The Missing Link

Here’s a site that seems bent on defaming this blog and everything we stand for. We must be aware that as our blog grows, the naysayers’ voices will grow just as fast. Sigh. Fortunately, there are plenty of lessons to go around on both sides. Mine is to grow a thicker skin, to not perceive things as a personal attack, and to realize how limited our reach still is–so I need to soldier on in our mission all the more.



Me: What about the missing link? What’s that all about? Is that related to the incorporation of alien DNA into our DNA? I can see how that might explain this enormous jump in our evolutionary progress for ape to humanoid. Aliens and apes getting kinky. Not a pretty visual, but…

Erik: I see where you’re going, but you can kind of say that, yes.

Me: Okay, so what is the missing link, exactly?

Erik: When you think about breeding and having sex, you think about relationships and intercourse and raising children together, but it wasn’t like that.

Me: Oh, okay. So, what was it, then? Did they just insert the changes in and manipulate our DNA?

Erik: Exactly. Aliens intervened with the evolution on Earth. Now, listen. Aliens are not removed from God Source Energy. Let’s just all keep that in mind. To think otherwise is racist.

Jamie (giggling): He’s pointing a finger at me.

Erik: So, to increase the needs in what they wanted and to increase the needs of Earth, there was assistance and help, and it was not done by relationships and marriage and intercourse and raising children. It was mostly done—not out of experimenting—but out of inserting DNA—

Me: Out of a conscientious effort to raise us to the next level? To accelerate our physical advancement?

Erik: More scientific, out of need.

Jamie: What kind of needs?

Me: Yeah, what kind of needs, Erik?

Erik: To help.

Jamie: To help what?

Erik: To help with tending to the Earth.

Me: Maybe to help us survive better so our numbers would grow, or—

Erik: Yes, and so that we would be able to develop technology faster. By the way, they weren’t trying to keep us alive and multiply us so that they could scoop us up and make us be their workhorses.

Me: Good! I didn’t think about that one. Thanks for scaring me!

Erik (laughing): It’s not that. Man, if you’re reading this, and you can get along with another cultural race that’s not yours, then you’re going to be a person that’s going to be able to get along with a different cultural race that we call an alien race, and you’ll be just fine.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: I don’t know what’s up with the human race, but we always like to play the victim. I think that’s because of the movies. “Oh, please, save me! The aliens are coming!”

Jamie (laughing): He’s making a funny face.

I laugh just envisioning one of the many goofy faces he used to make.

Me: Well, let me ask you this. You say that that changing our DNA has helped us become more technologically advanced. We have the intellectual capacity to develop technology at a faster rate, right?

Erik: Right.

Me: But technology has also done a lot of harm to the Earth—the Industrial Age, etc.

Erik: Yes, but watch this. As we get into the new technology, it’s cleaner, smaller, more precise, and doesn’t leave an environmental mark.

Me: Good. And what is that? Is it the Zero Point Field as you spoke about before, Erik? Will that be our ultimate form of energy? Is it possible to harness that?

Erik: Yes it is.

Me: And will we?

Erik: Yes. That’s what the advanced alien races use. It’s an infinite source of energy. No more atomic or fossil fuel crap.

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