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I usually don’t post on Thursdays, but I have a lot to share! Plus I’m a rule-breaking rebel! LOL. First, I want to share this week’s Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show because we had a very special guest. 

This Tuesday, David Rippy, an inspirational author, hypnotherapist and speaker who seeks to help people live their best lives, helped us explore the benefits of hypnosis/meditation and some of the connections we have to our past lives and how a past life and life between lives regression can lead to many profound answers that affect us in this life.

From un-diagnosed pain that has its roots in a past life, to opportunities to meet spirit guides, departed loved ones, angels and of course ascended masters. In his hypnotic sessions and in two of his books, some very profound messages come forth of the future as well as strong glimpses into the past. These glimpses can be in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Mesopotamia, Greece, Atlantis and other amazing locations.

More about David: At age 25 in the midst of beginning a career at a Fortune 50 company, Dave’s life changed dramatically when a car accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite this life-altering injury, he formulated a vision for his life. He became determined to fulfill his ambition to become a money manager—and he did. David went on to have a long and successful career, working at both Merrill Lynch and The Vanguard Group. After achieving his own dreams, Dave wanted to help others to reach their own goals and live their best lives in spite of the facing the greatest hardships of their lives.

Each of his five books addresses a different facet of existence: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. He introduces readers to his story of a devastating spinal cord injury and the road to becoming successful in Captain of My Soul: Mastering a Destiny Altered. Then he offers the reader concrete guidelines for living better that’s geared toward the disabled yet strings together pearls of wisdom proving valuable for everyone in Powering Through Paralysis: How to Survive & Thrive with Disability or Disease. He takes the reader on a spiritual odyssey of his own explorations of the afterlife via transcriptions of particularly powerful sessions from his hypnotism practice in The Immortal Soul: The Journey to Enlightenment and in the book Meeting Jesus: Hypnotically Regressed Clients Explore their Past Lives & Encounters with Archangels & Ascended Masters.

David’s most recent book, Texas Blue Moon, is his first novel. He continues to spread his messages of positivity through writing and speaking engagements. He still believes that there are more miracles to come in his life and works toward new goals and aspirations every day. Enjoy! Check out his site,

Second, I want to share one of Pamela Aaralyn’s Monday morning YouTube Live question and answer sessions with Erik. Every Monday at 8:30 AM PT/9:30 AM MT/10:30 AM CT/11:30 ET, Pamela Aaralyn ( and spirit guide, Erik Medhus, take questions from the audience on YouTube Live via the Channeling Erik YouTube Channel alternating with Pamela’s YouTube Channel. You can also ask Erik to bring forward a deceased love one so you can communicate with them. I post instructions the Sunday before on all of my Facebook pages and groups. This is entirely free and is our way of helping those who can’t afford a session with a medium. Check out all of her other sites in the description box. 


Third, although I don’t know much about it, I’m going to do a session on King John III, who apparently is the true King of England. The subject has ben exploding with social media buzz and controversy. If you want to ask questions about it, please email me them in a short, concise non-bulleted, un-numbered list without emojis. My email address is I won’t have time to reply, but all questions will go on the list. 

Fourth and last, here is my monthly excerpt from Erik’s amazing book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. It’s very healing and there are moments when you will cry, laugh and gasp. A real page-turner! However, this is part of the book that I struggle reading.

I went to find the gun and pick it up. When I saw it and reached for it, I saw my new hand reaching for it. It didn’t look light or translucent—you know, the type of thing that you would expect to see with a spirit or a ghost. It did have a kind of a glow to it, though. Silver, shimmery. I know it sounds weird, but it looked solid and transparent at the same time. Think about it: when you look at your reflection in dark water, it looks solid, but you know it’s just a transparent reflection in the water. Meld those two, and that’s what it looked like.

When I tried to grab or touch something, my hand went right through it. I guess it felt like a tingly pressure, but it didn’t feel like regular touch. I tried to touch my body, but I couldn’t grab ahold of it. Then I tried to strum the strings on my Fender guitar, but my fingers slipped through them too. No sound. I remember feeling pretty sad then, thinking that I’d never get to play music again.

Next, I heard my mother running up the stairs. I could tell she was climbing up the steps more than one at a time, tripping. She came into the room, but she didn’t come in delicately. She came in like she was on fire—a flaming cannonball barreling through anything in its path. My point of view rose up like I was flying. I wasn’t standing on the ground like a human. Even though I felt like I was hovering up high, I suddenly felt really small, like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Still, I didn’t feel the same kind of shame or sense of regret I expected to. I just felt small.

I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but I didn’t feel the need to rush to her. I had this emotional detachment while watching her, but it wasn’t the same emotional distance I felt when I was about to pull the trigger or when I first left my body and looked down at it. It was an emotional distance that comes with an objective observation that made me feel separated from my feelings of remorse and shame.

When I left my body, my emotions came with me, but my physical instincts didn’t, and that wasn’t because of shock. Shock creates a distance you need for survival or protection when you have a physical body. I didn’t need that anymore. Because of that emotional distance, my emotions weren’t controlling me. Things were just playing out, and I was watching them while still feeling things, but in a different way. I believe I had that emotional distance so that I could continue to cross over with peace. I feel like I was in this weird dream state. Maybe that’s what traumatic experiences turn into. They feel like a dream, no matter if you’re a person or a spirit.

Despite that feeling of emotional distance, I was more aware—more sensitive but not more emotional, I guess. Because of this heightened awareness, I was able to absorb all the details of what was going on in the room. When you’re human, you can’t rely on your memory to look back accurately at traumatic situations because you can’t consciously absorb all the details. Your brain picks and chooses some of the high- lights, and you often leave out the ones that hurt the most. It was way different for me in those first few minutes after I died—and still is different today. It’s just an objectivity that’s intensely involved instead of highly removed. Being in that room with my mom, the emotional distance made it seem like what was going on was far away, but it didn’t make it any less real.

My mom was talking to me, but she wasn’t looking at the real me— my spirit. She was looking at my body. She kept wailing, “Why? Why? Why?” She had no problem touching my body, and she was the first person to move me, but I wasn’t really in there at all. I was outside my body, watching her. There were two other people at the door peering at me—Maria and my sister Michelle. They weren’t coming in, and nobody was inviting them to. I couldn’t really focus on them; I was still fixated on what was happening to my physical body.

Please buy a copy for yourself, and purchase books for friends and family you care about, especially if they fear death and if they grieve over the loss of a loved one. It comes in every conceivable format, including Kindle, Audiobooks and Audible. Click HERE (or on the book’s image on the righthand sidebar.)

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