Erik on the Shadow Government, Part One

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Thanks, Fabiana P. for transcribing Part One of our session on our shadow government! As always, the YouTube follows!

Me: Hi Emma, hello again, and hi, my lovely Erik.

Erik: Hi, mamma. Love you still.

Me: (teasing him) Oh, really? Are you sure?

Erik teasing me right back, rubbing his chin: “Hmm…” 😊

Me: All right, we are going to talk a little about the government. Hmm.

Erik: Uh…

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Uh-oh! Where is my BIG book?

Cute Emma mimicking after Erik.

Me: Alright, so I saw this documentary that Lucas, my son, had me watch, called “Unacknowledged,” yeah, I think that was the name of it, and it’s all about these things going on in the government. The “Montauk files”. It’s this place where they have a lot of evidence about aliens. They’re just not disclosing so much. Ugh. I can’t remember so much about that movie…my mind…but anyway, they’re not disclosing about aliens to us. Why are they keeping their cards close to their chest?

Erik: It’s not so much…OK, they don’t really want to hide the fact that we are having contacts with the aliens and we are exchanging information. It’s more about hiding that they’re exchanging knowledge and means for our world to have free energy, no more illnesses, to have equality for everyone, no more poverty, you know – no more people starving in the world. They gave us all the tools. They gave them to us.

Me: But why? Why would they hold it from us? For example, there’s this plastic glass thing in the Montauk area, in whatever building that I can’t remember, that can create free energy. Seriously! I mean, and we don’t have it? Oh, and this is leaked by people that had clearance in the division.

Erik: Well, yeah

Me: So, wait. First of all, is this true?

Erik: Yeah!

Me: This place and this thing of creating free energy?

Erik: It’s. It’s true. They have…I’m telling you – they have and we already have in hands the tools we need to fix the problems in this world. However, where is the problem? Well, because the people who are running the world don’t make a dime out of these tools.

Me: Ugh!!

Erik: So why would they hand out free medicine, why would they hand out “No more illness” when THERE’S where their income is. That’s how they keep power.

Me: Big Pharma!

Erik: Right!

Me: Big Pharma lines the pockets of our politicians so they don’t want there to be a cure for cancer and things like that.

Erik: Yeah, these group of people – and there’s a lot less than people think. It’s not a big group but it’s a very powerful group that not even the politicians don’t know about sometimes. Some do, some others don’t. These groups of people are controlling the whole world. They’re controlling our food sources, are controlling our medicines, are controlling are transportation means, are controlling media, so they’re into controlling everything that you can think of. They’re on it in order to keep the power and stay in control. So why would they hand over these tools that would mean the loss of control.

Me: Because that’s the nice thing to do.

Erik: Well, the nice thing to do hasn’t really been that successful of a story in our history.

Me: It doesn’t make people rich, I guess.

The connection broke a little there.

Me: What else is there in this Montauk compound besides the Plexiglas thing, are there alien bodies. I mean, what is there?

Erik: A lot of it’s…

(connection breaking up again)

Me: Wait a minute; you’re breaking up a little. Can you repeat?

Emma: Oh, can you hear me?

Me: Yeah, but it’s all of a sudden kind of blurry

Emma (moving left and right):Uh huh. They’re already tracking us and cutting our signal so that we wouldn’t expose them.

Me: Oh no! Are they for real?

Erik: They caught up on it.

Me: Is that for real??

Erik: Lets just say that the Internet, and everything that happens on the Internet is checked out.

Me: OK, we will try to go on. I might have to re start and stick part one and part two together. OK, so what is in the Montauk compound?

Emma: Can you still hear me?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: OK, so besides having all the tools for fixing our planet and that also means fixing our nature, fixing the global warming, fixing the problems and everything like that, there are also documents, very ancient documents where truth about why we are here, means and even a sort of a manual on how we are supposed to live life on this Earth are being hidden. So there are documents in there that prove about Atlantis. They have several items from Atlantis.

Me: Wow!

Erik: Books that say who we were, where we came from, the tools to use. Also, info on usage of crystals and how they can supply the world unlimited energy.

Me: Mmm.

Erik: Free! Completely free. So, all of that, there’s a lot of history that’s being hidden and taken away over the years, of people who do know the answers to why we are here, who do know the answers to all our problems and how everything is interlinked. Meaning that how we as a human race lost power to these big people, to these groups of people, so there’s documentation of that. Whenever a person involved invents something that it beneficial to us, it will be seized and it will be stored and be put away. Those people will either be paid off with a big amount of money to keep their mouth shut or…

Me: Or, get killed!

Erik: Or they’ll disappear. Yeah, or they’ll disappear very mysteriously. Or they will “commit suicide” (Emma does the sign of parenthesis in the air when she says the words “commit suicide”), which is a very popular one.

Me: Well some people say that Marilyn Monroe knew too much and that the CIA killed her. Or same thing with JFK, that he knew too much and there was a risk that he would divulge all this. Is that true?

Erik: When it came to JFK and Marilyn…so Marilyn had discovered a lot of secrets that the White House was dealing with. One of them was about the aliens’ issue. Another one was how the government was negotiating with Cuba. Shall we just say it? Yeah, let’s say it. I don’t give a shit.

Emma and I giggling.

Erik: …and how the government has been dealing drugs

Me: Oh!

Emma: Uh, how fun.

Erik: They have been dealing drugs so they’re part of the drug-dealing cartel, actually.

Me: But to make money or to make us sick?

Erik: For money, but also to gain access into certain countries such as Cuba and Venezuela and things like that. They also sometimes sponsored certain gorilla…

Emma: Gorilla is like an animal to me but he’s saying “gorilla.”

She giggles.

Me: The guerilla warfare, right.

Emma: There you go!

Erik: Yeah, bad people over there. They sponsor them to try to assassinate big shots, to eliminate certain people. So what Marilyn knew she wrote it down into a diary. Everything she found she had written it down, so she became a threat. And so did JFK. He wanted to reveal the alien incident. He wanted full exposure of it. The CIA joined together with the Mafia.

Erik: All right, let me give you a little bit of a history: The CIA and the collaboration with the Mafia is what put JFK in the White House.

Me: Oh!

Erik: JFK was thanks to the Mafia’s help that he got into the White House. Once he was into the White House, he started turning against the Mafia and he was going to expose and attack everyone. But the Mafia did not appreciate all that and said “Hey, we did put you in that White House, and now you want to try to back at us? NO!” So, the CIA did get together with the Mafia in order to eliminate JFK. And when it came to Marilyn, they did have plans to eliminate her. However, she had done the dead herself without her knowledge, just like an accidental thing.

Me: All right. So, they had this global elite – the political elite class basically – that are involved in this and there is this thing called the military industrial complex. Like the military and the corporations are involved in this. And there is also something called “The New World Order”. Are these two the same thing? I mean these things were brought up in this documentary.

Erik: They were together. Let’s just say that you have kind of different groups. You have the business group and you have the militarized group, where there’s mostly the FBI, CIA, who are working and doing things that even the President doesn’t know. The Presidents of the USA don’t know all the details of what is going on. They do know that there are funding going towards secret operations and when the presidents will request the information they will say “Uh, sorry. You can’t know” or will keep them in the dark basically. So you have kind of the business group, then the military/police kind of a thing. And then you also have the medicinal part of it.

Me: Big Pharma?

Erik: All Big Pharma, yeah. They basically create the diseases in order to for them to sell you the stuff. Wanna go into that?

Me: Okay, was the AIDS epidemic created by these people?

Erik: No, AIDS was created by a virus that was transmitted by primates. However, cancer is being created by these entities, these people in charge. Also other diseases..

Me: But how do they create that? Chemtrails? I don’t know.

Erik: They have different means.

Me: Or something in the water.

Erik: No they put it in the water to make us docile and really kind of lost, separated, don’t think for yourself kind of situation. What they do is vaccines are a very great way to transmit a lot of illnesses, a lot of metals that cause cancer.

Emma: He’s just showing me how it has to do with reducing the population in number. He’s saying that the larger the population, the more they have people that can go against them. He’s saying they like to keep the population under a certain number so that they can keep the control over them.

Erik: So vaccines are one issue, and the other issue is—and I don’t want to scare people with this but they’re using mosquitos to transfer certain illnesses. They basically genetically modify the mosquitos and introduced an illness into them and the mosquitos are really easy to create and maintain.

Me: So did they create the swine flu? Or, what’s the other one?

Erik: Yes! And foot-and-mouth disease, through cows. So, yeah, these mosquitos, they take them up in airplanes and they release them in certain areas. Things like that.

Emma: He’s also talking about our food being modified in some way. They changed the cellular structure of certain foods. And they don’t sit well with our bodies. Our bodies fight it without us knowing it. That is why we feel tired all the time and toxic.

Me: What kind of food?

Emma: It’s just like basic foods. He’s showing me grains, like white. He’s also talking about some fruits and vegetables and things like that. They like modify something, I’m not really sure how or what that means…he keeps saying “Modified”…So I guess they mess with the food, with vaccines, and oh, he’s saying that they spray our foods with chemicals. You can try and wash it off but it’s never fully away and those chemicals that you’re digesting are basically poisoning our bodies inside out, creating a whole bunch of illnesses. He’s also mentioning chemtrails, being used by various organizations, including NASA and the American Government as well. It isn’t just governments. It’s also private organizations that are using chemtrails. The idea behind this was to help against globalization or to help against the world heating up (global warming).

Me: Sorry, you’re being blurry, so I will interrupt the call and get out of Skype and start over again. Sorry.

The Montauk Project

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