The Thoughts of Baby Spirits

I had the most beautiful lucid dream last night with Erik. I rarely dream about him, even right after his death, so I miss these wondrous encounters. In the dream, he looked ten feet tall. His hair was curly, not short-cropped like it was just before he took his life. I asked him how it was to be where he is now, and he smiled and told me he was happy and that he had many, many friends, including the loved ones of blog members. He also told me he would visit me more, but he can’t because it will interfere with some aspect of my spiritual path. I asked him to elaborate, but he wouldn’t. Then we hugged. I was sobbing and I could sense that my shaking body and began to cry. Then, sadly, I woke up. 🙁 If you’ve had a lucid dream, feel welcome to share.)  


Me: What thoughts do babies have before they’re born, and do they have spiritual amnesia?

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): Don’t say that. You left yourself wide open for Erik!

Me: Uh oh. What happened?

Jamie: “I can’t wait to have a beer.”

Me: That’s what he said?

Jamie: Yeah. That’s exactly what babies are thinking. “I can’t wait to have a beer.”

I giggle.

Erik: Or they’re thinking, “FUCK! FUCK! I can’t believe I’m doing this again!”

Me: Yeah, really! No, seriously. They probably are but what else?

Erik: Most of the time, cuz you gotta understand, the soul doesn’t enter the baby in the belly at the same point every time.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It depends on what lesson is going on with the baby’s spirit. They can kind of ride along the side of the belly.

Me: Right. Sidesaddle.

Erik: Sidesaddle.

Jamie: Great image.

Erik: They can kind of merge with the baby any time going along, and some of them merge at the moment of birth. Some, I tell you, will skip that shit and merge after their birth.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: Not many, but a lot of the time, when the physical body is being made, it’s the soul’s time to get centered and really start to “heart connect” to lower energies, you know, the dimensions you guys live down there.

Me (chuckling): Down there?

Erik: It requires a lot of focus, and they’re listening to their environment. They’re trying to make familiar connections. That’s why the voices, the heartbeat, the taste of certain foods, everything of this nature is building the child’s likes and dislikes already. They’re exploring tastes, sound, movement, communication, emotion, and it’s proven a lot. I think they call it wombology something where the baby has already designed its sleep pattern before it’s even born, it’s eating pattern before it’s even born. The baby knows you, its environment, like its personality is already created, so if the mother is in full anxiety the whole time of the pregnancy, the child is wired for anxiety.

Me: Well, that makes sense; all those hormones and stuff can rewire the brain, too.

Erik: Bingo. Also the su—

Jamie (to Erik): Wait. Say it again, Erik.

Erik:  About a year before the woman even gets pregnant, it’s an imprint. Their physical body is making imprints and these imprints will actually show up in the child as well, so—

Jamie (to Erik, completely puzzled): What? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Erik: The structure and personality is being created up to a year before the mother is pregnant—even before conception.

Me: Hmm! Wow!

Erik: You can read some pretty cool shit about it.

Jamie (to Erik): So, there’s some documentation on this? (Pause) Okay. (To me) He says yeah.

Me: So, what are they thinking usually? Can they have thoughts like we can?

Erik: No, it’s—the vocabulary, the English vocabulary is going to be a learned experience, but emotional vocabulary already exists.

Me: Okay. And they’ve forgotten, through spiritual amnesia, all their words and stuff, obviously.

Erik: Yeah, they’re histories, you know of when they lived before, but the emotional language, that never goes away. That is the core of the soul.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We’re emotional beings.

Me: Alright.



The results of the orb contest will be announced Monday after the judges use the weekend to vote! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Quick question: I have a photo that I want to use to make a bumper sticker, but it’s opaque, making it difficult to read the overlying text. Does anyone have any suggestions for creating various grades of translucencies? I don’t have Photoshop or anything similar. Maybe there’s an inexpensive or freeware program I can download? 

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