Two Sweet Thank You’s

These two testimonials made my heart smile.

Praise #1

Dr. Medhus,

I want to profoundly thank you for creating Channeling Erik. I have become a huge fan and have watched many of your YouTube videos along with reading a ton of information on your website. Being a parent myself, I cannot even imagine the grief you initially went through after Erik’s death. I also lost my cousin Ricky to suicide about 20 years ago and observed my aunt go through soul shattering grief. I am so appreciative of Erik’s thoughts and experiences with this subject; so often we as humans are taught those who commit suicide are not welcomed into the arms of God.
I do believe Erik has pranked me a couple of times. A couple of weeks ago, I was in my office and home alone. My landline phone rang and I let it go to the answering machine. When the phone started ringing, I heard a male voice say “Hello”. I smiled at that.
The next day, I went on to my lanai to let my dogs out. Inside the screened enclosure and by the door, I saw the biggest frog! I have never had a frog inside the lanai and I immediately thought Erik did that. You see, the evening before, I let Erik know it was okay to prank me, just don’t scare me. When I saw the frog, I said to Erik “You got me, thanks”. In my heart, I knew it was him.
Thanks again for all of your work. You are touching so many people and helping to open up our minds. I appreciate you and your family so much.

Much love!!!
Gretchen Stewart

Praise #2

Hi! My name is Matt and i’m 29 from the UK. I just wanted to say thank you to you both for what you do to spread enlightenment to people. You have both opened my eyes and confirmed many things to me since reading “My Son and the Afterlife” and “My Life and Death”. Erik and Elisa’s relationship reminds me of the one i have with my Mum now and my Nan as a kid. I’ve always been interested in spirituality and continued life but more so after my Nan passed away at 57 of Stomach Cancer in June 2004. She lived in Cornwall which is 300 miles away from where we lived. We’d gone down to see her for a week in April 2004 and i stayed on an extra week with my Uncle and Cousin to make the most of being with her. I remember lying with her on her bed one day and i asked her “are you afraid to die?” She said “No…I’m not afraid to die, i just don’t want to leave you all behind.” She had tears in her eyes and we cried. I’ll never forget the last time i saw her alive. We were packing the car up to go home and as we were pulling away i looked up at her bedroom window. She was standing there waving and crying. She KNEW she’d never see us again. She was right, she died 2 months later in her sleep. She woke up and asked her husband for a cup of tea, between him going down stairs to make her one and bringing it back up she’d passed on. Our whole family was devastated beyond words. It hit me harder than anyone. I idolised her! And i took me years to get over it. Then in December 2007 my Grandad passed away at 63 from aggressive Leukaemia. I was there when he died and it was horrendous! Again we were devastated. A few months after he passed away i had an experience in my sleep that i have never forgotten. I believe i travelled to a Healing Center in my sleep. It was a small white building in the middle of the most colourful meadow i have ever seen. I travelled across this meadow to the front door. I don’t remember physically moving myself across this meadow or even entering the building but i was suddenly in a pure white room, literally everything was white. The chairs, the table in the middle of the room, everything accept the stack of magazines on the table. Everything looked like it was made of white marble. Well for some reason i got the sense that this was a waiting room of sorts…it looked like a GP’s surgery waiting room but bright white! I looked over at a chair and there she was, my Nan in her large than life glory! When she was alive she loved “fruit of the loom” brand TShirts. She was wearing a black one with the slipper she went everywhere in! She was reading a magazine from off the table. I ran to her and hugged her so hard! We talked about things and I lay my head on her chest. We talked for a long time, about what i can’t actually remember but i remember her saying she was “proud” of me. At this i replied “oh Nan” and began crying on her (snotting, tears the whole shebang!). She smiled and stroked my hair. Then she told me “your Grandad is in there” pointing to a small dimly lit room off the side, “he’s resting”. And then i woke up, covered in snot and tears. It felt so real that i’m convinced i went to Heaven in my sleep. I felt better about things after that, but it woke my interest in Spirituality and life after life. I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject and have since discovered that some souls go to these Healing Centers if they’ve had a particularly traumatic illness or death to heal. I believe that was where my Grandad was and where i saw my Nan, in the waiting room waiting for him to heal. In life my Nan and Grandad were married but divorced in 1995 but i’ve always believed that they were meant for each other. I know my Grandad was devastated when my Nan passed away, he came to the funeral and i saw him crying for her when he thought nobody was looking. I’m convinced they’re now together again. I’ve since read both of Erik’s books and it’s confirmed to me that we do not “die” and there is nothing to be scared of. I’m now an avid watcher of Elisa and Erik’s Youtube Channel. Erik is such a lovely guy! I’m so happy you’ve been able to continue your relationship with each other. 🙂

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