and Elisa came on and she just had a different way and her thought process was all different, it would have an impact, an effect on what I was doing in my mind and so he knew it was important in his juncture, that he came on the scene to strengthen the belief systems, that makes sense, I hope I translated it accurately. He’s very low spoken and I didn’t know him to be that way in life.

Elisa:  Okay, by the way everybody, we had no idea we were going to do this, Veronica and I were going to channel Archangel Michael and Gabriel, so we were totally not prepared. Yeah, so we just sprung it on this one. I want to ask all three of you, Erik, Dr. Dyer is it, and Louise Hay, your definition of the mind/body/spirit connection. Let’s start with Erik, because you’ve been silent, give you the stage for awhile.

Erik:  Well the mind/body/spirit connection is I see it as a thread, it is everything connected together and everything is also woven together, there isn’t one piece that functions without the other, the mind, the body or the spirit. It’s like we have a core that goes up, and so the mind/body/spirit is actually the work that should be done when people are going to the doctor per se, or when people aren’t feeling well.

Veronica:  He’s going on a tangent about doctors will treat symptoms that their trained to treat, but why can’t it be that they get the three components. The mind, the body and the spirit.

Elisa:  That’s why you sometimes have to have a team, you know spiritual life coach and physician or some sort of health care provider and the soul happy people.

Veronica:  Yeah, the Soul Happy people.

Louise: My perspective, from what I have seen is 99.99999% of what goes on in the body can be cured by the mind.

Elisa:  What about the spirit though?

Wayne: People get confuse a lot with spirit, when they hear the word spirit, for this conversation the word spirit is synonyms with creator, with soul.

Elisa:  Okay.

Wayne: So, we are all on the same understanding because there are different ways that people will describe spirit out there.

Elisa:  All right so, Wayne, the mind thoughts can influence the body and its health but how does Spirit work into that connection?

Wayne: So, the spirit actually, is like if you think about it like a megaphone, the spirit is yelling, talking to you, tell you what you need to do to get around this or what you need to do to work with this. But when people don’t work with the spirit, how do they even know what they are hearing, who’s teaching this? Now it’s very prominent, but back when Louise and I were coming up it really wasn’t very prominent. My start was in the early 70’s.

Elisa:  Wow! So, the spirit is that megaphone, then it’s supposed to help change our beliefs to where we can influence our bodies in a normal, I mean to go in a healthier route.

Veronica: Well what Louise would like to add to that is, and she is going to piggyback on what Erik said, is that we’re all connected like a thread, it’s like if you just picture it, the mind, the body, the soul and then you picture the spirit talking to the creator and so it just trickles down. So, they’re showing me an image, so it’s the creator up here, and then it becomes the next level down its the soul, and then the mind and then the body. So, it’s actually Soul – Mind – Body, but we say Mind – Body – Soul because.

Wayne:  Because humans need to think, and the mind is believable.

Veronica: He is using believable and Louise and him kind of have a chuckling thing going on here.

Elisa:  Chuckle-fest.

Veronica:  Yes, so.

Elisa: All right, Cara? Tracy? Take the floor.

Cara:  Do you want to go Tracy or you want me?

Tracy:  Go ahead.

Cara:  So, Dr. Dyer you talked about thoughts affecting your reality, or your thoughts become things, your thoughts change your behaviour so can you give us a synopsis of how we’re going to view consciousness and energy and how that relates to thoughts and how that’s going to affect people like futuristically so if like in ten years are we going to be looking at things differently than we do now and when it comes to thoughts and energy.

Wayne:  Absolutely, and it’s already happening. It’s called quantum physics, as we go deeper and deeper into the unknown we’re going to see that actually the mind if we believe in the Universal Law of Oneness, the mind is not separate from the creator and we will be getting back to programming the mind so that it is in conjunction with the creator. The thoughts, you read my mind, that is going to be the literal norm, so think about this if we’re going about our life, and we’re standing in line and we’re thinking “she’s a pain in the ass with all that change in her wallet, why can’t she just use her debit card like everybody else” right, essentially what is going to happen as you move forward in this and energies elevate, the person in front of us is going to know what we’re thinking and almost by just osmosis, we’re just going to go on to this person with our thoughts and then it’s going to be, okay now what do we have here. It may get a little bit rougher before it gets a little bit better, because the more people who know how to work with this concept of what you think about you bring about, the more we’re going to watch what we think, and maybe we’re not going to be so hard on the person in front of us with all that change because eventually it’s going to come to the point where we know we are that person with the change.

Elisa: Interesting.

Tracy:  It’s like we’re all going to become kinder as we all elevate in our, in the spirit sense as we get closer basically our higher selves. Right?

Erik:  Where we are it’s just transmitted by thought, there is no verbal sound like this, the reason it’s imperative that we get this work out there and we educate people on thought work is really what’s going to be the turning point. People are saying all the time, what’s going to make the world better, how do we fix this? Well, you fix your own thoughts you know, if you have a fucked-up thought about something, it’s going to have a ripple effect, so it’s really the onerous is on yourself to look at what you’re thinking, gone are the excuse of “my Mommy did this, and my Daddy did that”, that’s just horseshit.

Tracy:  So, I have a question, they all kind of agree that there’s like this thread kind of connecting, is the connection in the form of energy? Because we’re using, you know for Psychology now, because of these pioneers before us, we’re shifting our focus away from the conscious literal mind, analytical mind to the subconscious where we can do energy work, well where we can get more in touch with kind of I guess with understanding with more of our intuitive side and more in touch with our core but we think of it now as energy.

Wayne:  My dear everything is energy, EVERYTHING is energy, if you were to draw what I can see, it would like a blue current.

Veronica:  He’s using the colour blue current running up and just kind of quivering and going through the body.

Louise:  Hello Chakras.

Elisa:  Oh yeah of course.

Tracy:  So, do they want us to continue down that path in terms of Psychotherapy, getting away from traditional talk therapy and using this energy work, they would support that I’m assuming.

Wayne:  That’s what I did.

Tracy:  Yeah, it is what he did.

Wayne:  It’s time for next level.

Veronica:  I want to know what is next level?

Wayne:  The car which is our vehicle stalls in first gear, we can’t really get past the self-awareness, it’s like people take courses to get self-aware, and people want to know about themselves but the whole crux of this work is self-awareness because if you don’t know yourself how are you going to know anything about anything, because everything emanates from you. So, knowing oneself.

Veronica:  I don’t know if that’s helpful direction.

Elisa: And knowing the, knowing your authentic self.

Veronica: Does that make sense?

Tracy: Well it certainly is helpful in terms of Cara and I with the, we developed a therapeutic technique and a big part of the technique is helping people get in touch really with what we call in the technique your core but it’s getting in touch with your higher self with the part of you that is pure and intuitive, but we also, Wayne, what do you think about, so I kind of keep coming back to Wayne because he’s in the same field as Cara and I and we want to make sure we are getting it right in terms of trying to help people, we also have a part of our technique that you have to kind of clear out some of the accumulated negativity that’s built up over the course of your life experiences, so energetically we kind of try to, to use Freud from the last video, Freud said excavate, do a little excavation. What would Wayne say about that in our, are we on the right track with that? Is that necessary in his eyes?

Wayne:  Think about your drain and if you had hair clogging up your drain and the water couldn’t flow; wouldn’t that bother you?

Tracy: Clean up the hair, get the gunk out of the drain.

Veronica: And that’s in the simplest way that he could say it, because think of water, water is energy, everything is energy. Water can’t flow if there’s a mass there, and the hair becomes a mass, and our limiting beliefs become a mass, a ball and so if we are too function, and.

Louise:  If we are too function optimal and if we are to function at higher level energetical we got to get that mass out of there, and that mass, think of it like this.

Veronica: I think she’s showing me, let me confirm, so she has like a rubber ball band, like you know you have rubber bands and you make a ball and it turns into this ball and she’s saying.

Louise: If the ball starts out this big as the belief, and you take one rubber band off it looks like you’re really not doing anything because there’s a lot of rubber bands on there. But it’s a lot of process, a lot of knowing yourself so you take another rubber band off and the process that you two are putting people through are actually expediting and peeling off the rubber bands quicker than traditional therapy. And as that ball shrinks and gets smaller, what you’re actually doing is allowing people’s energy centers to flow, which creates another level of vibration and just more vitality.

Tracy: So, we’re helping, we’re kind of trying to help people get their energy flowing again, so to say in the right, with the right frequency to be at their highest purpose and highest focus, is that path, she’s kind of explaining the mind/spirit connection isn’t she>

Veronica: Yes.

T racy: The body of course we talk about physically healing ourselves and we all know we can change.

Veronica: That’s a by-product she’s says.

Tracy: Okay, oh interesting, because they’re not as concerned about the body where they are right now.

Veronica: It’s never.

Wayne:  The body is the messenger, think about it, the first time something doesn’t feel right in our body we do something about it, but up here, we’ll swirl, we’ll have a sess pool, we’ll keep going, that nobody does anything about but oh, voila, now I have indigestion and I have acid reflux, well why, because I’m stuck in 1976 and blah blah blah. So it is all deeply interconnected.

Elisa:  I want to know very quickly, how does thought change things on a cellular level. I love Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, so thoughts are a vibration some how it must influence the cells of our body, right? And from what I understand the cells can then emit a vibration that can create a reality, that is how the Law of Attraction works but how does that work as far as the manifestation of disease?

Veronica:  Who wants to take this? I will, so simply stated you think of it like this and Erik is giving me an illustration, so if the cells are like this and they’re just moving and floating around and doing all their thing and they’re happy and fine tuned and you’re going about life and then all of a sudden you get this low vibration of a thought it kind of bounces in and just kind of takes the integrity away of the original thought, it’s kind of like it’s repressing it, it’s pressing it in and that’s the very simple, I’m mean I’m not a deliverer, I got nothing like degree wise, so Erik keeps it really dumbed down for me, but that’s the really simple version, ladies does that resonate, does it mean anything to you?

Cara:  Yeah, I know Bruce’s work, Tracy and we love him and his work, and I just happen to have notes here that, cell membranes act like a computer chip and they function like one so when you understand that computers and cells are programmable, then they can be programmed outside of the cell, just like you could a computer. So, biological behaviour and gene activity are dynamically linked from information and the environment, which is then downloaded into the cell, so that’s kind of some notes that I took.

Elisa: Interesting.

Cara: Yeah so that’s how the gene cell thing kind of (inaudible) it’s a very simplistic way to say it, does that answer your question there, Elisa?

Elisa: Oh yeah, that’s helpful.

Tracy:  Another way that I look at it, just another explanation could be, everything is energy as they’re saying, so as you have a thought about something it shows up in the form of energy, it’s an electrical current that runs downs your own little pathway in your brain and if everything is energy it’s typical of energy to meet up and join up with other energetic entities that are like that.

Elisa:  You mean alike vibrational frequencies like a thought has its own unique energetic pattern of vibrational frequency, then it seeks out.

Tracy: Then it seeks out a similar frequency and the physics behind this I think is as such, as you get enough of the frequency together it comes into form, you know weight turns into mass, so a thought turns into form, so that is how you can think of it from a literal stand point of you can create your reality, how your thought can actually show up, what does Erik say to that?

Erik: Yes.

Veronica: And they are also agreeing, yes, and the simplicity of it, where the cells are the programming or what you’re made of and the bouncing off of, he’s showing us when it bounces off what happens is it can go create a new pathway, a new beginning, a new way of being, so that’s the simplicity of what.

Tracy:  Oh My Gosh! So, does that help to explain why the clearing exercises, you know Wayne, there’s been all these new therapeutic tools that people are using, does the explain how it works? So, for instance if we’re trying to take a memory and we’re trying to scramble it, so it doesn’t have the same emotional charge as it’s lodged in there, instead it just kind of becomes a benign memory rather than a traumatic memory, Cara and I go in and through these exercises, what we think we’re doing, we are as somebody’s retelling the memory so it’s an electrical current going down a pathway, and we interrupt it, so then  it kind of stops for second and it goes down another pathway, and I do picture it, I think I even explained it like this to clients, you know, we’re busting it up.

Erik:  It’s a Collison.

Tracy:  Oh my God! And then we’re making it go down another pathway and then.

Elisa:  Like quantum probabilities.

Tracy:  You let them talk again for a couple seconds and then you interrupt it again and then it collides again and sets down another pathway and through the course of let’s just say 10 minutes of doing that by the time they’re done it kept bouncing of and going down new neuronal pathways and now all of a sudden that memory is scrambled and the subconscious mind it looks different, it’s reprogrammed differently.

Veronica:  It doesn’t have any fire to it any more.

Tracy: Oh my God! Thank you.

Erik:  Think Mom.

Veronica: He’s looking at you Mom.

Erik: Mom, think bumper cars.

Elisa:  Okay. I’ve taken you to plenty of them.

Veronica:  Think bumper cars where it bumps off and it bumps off, you know, but the visual he showed me is it bangs into a density and it goes off a different way. So, yes absolutely.

Elisa:  All right so, have you guys had past lived together, is this a soul contract that you guys are working together in the same arena?

Veronica: Who are we asking that of?

Elisa:  Oh, Wayne and Louise.

Veronica:  Oh. He’s using the word soulmate, they were soulmates in the sense that they came in to grow each other, to kind of just one picks up the process, it’s almost like they could complete each other’s sentences.

Wayne: Yes.

Elisa: Is there another life that they’d like to share, that they were in together that influenced their more recent lives?

Wayne:  One of the lives that we had together, you would equate me to a snake charmer, where I was kind of less than and she saved me.

Veronica: Louise has always been kind of gathering and may find herself having a different status.

Elisa: Uh oh, we’ve lost, for some reason it bumped me off, and now it looks like they bumped.

Veronica: We just see your picture.
Elisa: Yeah, but Tracy and Cara are not here.

Tracy: Erik!

Elisa: There we are! Erik!

Veronica: Yeah but we can’t see you.

Tracy: We just see your pretty picture.

Veronica:  Your Doctor picture.

Elisa:  Oh well, I’m here.

Veronica:  It looks like her doctor picture right, she has her pearls.

Elisa: That’s so weird.

Veronica: Well we can hear you.

Elisa: Well that’s okay, where’s Cara?

Tracy: Elisa it’s like earlier, how I couldn’t get on this, I couldn’t join the meeting for the longest time, it’s like Erik.

Veronica:  This moon is off the hook, okay, and Erik is a little shit today. I’m just going.

Elisa: Of course. All right, one really important question before we close is what are the ingredients for the best mind/body/spirit connection? Of course, you know, the stuff we put into our body and the environment that’s something, probably being your authentic self, mindfulness, maybe those are the ingredients, what are others?

Veronica:  Go ahead girls.

Cara: Well I think what you just, you mention mindfulness, I think that whole term, we’ve got to fine tune that and talk about what it really means and not just think about it being in yoga studios. It needs to be an everyday concept, something that people can grasp, in a different way, as we do a lot of things, we make it (inaudible) and then it loses its intensity and its such an important concept for the human experience.

Erik:  Mindfulness, the word itself, scares people off.

Tracy:  Yeah, it can be pretty elusive, people aren’t sure what exactly it means.

Erik: Girls, make a new term.

Cara:  Well Deepak Chopra said in the Heal documentary which is a really fantastic documentary, if your viewers haven’t seen that. He said the term mindfulness is a terrible word, that we should be more in tune with the word mindlessness.

Elisa:  Oh! I like that, yeah.

Veronica:  I can follow that one!

Cara:  That is by the way for your people that are watching that is an incredible documentary.

Veronica:  What’s it called again?

Cara: It’s called Heal, it’s on Netflix, on Amazon. I saw it when it was first released but there are all these thought leaders in the field of mind/body/spirit that speak on this and it’s just incredible. It talks about healing the body and going back to what we talked about initially in this conversation, how we can use our minds to heal our bodies. What Louise, you know that is what she began in and that area.

Veronica:  She likes the word, Louise likes the word presence.

Elisa:  Presence, without the mental chatter.

Erik:  Who doesn’t like presents?

Elisa:  Oh my God! He’s so silly.

Veronica: Now wait a minute, he might be on to something here.

Wayne:  Because when you are mindful, you do get many many gifts.

Elisa:  Oh! That’s true. All right. So, Wayne or Louise do you want to also share, well either how we can be mindless and present or what other ingredients do we need to strengthen and make whole the mind/body/spirit connection?

Wayne:  I love the technique of being the observer, so what the observer is, is literally, your body’s here.

Veronica: Now girls, you might be able to articulate this better, I’m just listening to him and giving the very basic description. You come out of yourself and you just kind of watch pieces of yourself it’s almost like you’re watching a movie he said and you’re looking at your life scene by scene and you’re just looking at it. So, in other words he’s saying if you’re struggling with something, say the biggest thing is I’m stuck, I’m stuck, my life can’t move forward, well the stuck-ness is only up here and so, if you step out, you sit on a park bench and you picture yourself sitting next to you on the park bench you can kind of interview yourself he says, ask the self, you know, because I believe this is me talking, Veronica. I believe we have the small self, the small s and the big self, the big S. So, you know I always have conversations between my big self and my little self, and the big self being the piece of the creator and the little self being the every day human earth student. And so, I have conversations and I try to align them with each other so, if the little self is down here going, fuck them, the big self up here, you know we need to have this conversation. You know think about it, that’s kind of what he’s saying.

Tracy:  You know the exercise that he describes in our field we think of that as detachment, get a sense of detachment in order to then objectively view something.

Elisa: Without judgement, without analysis.

Tracy: Get out of your fricking mind.

Elisa:  Yes.

Veronica: Analysis paralysis, he says.

Elisa: Any last input Louise or Wayne before we share everybody’s information and close?

Louise: The girls are on to something very unique, it’s actually a diamond in the rough, not in the sense that you need to physically do anything else with it, it’s that the concept to people is dusty and murky and so the true key to success is clearing the dust and the fog around people’s minds about what it is that they need.

Elisa:  And how do they do that?

Veronica: They’re the professionals.

Tracy: We need to educate is what it sounds like, which is what Cara and I, we kind of know, like even Elisa we feel so grateful for this platform because if we can get the message out of what we’re trying to do, so she’s saying we’re on to something, its just people need to.


Veronica:  Yes, it’s next level.

Louise:  If I’m near sighted, I can’t see far away without corrective lenses and so think about what you’re offering. It’s so far out there to a lot of people, the concept so the idea is to bring it closer to them and so bringing closer to them means taking it out and educating it a simple, simple, simple, simple, simple way. I have found the human mind is so complex and it’s so creative in so many things but people.

Erik:  People need it dumbed down.

Tracy: Well Cara and I when we’ve been doing say, however it we’re trying to get our message out there to explain how people can heal themselves, we often end sounding very abstract, and we try to reign it in. Cara and I will definitely say, you know let’s start over, we’ve got to keep this really simple because not because people aren’t intelligent enough but she’s actually reinforcing Cara, where you and I have been going with this, that we’ve really been trying to make it so that anybody not in the field at all of psychology or science and certainly not neuroscience or quantum physics can really understand what we’re saying, they can grasp what we’re saying, and we’re trying to do that, so we’ll take up the challenge.

Elisa:  It might take some physical metaphors, Wayne is there anything you would like to offer before we close?

Wayne:  You can pick up anyone of my books and if you are an average seventh grade reader, you understand what I am saying.

Elisa:  Which one is your favourite?

Veronica:  He’s saying that he loved the Wisdom of the Dow, and Change your thoughts, Change your mind, I think is another one.

Wayne: If it isn’t doable on a level that everybody gets, you kind of have to go back to the drawing board.

Elisa: All right Erik do want add anything before we close?

Erik: This was exciting and fun for me, and Mom I do like presents! And thank you. Thank you for my birthday.

Elisa: Awe, happy birthday belated. All right, I’ll let you guys, I love you Erik too, thank you so much Dr.Dyer and Louise Hay, I got it right this time, and I really appreciate your expertise, your wisdom, all the stuff you’ve done while you were alive and you’re probably going to carry on doing something from that side too, so I’ll give everyone a chance to share their information. Veronica, since you’re on the left, I’m going to start like I’m reading a book.

Veronica:, anything that you nee spiritual, angels, intuitive readings, numerology, I have a school of spiritual arts where for $25 a month (inaudible), it’s just awesome.

Elisa: All right, Tracy.

Tracy:  All right you can find Cara and I, our company is called Soul Happy, and we are at, we have an online therapeutic technique which is what we’ve been referring to today in speaking with our soul mentors from the other side and we’ve got a lot of messages and on the website to further explain what we try to do.

Elisa: That sounds great! I’m so grateful for that technique, that’s so awesome, you guys can check out Erik at, Erik spelled with a K, check out his book My Life After Death, it’s the most amazing memoir of the afterlife, death and my book from my journey as a skeptic to a believer, My Son and the Afterlife is also something you might want to pick up. So, check out our Facebook pages, YouTube channel and our radio show The Hour of Enlightenment. All right thank you guys for this second wonderful panel discussion.

Cara: Bye.

Tracy: Thanks.

Elisa: Bye. Thank you, guys.

Guys, be sure to support Erik, me and the CE movement by reading our books: My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations with the Other Side and My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. Both come in all conceivable formats!

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