Veronica and Erik’s November Q&A

Watch this video of Veronica’s and you’ll see Erik appear at timestamp 1:11!

Even if you didn’t submit a question to Erik and Veronica, I’m sure you’ll learn from some of these answers!

What will the stock market be like for the next 12 months? thank you! Janice T

Janice, Erik sees a significant surge in early 2018.  One of the most consistent upswings to date.  Growth will be driven by traditional stocks.  We will notice human psychology and the collective mental well being will play a role in the market.  2018 will be a violent year with reference to mother nature which will in turn negatively impact the market late spring, early summer.  2018 is the year of natural disasters and if you pay close attention you will see the swings in the match the raging mother earth. Erik predicts the market will finish out 2018 8% increase overall.

How can I improve my concentration and productivity at work? thank you! Selwyn

Selwyn, You are super sensitive to ALL energy and this is why you lose your concentration. You are constantly absorbing. It is strongly suggested you take several mini breaks (even if its just mentally) to do a mini cleanse and recharge.

One of the tips I teach my clients is to YAWN when the mind starts racing. The yawn interrupts the loop of thoughts.

Erik is suggesting you increase your vitamin B6 and magnesium. This will also help you to be less tired mid day. Also peppermint essential oil is a great mid day way to clear your head.

The cleansing can be a simple visualization of the white light pouring into you and pushing out all the toxins accumulated during the day. Due to your sensitivity you ‘ll need to do this a few times, as we mentioned. You could even go into the restroom and literally let the water flow over your hands and visualize toxins going into the drain.

To recharge ask your soul what element (earth, water, fire, air) rejuvenates it the most. Listen carefully for the answer. Once you know you can add that element to your work space even if it’s a picture!  Set your intention to be grounded and balanced every time you experience this element.

My boyfriend passed away two months ago. Is Erik able to bring him in to communicate with me? Nancy

Nancy, Erik said, to tell you from your boyfriend,  Its ok that things are the way they are. You have nothing to worry about. Find peace in knowing how we felt. He wants you to move forward and live your dreams. We get a sense his family has cut you off or is excluding you in some fashion. Its as if you do not exist.  Its as if he apologizing for their behavior. Nancy, please let me know if this makes any sense. The message coming thru was very distorted and honestly I was, as the translator, was confused by this communication. Perhaps a direct question would provide you better connection. Let Veronica know if this is on point.

Hi Erik and Veronica, I feel like I need to do something to awaken myself and want to get started. I’m wondering if I have any spiritual gifts and where to start. I’m so fascinated by both of you. Lisa Mac

Dear Lisa, The short, quick answer is YES, you do have natural gifts.. Start with your 5 senses and identify which one you most strongly connect with. Keep it simple. Do not over complicate by over thinking this direction. The idea is to by pass your mind and go directly to your inner knowing to help guide you.

Once you have identified which sense you most connect to ask your guides and Higher Self to assist you on finding a mentor. Use technology to research possible mentors. You will need someone to guide you through the process and help you raise your vibration. This person is readily available and waiting as soon as your energies align.

Hello guys, Can you tell me if my cat Sammy is going to be ok. He’s was sick and I want to make sure I’m doing all I should be doing for him to be healthy. He’s an amazing cat !!  Lisa Mac

Lisa, To directly answer your question as it is written (Can you tell me if my cat Sammy is going to be ok). It will be a slow road to recovery, but, yes. We sense there is something in his system that is making him sick. By chance did something bite him?  I know that’s a weird question, but, we sense a toxin of sorts in his system. Try chamomile to help soothe and calm him. Check with your vet first.

For the past few years now I have been seeing the number 42 consistently on a daily basis. It could be on anything from license plate numbers while I’m driving, food order numbers, you name it. It has become such a frequent and known part of my life that all my friends and family know about it and have seen it themselves. What is the meaning of this or what are my guides trying to tell me? Also, please say hi to Betty, Ryan, and all of my other family/friends in heaven for me!  Thanks again!! Megan

Megan, your SPECIFIC message with these 2 numbers is…  get things better organized in yor life so that you can release your special gifts into the world.  You are a VERY sensitive person, who just KNOWS things.. that is when you slow down to let your inner knowing inform you.  Notice the exact thought or situation you are experiencing right before or directly after you see those numbers. That will give you detailed clarity.

My sister recently passed. Does she have a message for me. Please tell her I love her dearly! Thanks, Trudy

Trudy, email me privately as I need more info – ie a specific question.

I have been told 3 times that I am a medium that will be helping others connect with lost ones.Is this true or am I a wannabe? Thanks, Trudy

Trudy, every single person has gifts from their soul and of their soul. These gifts are designed to help us heal ourselves and the world.  So, yes, you have the ability IF you choose to listen. Free will is important because it is pure choice to learn how to develop and use your gifts.  You can do a self study program or you can find a mentor to help you wake up to your truest potential as a medium. The number one area to work on is building up self confidence.

I’m on blood pressure meds and I hate meds, was hoping there was something else i can do rather than take meds for blood pressure?   Rueben

Rueben, The most natural approach you can take and it will work for MOST people is exercise. Creating a consistent exercise routine, at any level you are most comfortable with will help. Make sure to get enough Magnesium and Potassium ( eat foods high in each) or if you check with a doctor you can determine your levels and take supplements.  Take fish oil and take Coenzyme Q10.  We strongly suggest you do your research and check with your doctor. Some herbs to consider basil, and Ginger.  Also flaxseed!

My husband doesn’t want to pay for a behavioralist to help me help Finley, our five year old dog with his separation and aggression issues. What can I do to help him not shake, cower in fear, pant excessively, loose his mind when someone’s at the door and prevent him from biting another person?  I really want to help him feel more secure. I don’t want to surrender him or be forced to put him to sleep for his aggressive behavior.  Kelly

Kelly, first thing to do is be sure your dog doesn’t have a physical illness. Some conditions that could make a dog super anxious and aggressive are brain tumors, brain inflammation, and kind of head injury.  Have a medical check up.  Make sure the diet is a healthy balanced one. Also, movement, exercise and socialization are huge in creating a calmer pet.  Try Chamomile and lemon balm to aid in calmness. Also – B6.   Following essential oil mix will help calm your pet.

Put several drops of these essential oils on a scarf/bandana and tie it around your dog’s neck. The scent will stay active for around 4 to 5 hours. Repeat once daily until you see an improvement in the dog’s behavior. If your dog will let you you can put this blend directly on the dog… edge of his ears, between his toes, inner thighs.

I believe I am an Empath. If so, what type of empath am I and how can I use my gift to help others? know  Kelly

Working with animal energies is where you would do best to focus your gifts. You have the ability to feel what animals most need.  Develop your animal communication skills by working with your own dog.  Begin by getting calm with the animal and stroking his 3rd eye area. Once you are both calm think your conversation with him.. LISTEN for responses. Ask specific questions and you will HEAR.

You also are meant to be an advocate for animals.  You will find yourself drawn to causes that create a voice for animals.  This is a huge part of your purpose.

Veronica will open her site up for more questions the first of the month, so go to at that time!

If you missed the radio show last night, you can still enjoy it here:

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