Erik Channeling His Inner Diva

Erik’s channeling his inner diva – he’s got the curly, shoulder-length red wig on, he’s got the finger he’s pointing upwards with long fingernails, he’s tucked his chin backwards and is jerking his head back and forth, like,)  Mmm girl!  Here’s whatcha gotta do.  This is ALL you gotta do.  Here it is.  You ready for it?

Mind your business.  Just mind your business! You see, any time you start thinkin’ you know what somebody else gotta do, girl you just put that finger away an WALK AWAY, you know what I’m sayin’?  (He’s being supreme attitude here.)

Ah.  I’ve observed this in myself.  Whenever I start thinking “You know, s/he should do this.  Why doesn’t s/he just do that?”


And I try and remember that I don’t know the reasons this person is making the choices they make, so I just try to honour that person’s journey, you know.

*snaps fingers* you know it girl! 

It works the other way too – whenever someone is sharing their opinion with me, projecting upon me what they think *I* should do, I try to remember that their advice is about them, not me.

mmm-HMMM!  ‘Cause you know it when it’s not about you.  It’s not about you!  You just say, “Girl, that’s your own shit!  Thank you for offering me your shit, but I don’t need your shit.  I got my OWN shit, right here!”  (Erik drops the Diva thing and becomes a young 20’s Erik, and I’m really noticing his clear, soft eyes.  I like this face – he draws his palm against his jaw and gives me the understanding that he doesn’t have to shave, it’s a low-maintenance face.)  I can be gorgeous in a moment!

You heart-breaker, you.  (Erik takes his shirt off and stands there in Bermuda shorts with a surf board.)  You want me to run slowly for you?  (plays music from Baywatch)  Naw, that’s alright, dude!

So yeah.  I was listening to Bryon Katie talking with Oprah this morning (you can look it up on itunes if you’re interested) and Byron Katie was talking about just letting people be in their own experience.

Yeah, so much shit, so much fighting is people trying to get other people to see things their way.  To agree with them, so make somebody be right, and somebody be wrong.  The cool (ironic) shit of it all is realizing you are making / creating it all anyway – so you are BOTH right, because it’s your own experience that you are creating.

Some people just need to be heard, in their experience.  Some people get really intense and need other people on board so they can feel validated, they can feel their experience is *right* because they have all this backup.  But all it comes down to is every individual’s concept of their own reality, you with me?

 (He’s addressing the readers, with that, and making sure he’s not losing anyone.  He’s like a shepherd, counting the flock.  And that Jesus-double-entendre was his, ooooo dude.  You gotta watch that shit – remember what happened when John make that “bigger than Jesus” quip?  Erik waves his hand – it’s fine.)

It’s fuckin’ fine, they know what I mean.  And this is exactly what I’m talking about.  If other people choose to get pissed because I made a Jesus joke, that is what they are choosing to do with it.  It’s not *my business* what other people decide to do with that.  If it’s anyone else’s business, it would be JC’s, and he and I are buds.  (Shows me fist-bumping Christ, just to drive his point home.  Holy crap.)  Erik grins – Niiiicccce!  (he likes my Holy crap remark.)

Okay, so let me reword this to make sure I’m gettin’ your point:  I can see someone doing something that I don’t like, say if they were talking shit about me.  People like me who put ourselves out there as talking to dead people are sometimes labeled as liars, or taking advantage of vulnerable people who are in mourning.  As this is a sacred practice for me, I could really decide to take it personally if someone was talking shit about me.

OOO – that’s a good one – say I learned of another psychic who actually *was* scamming people, who was really skilled at manipulating people.  Yeah, I could choose to take that personally too, and I could really go on a crusade about it because scammers not only hurt individuals, but they can negatively impact legitimate practitioners.

But what you’re talking about, Erik, is just letting that scammer / shit-talker to her own reality.  S/he’s creating it, right?  Not my business if I don’t make it my business.  We’ve got to be selective with where we place our energy, knowing that what we focus upon, gains strength and momentum.

Okay, so Erik this is a Buddhist conundrum too – if you practice acceptance and non-interference, at what point do you step in to create change?

You step in the second you see there is (someone helpless – shows me a little kid, or a dog) and you know you can stop it.  It’s about developing those spiritual smarts, see?  (He’s film noir gangster now) You gotta play it smart.  The way you do that is you look at your weapon (holds up his tommy gun) – what’s it loaded with?

Is it insecurity?  Did you pack that tommy gun with your own shit?  Your own ego needing to be right?

Or are you packin’ love, BABY?

 (you can guess the visual he gives me here.  I’ll give you a hint:  it involves a codpiece.)

Take a second to check your ammo – are you going to hit this situation with love, or your own shit? 

If you snatch a dog away from someone who’s kicking it – that’s not about you, that’s about the dog.  That’s a loving act.

If you try to snatch someone else’s reality away from them, that’s about you, and it can be kinda cruel, even if that person is being a complete tool.

Erik, I can sense some confusion here.  If someone’s being a tool, how do you know when it’s appropriate to intervene?

Kate, have you ever known me to be appropriate?  I am Captain Inappropriate!

Too true, and I love you for it.  You keep me grinning.  So, forget appropriate, how about, how do you know when it’s in your best interest / the world’s best interest?

Whoa, okay.  That’s awesome, because you just pointed out how people get so confused with this shit.  A lot of people want to go on this tirade, and start ranting about the actions of other people affecting the poor, defenseless this or that.  They get their man-panties all in a bunch getting worked up over shit other people are doing. 

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  What can you do about it? 

And then just fucking do that.  Stop worrying about other people.  The best teachers for the world just led by example, man.  (For some reason he’s smoking a joint here and has long dreads.  I’m missing the reference – he’s just being a general hippie – oh!  I was over thinking it.)

People talk a lot of shit about how the hippie movement “failed” – like they sold out or something.  Fuck that!  The flower children generally raised little flower kids of their own, and they’re encouraging those mini flower kids to live their lives with spiritual truth and social responsibility.  Fuck yeah, the hippie movement never died!  (And that is why the decriminalization of mary-j in INEVITABLE people.  SUCK IT UP!)  Tangent dude!  Bring ‘er back here!

Right.  (puts out the butt.)  So there are two things you’re talking about there – what’s best for you, individual, incarnated you on your own magical journey of your own creation, and there’s the big, giant fucking collective (zooms out to show me the planet).

Of course, you (zooms in on individual again) are a part of this thing (zooms out again to show the whole world) and THIS THING (zooms out again to show the solar system – zooms again to show the galaxy – you get the idea and Erik this is making me dizzy!)

When you are fucking freaking out about the state of the planet, just do that exercise.  Zoom in on you, then out to the planet, then the solar system, then the galaxy, then the whole fucking mega-verse.  Take a minute and breathe and understand that *you* cannot fuck it up all by yourself, and you also can’t fix it all by yourself.  But that’s good because *you* are not just *you* you’re a part of the whole thing.

So you’re even a part of that tool in front of you who’s being so annoying.  When you do this exercise, don’t you just have to love him a little bit? 

Because that tool is also a little individual, and an incarnation of this big fucking mega-verse.  It is not up to you to save the whole fucking world all at once, it’s only up to you to do the next loving thing that’s right in front of you.

Cause girl, you know I’m a lover, not a fighter, right?

Yeah, you are!

Okay, so say this tool is standing in front of me, yapping his flap.  What is the next loving thing to do?

Well, this is going to sound strange, but you say thank you.  Half the time, people just want to be heard.  So you hear ‘em.  You don’t have to do what they say – that’s where your BOUNDARIES come in.  You can say thank you.  I will give you a magic sentence:  Thank you.  And then just doing your thing.

After you say that, the other person is going to do THEIR thing, which doesn’t have to involve you at all!  And you have no control over what they do anyway, so why sweat it?

Do you have any idea how many people are suing people they supposedly loved, over the stupidest shit!?  We (Americans) have this litigious culture, and so we’re so damn quick to be like, “You should SUE ‘EM!” 

Take a look at these people fighting over lawsuits:  See how much energy that is taking?  Look at all that fuckin’ money, but more, look at all that time and energy and thought they’re putting into being angry.

Any one of those people could just walk away, but they’re locking the legal horns, why?  Because they want to be RIGHT.

WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT BEING RIGHT!?!  Look at the cost of it all!  Just let it go.

So much of that shit is about fear, holding on to something you have in case you need it later.  Suing for money – you know (humans) invented that, right?  Suing – it’s a made up thing.  So you’re in a made up fight about make-believe money.  Money is make-believe people!  It ain’t real, you know that right?  Money only has a value as long as we agree it has value, and just look in your history books.  Currency has crashed in the past, and it will again.  Then you look at the years of your life in court fighting over something that doesn’t even exist anymore, and you’ll wish you’d gone to the beach instead.

Hippies, man!  They got some shit right!

Another thing people fight over is status, like, feeling special.  If they think something someone else is doing is making them “less” special, they invent this feeling of being threatened.  These are the crazy-ass people who will insist YOU stop doing something, so THEY can feel better. 

 (shakes his head) There ain’t nothing you can do about someone who’s decided to get up in your business, except just make it boring for them.  Even if they suck you into court, you can just decide to give it the bare minimum attention it needs.  You don’t have to take it personally, you don’t have to get outraged or feel victimized.  You don’t have to get sucked into other people’s drama.  OPD – yeah you know me!

 (BONK! Bonks me on the head.)  Babe, this entry is done!

 Thank you Erik.  Love you, Man.  Love you too, Babe! 

 Kate Sitka is a medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please check out her professional website: her personal blog: psychicintraining.comand the Joyful Telepathy Foundation: ___



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