Turning Back the Hands of TIme and Gross Feet

Me: Here’s an interesting question from a blog member: “I am curious if Erik has met or has knowledge of all the various Erik incarnations happening at the same time. Can Erik still influence the Erik that passed on in this latest incarnation?” I love that question. Can you, Erik? Can you meet and influence all of your incarnations past and present?

Erik (laughing): Damn that makes me sound like a super hero, doesn’t it?

Me: You’ll always be my super hero, Baby.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Yes, um, being in the spirit world where I am, I could go out and meet myself if I wanted to do that, but when you’re here, you kind of find that it’s not necessary, because you’re actually connected anyway.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: You pick up on it, but—

Me: Can you still influence the Erik—my Erik—before you passed on?

(Of course what I’m really asking is, ‘Can you prevent yourself from pulling that trigger so Mama can have her precious boy back.’)

Erik: Yes.

(Long pause)

Me: Okay.

I think, ‘Is that all ya got, Erik? Please give me more!’

(Awkward pause)

Me: I mean, you could obviously save your own life or make changes to it so you wouldn’t be dead. How would that work?


Jamie: He’s kind of tugging at his hair on the side.

Erik: I knew you would go there.

Me: Yeah, yeah. No, I’m just trying to figure out, because then this life would be completely different for both of us and the family and of course our Channeling Erik family. It’s not supposed to happen, I guess.

Erik: That’s the thing, Mom. If it were an accident, then that kind of time travel shifting—you could come and change things and, you know, heal. But if it’s meant to be that way, then no, you can’t really shake it up that way.

Me (solemnly): Yeah. And you wouldn’t want to, or you couldn’t do it?

Erik: I wouldn’t want to. It’s not like we don’t really get in trouble, but we can!

Me: Ooo, principal’s office! But whom do you get in trouble with?

Erik: Our guides.

Me: Okay. Darn. Thought I’d ask.


Me: Okay. Now, someone brought to my attention that recently there have been some feet washing ashore in Vancouver, and they have tennis shoes on. Like a dozen disembodied feet. What is that all about. Kind of gross. Just sayin’.

Jamie: That is kind of gross! He’s talking about it being murder—

Me: Like a serial killer?

Jamie; Yeah, where they’re releasing the bodies in the same place each time, but it doesn’t look like a mass dumping. It looks like it’s been going back and forth for a little while.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Two, three trips with several different people. But this is from a long period of time.

Me: Where are they dumping it, in Vancouver? Or maybe it’s from Japan?

Erik: Nope, not that far.

Me: Must be joggers since they all have tennis shoes on. That just proves my point that jogging is bad for your health!

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: Especially in Vancouver!

Me: I know!

Jamie: He’s showing me it’s in that local area. It’s not from far away and washing up. 



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Blog member, Lynette, from Augusta, Georgia needs help from her Channeling Erik family. She has been recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and will be scheduled for surgery soon. Until then, she will not know what stage is it. Please send her as much healing energy as you can. She’s a lovely woman, and Erik has a very special fondness for her.

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