Erik Solves Four More Missing Children’s Cases

Erik solves the cases of four missing children cases in this, part two, of a 3 part series, channeled perfectly by Kim Voigt from Kim is not only a medium, she is also a VERY powerful healer and can also regress her clients to other timelines, dimensions and to the Akashic Records. I have had many powerful healing sessions and can vouch for her, personally.

But before we cut to the YouTube, I have more exciting news about my new business, Atlantis Scalar, Inc. (Although the website isn’t live yet.) The reason it isn’t live yet is because I’m still asking Erik what we can help people with and so far he has listed the following. (BUT, I want to do test cases first for free. AND in each case, payment is ONLY due if there is success, so there is no risk to you.) I know there will be cheaters, but believe me, the Universe will bite them in the ass. Please do not email me to put you on the list for these because I won’t be ready until November. Most of these a multi-day treatments. Click on the link below and you will see that we’re going to try to treat humans for certain mental, physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses (curing even acne, male pattern baldness, schizophrenia, opening up the third eye, etc.) and we’re going to treat pets for a number of things as well. PLUS, we have the ability to work on gardens and ranches so that we can dispense of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, but I’m testing it on my own garden first.


Okay, you’ve been patient, so here we go! Enjoy!

One more announcement from our CE medium, Renuka. This event is an exciting one!

Renuka  ( will be conducting the Spirit Communication Workshop on 19th September 2020.

This workshop will let you gauge your abilities by helping you connect with Erik real time. Erik will be present throughout the workshop working on your abilities and helping you connect with him as well as your Spirit Guides or your Loved Ones from the other side. Come and experience Erik Magic and know how well you are connected and what will make you still better.

Link for registration :

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