Erik on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The timing for this post couldn’t be better because today is the day nine years ago that I buried my son. What a terrible day. My heart breaks remembering every detail. Also, the radio show last night was timely because Erik talked about how we can manage these milestones that trigger our grief: birthdays, death days, burial days and holidays. If you missed it, here’s your chance to listen to it.

Also, check out this message from Veronica. But first, listen to how awesome she is on the above show.

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I’m not feeling all that up to chatting more, so let’s just go straight to the main event, courtesy of Erik as channeled by Kim Voigt. Be sure to check her out at! Don’t forget, the transcript follows! But first, if any of you guys know how I can somehow import the DVD of Erik’s funeral onto my Macbook Pro, could you let me know? I don’t have a Superdrive. I just want to keep it safe. 

Elisa: Good morning Kimberly how are you doing and how’s my birthday boy Erik?

Kim: He is quite excited he’s gotten quite a few birthday wishes this morning he’s raring to go.

Elisa: What he really needs is some birthday spankings right Eric but only from the beautiful women out there.

Erik: You know me well, I love you mom.

Elisa: Ah I love you too, it’s your birthday it’s not my favorite day, it used to be. But we’ll get through it it’s only 24 hours. So Kim Voigt you want to talk about healing energy 101,  and we’re going to talk about the PTSD and some other things fascinating things. And you got some information for my deceased father. Anyway I will let you take the reins and along with Mr. Erik you take us where you want to go.

Kim: What Erik wanted me to talk about first is to start having everybody start thinking of themselves as having there are 5th dimensional reality and a third dimensional reality going on simultaneously. Above the heart is our spiritual aspects of self, below the heart is our physical aspects of self. And as we talked about last time, if there is un-forgiveness or something heavy in the heart it causes a blockage of the energy. The heart is the gateway between the spiritual dimensions and the physical dimensions.

Elisa: So is the fifth dimension in the top part of our body?

Kim; That’s where the centers are in our physical body and that’s where we connects to the spiritual aspects of self. The throat is where our blueprint is, the forehead is the third eye which is our spiritual perception. At the top of our head is our crown chakra which is our connection to source. Chakras work together to the number eight. So if we’ve had trouble energetically with the connection to source. That could be a cruel parent or religious abuse. If we had something like that going on obviously our perceptions are going to be off. The sixth chakra is going to affect our second chakra. Which is our sacral chakra and emotional body,  our magnetism, our attraction; addictions can show up there. It can show up as sexual issues or problems with intimacy. Eric is saying it is common for people to have difficulty connecting intimately to others.

Elisa: And not just on a romantic level, connecting to anyone on a deep intimate level.

Erik: The throat is the blueprint that transmutes thoughts and ideas from the six and seven chakras into the physical body; through the heart, to the degree that is open. Below the heart we have our solar plexus which is our personal power center. If we had something if we had something that affected us such as taking our power away, that could manifest in our throat potentially. And eventually manifest as physical disease.

Kim:  Erik is reminding me, because I do hypnotherapy, to talk about one of my first clients. She came to me wanting to know the metaphysical reason for ovarian cancer, she was just beginning chemotherapy. She came from a very religious background. As a teenager she and her brother had picked up an elderly neighbor or friend of the families they were going to an event. On the way they were in a car accident and the elderly woman died but not immediately. And my client as a young teenager prayed and prayed and prayed to God to save this woman’s life. She was devastated when this woman died.

Elisa: But God failed her.

Kim: Yes that’s what she perceived, and so she held this resentment, and she withheld her energy from what related most closely to creation in the female body-ovaries. Energy blocks will manifest literally. Say if you were not allowed to speak your truth ,it could eventually manifest as throat problem or a abdominal problem.

Elisa: I’ll bet thyroid cancer is probably a big one?

Kim: Yes and Eric asked me to talk about the PTSD aspect of It.

Erik: What’s not really understood is that there are a lot more people walking around with PTSD then we realize, or that realize it themselves.

Elisa: I totally believe that. They say that even a tonsillectomy can create PTSD, or a fender bender. It’s amazing what can create PTSD. Of course I’m sure there’s different degrees; like with me seeing Erik right after he shot himself in the head; was a lot more than a traumatizing than a fender bender. Or like vets with seeing the horrors of war.

Kim: Yes all that comes into play.

Erik: It also comes in to play the age the individual is when the PTSD develops. Kim: As I told you before my mine started at age 24 months so from then on whenever I would get triggered my perception would actually go to that 24 Month Olds emotional state, I would go into shock. I did not have the ability to perceive our react appropriately; because I was locked for the longest time at 24 months of age emotionally. I could walk around like a normal person until something would trigger me; and then it was just devastating. And your dad steps forward to to say he is there, in the background if you need clarity on anything.

Erik: With your dad there was an incident as a teenage boy that happened at boarding school where there was sexual abuse.

Elisa: Yeah that’s right, a lot of mediums and told me that same thing.

Erik; His adrenals would go crazy.

( Elisa refers to a list that speaks out the energy to function that happened as a result of the abuse her father received. It shows where the energies got disto; and how beyond the psychological component, what it did to his physical body.)

Elisa: It’s quite interesting Alisa holds it up on screen and says I don’t know if you guys can see this but it’s quite interesting and he did have problems with a lot of these organ systems.

Erik: It started out with shadow function in the gonads and so when he dealt with that energy, he would separate emotionally or mentally in order to feel safe. He did not feel safe and his adrenal would get way out of line. He would overpower, he would  bully, he endured endless hopeless confusion over fear of the unknown.

Elisa:  Wait was he being bullied or was he the bully?

Kim: This is what happened to your dad This is how he managed his energy to manage the feeling he couldn’t deal with. All of the systems were in shadow  function and his perceptions were distorted.

Elisa: So he was bullied and in the end he became the bully.

Kim: Yes, did he have kidney problems?

Elisa: Yeah he had kidney stones.

Kim: He would avoid the appropriate feelings and endured toxic emotional feelings. He would feel like he walked on egg shells he would have to hide his true self. He constantly repressed his feelings and anger and felt forced to do things. So basically what he was saying was all of the shadow functions were activated within him, and he never took the appropriate steps deal with the trauma.

Erik: When someone has something like this happen, especially sexually. If it’s not dealt with appropriately as was the case with your father, the individuals emotional growth is stunted. Your dad had no control over his emotions, he was locked in this range of a hormonal testosterone-raging 14-year-old anger state when he would get triggered.

Elisa: Yeah That’s about the time he was in boarding school around 14. Can you can you explain exactly what Is shadow function?

Kim: if your way of dealing with energy, it’s basically your strategy. When you are dealing in spirit function you’re connected to source and you take the appropriate action, you’re sending out love; rather than shadow function would be withholding loud so you wouldn’t be hurt.

Elisa: Oh I see I see and people don’t know how to get out of that. And spirit function is where you wanna be.

Alisa: Oh I see, so for example referring to this list thymus: spirit function is the ability to feel safe expressing sufficient aggression is to protect yourself personally compromised by others aggression. Shadow function: being overly aggressive so you un-necessarily cause others to feel unsafe being around you, which he did . That’s just one example of all the different functions. Can you can you do this for people create these kinds Of charts or Printouts for people?

Kim: Yes that’s  the self-awareness formula. So what Erik what is really saying is when people have all of these distractions going on in their lives constantly re-triggered by things in the past things that have bothered them. They’re not able to stay grounded into the now moment. The most important thing a person can do to stay grounded is aligning with your vertical pillar of light where you make a connection from the heavens through your body and grounded into the earth. Once you do, you can no longer be triggered by past memories; and you no longer project fear into your future. Thoughts, beliefs  and emotions create your reality; and it keeps re-creating and pattering and cycling over and over. The most important thing is to stay grounded and centered.

Elisa: How do you do that do you do a visualization exercise with the pillar of light?

Kim he says that’s a really good one and we can we can practice  if you’d like.

Erik: Imagine the 12th dimension as a platinum or diamond Ray and you can meditate on that for a moment and then bring it down into a beautiful gold color. See silver above your crown chakra. At your crown chakra is purple, imagine opening a doorway within your consciousness to a beautiful amethyst or a beautiful purple rose. At the 3rd eye see a beautiful blue sapphire or a blue rose. See turquoise at the throat. Next imagine a beautiful sparkling emerald opening the heart. See citrine at the solar plexus, carnelian opening the sacrum. And a ruby at the root chakra connecting into the earth. There are 2 chakras below the surface of the earth where we ground our energy to earth. The first is teal, and in the center of the earth is below the crust which is teal and turquoise color and below that is kind of a beautiful pink sparkly magenta. Chakras pair to the number eight. So bring the energy back up into your body through the chakras in the bottoms of your feet, up to the solar plexus and crossing there. Making the infinity symbol or number eight, connecting heaven and earth. You’re actually protecting yourself and can’t be influenced by someone else’s negativity or karma.

Elisa: That just seems so counterintuitive open heart so the hyenas can get to me.

Kim: You’re actually protecting yourself when you make that firm connection from heaven into the earth; even if The hyenas came you wouldn’t have the same reaction. Is there anything you’d like clarity on?

Alisa: Yes I would like to know how can somebody tell if they have PTSD?

Erik: The main thing you’re going to notice is people who for the most part act normally. But then things get a little bit off, and you’re wondering like what just happened. For instance you could be communicating with somebody who gets triggered. You were having this normal adult conversation ,and then maybe all the sudden it switches to a very snotty adolescent type attitude or something of that nature. Or a lot of moms could relate to this. If someone is mean to or hurts their child. A mom who has issues in the past she has not dealt with around her own child issues is going to be more likely to not respond as well she because I was she would be triggered by those issues within herself and she would over-react. A mom who doesn’t carry any incomplete issues or any PTSD is going to be able to handle that situation a lot better. Or it could be a situation where there is an extreme avoidance and the individual doesn’t know why.

Kim: Erik is reminding me of a agoraphobic situation, he’s asking me to talk about my hypnotherapy training. We learned of a situation where a man suddenly just couldn’t leave his house anymore he had no idea why. The day before stopped at a convenience store on his way home. So with hypnotherapy it was determined what what triggered this. Years earlier he had been at a bank that was robbed at gunpoint. He being a big macho man didn’t really think it bothered him too much, and had kind of forgotten about it. When he underwent hypnosis he remembered that when he was at the convenient store; he saw out of the corner of his eye a construction worker who had a staple gun in his tool-belt. It triggered him and Erik is saying that if it’s a situation that was really extreme; where the person left their body that it’s more serious.

Alisa: That’s really interesting because when I was almost killed by that serial killer in Galveston. I was really calm and I dismissed yet for a long time after that. I’ll describe it briefly it was like a Monday or Tuesday, I finish the long weekend, I was a resident and I had been on call. I went to the beach in Galveston to read a book nobody was there. All of a sudden this guy comes down the seawall steps and I that all my God I’m gonna die. I knew I was in danger. He comes up to me and starts talking to me and I just acted all cool as a cucumber. and he starts massaging my thigh can and telling me how I have cellulite and even for a serial killer that was rude. I was just so close to him killing me and he asked me what do you do? And I said I’m a physician and I’m a black belt karate instructor, which I was not. He got a little unsettled and walked away. Then years later I saw him on the news: the killing fields serial killer. He’s in prison now and it didn’t seem to bother me until  recently. It really kind of freaking bothers me ,it’s really unsettling. I can’t believe I was almost killed. So it took decades to really sink in. I just can’t believe I was so close to just being a picture on a newspaper.

Erik: That’s because you’ve done so much work spiritually since I’ve passed that you’re a lot clearer then you used to be. So things are coming to the surface for you to to heal. Making effort to just forgive just decide to do it and forgive that person. Even though it was awful if you send that person a white light, it neutralizes and counteracts what they did. You then no longe hold that trauma in your energy field or your chakras.

Elisa: I might actually visit him in prison my family is against it, he’s behind bars

Erik: That would be a really empowering thing that would help the planet that would help the planet because when other people see someone with such an open heart forgive and sound love to that individual there would be a ripple of fact that would touch others on the planet.

Elisa: How can you be certain that you have PTSD if you’re not really clear about it?

Erik: Hypnotic regression or meditation or, in your every day life; it’s the situations that you keep drawing to yourself. So say you were dis-empowered you would draw situations to yourself that are dis-empowering until you forgive and take your power back. And what that actually is, is the universe providing you with feedback as to what you’re putting out. It’s not punishment or karma. People are getting clearer, they’re starting to recognize this. If you see or hear something three times from three different sources spirits trying to tell you something. So by watching what you’re drawing into your life can tell the story of your energetic patterning.

Elisa: I can have this pattern of being betrayed by people who help me. When I help them I do it in a way that I do not expect anything in return, I just got joy in helping. Like my sister are certain mediums, what is the universe trying to tell me?

Kim: Eric was saying to help yourself first because you are an animation of love. You don’t get spiritual merits by helping people.

Elisa: Well I don’t care about that.

Kim: Let it emanate from you, and that is what will reflect back to you.

Elisa: Why cant I help others and myself at the same time?

Erik: There is an expectation that you haven’t really let go of from your family situation. There might even be some past life issues tied in here too. You would try to do things to please your family so that you would not get in trouble and it would backfire on you.

Elisa: That’s true in my childhood you wanted to be on the good side of my parents. If you didn’t want black and blue marks all over your body.

Kim: Erik is showing me and it goes along with your being a doctor that you were always doing things preventatively so that something bad would not happen ,and he saying that you overthink. And he saying rather than thinking feel.

Elisa: You always say that Erik and it’s such wise advice. So what do you, you know you have PTSD. What steps do you take a 1 to 3? I know one thing is probably to get your chakras cleansed and balanced right? And do the grounding exercise. I wanted to tell you about my sister Carrie I told her to do the EMDR are that special eye movement thing where they talk to you and you think about the bad things that of happened why your eyes are going back-and-forth. And she came up with this memory when my parents took her Mr. bunny and threw it away. She was chasing the garbage truck yelling no I want my bunny. So that was a huge trauma for her. So somethings can come up that are these little traumas, that you never even thought about really. What’s traumatic to an adult might be completely different than what is traumatic to a child.

Erik: Start remembering the things you can let them go because people try to stuff them, or not remember them, or pretend like it didn’t happen. So what’s really important is to remember it, take the appropriate steps to remedy it; whether it be forgiveness or whatever is needed, integrate it. Integration happens naturally after we do this. Clarity comes after forgiveness. Many people try to find the reason why they should forgive, why they should let someone off the hook, and that’s not how it works. You forgive and then the clarity comes.

Elisa: Yeah forgiveness is really for us and not the person we’re forgiving.

Erik: So say you forgave some major event, then you may start remembering littler similar events. And you’ll start to understand you’ll go wow I really did creating my reality; and now that I know I can do differently.  Once this happens these events that are triggering stop happening in your life; or if they do you just observe them and there is no longer an emotional charge. You’ll be able to see something in third dimensional reality that me appear awful and simultaneously with fifth dimensional perspective understand how it is being created. You may realize that you’re not done with an issue if you have a charge. Then you’ll know that your spirit set this up for you to clear. But most likely this would no longer show up in your reality. Because once you clear something you’re no longer draw similar situations to yourself.

Elisa: What about the Trauma from mother earth like this horrible hurricane Florence? There’s nothing there to forgive how do you handle something like that?

Erik: Mother earth is actually a spirit. She’s held memory of the wars all of the ““ evil  and toxic acts that have happened on the planet. She’s held all these memories in her body she  going through a shift just as we are, she is ascending. The energies she has held in her body are coming out and purging. And people can keep themselves safe with the power of their mind by setting the intention to be safe combined with common sense and taking action when it is appropriate. You can align with your vertical pillar of light and not go into fear mode. So by connecting with your vertical pillar of light setting the intention that you’re going to be safe. Setting the intention that the best outcome will happen.

Elisa: Things like that can cause PTSD you can’t just forgive the hurricane. Erik: Those are the times humanity Has to bond together and help each other. People may have to start over and relocate look at it is a new beginning

Elisa can you have PTSD carryover from other lives?

Erik; Yeah, say you were hung for stealing a horse and you were guilty, that energy would be completed. But say you were hung for stealing a horse that you really didn’t steal. That could carryover into this lifetime because it is unfinished business. So currently you may come back into a new life into a similar situation to keep working on it to clear. It could be a situation where the person responsible for that individuals death comes back wanting to experience what it’s like to be killed by another. He may contract with that person to take his life, that’s karma. We are moving away from karma. But a lot of people are still playing it out. They don’t understand it can be done.

Elisa: Would past life regression negate the need to forgive in this lifetime?

Erik: It could because the reason you chose to experience things in this lifetime that we’re based on things you didn’t learn or the things you wanted to understand more completely in this lifetime. Believe it or not we chose our parents we chose our circumstance to be born into.

Kim and Alisa discuss Akashic record and self-awareness program as ways to identify PTSD. See Kim’s website under services for more information. and discussed practicing on an upcoming episode.

Erik: Yes that would be beneficial start out slowly with meditation and build into it so that you’re mind doesn’t block it.

Elisa: Is there anything else we can do for PTSD?

Erik: Essential oil and he brings up cannabis but says to be careful with that it’s not to be used as a form of escapism.

Elisa: He always talks about that. You can use crystals or other things but you still have to do the work. You’ve got to uncover the knots and untangle them.

Erik: All of those tools can help you get to the root. But it’s not the oil or the crystal or the substance that does it those are just tools to help you and uncover it. For instance if you carry a crystal all your powers not in the crystal; but it enhances it, it’s a tool.

Elisa: Is there anything else we wanna do before we close and we’re going to have a little birthday celebration for Erik‘s birthday Annica‘s birthday and Michelle‘s birthday. But Michelle won’t be able to be there she has to work.

Erik: Let’s send some chills down your spine and do some energy work.

(Reference YouTube Channeling Erik Energy 101/PTSD for demonstration of energy healing, 48:20)

Featured image courtesy of HealthyPlace.

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